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Faryal Mar 2019
an uninvited guest comes for a visit
unwanted guest
where we just deal with it
Rather than overcoming it
Fear lies within
You trip on the unwanted guest
bump into it, yet it won’t leave
the seed of worry
That you would never water
Fear is a seed
that has been watered
By the unwanted guest
That’s when fear
Is holding you
In their arms
It’s a distorted reality
Only filled with fear
George Krokos Oct 2018
I can see you but do you really see me?
How can you know what it’s like to be?
Surface impressions can be so very deceiving
if the onlooker is by a narrow mind perceiving.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
They can't see the empty eyes behind her soulful laugh
They can't see the strained cheeks pulling at her stunning grin
They can't see the worn out face under her vibrant make up
They can't see the insecurity and doubt in her loud, confident voice
They can't see the blatant cries for help laced in her exaggerated tales
They can't see the broken home behind her loving stories
They can't see the  girl trapped in her head from the lively persona she eludes.

For she is an unwilling actress and her life is the show
And sadly it seems the show  **must to go on
The masks we put on for society are a desperate cry for help to be ourselves
Get so much hurt
by master of flirt.

He live his life of having fun
make fun of lying, cheating any woman.
He's here, he's there, he is everywhere.
At cheating, nor lying, he is master.

He sleeps with you, he sleeps with her,
Poor you believes, all his lies you recieved
With his word said "forever" you're decieved.
Of his Devilish words, silently, you suffer.

If I were you, I'll "leave him sooner,"
hurt only you'll get, if you "stay together"
A liar lying
A cheater decieving

You're all an option,
taken by emotion.
Tempted by seduction
Pleasure be his reason.

Get so much hurt
by master of flirt.
My friend's story.
Rebel Heart May 2014
Once I met a man named Frank,
Then he renamed himself Poe,
He always enjoyed a good prank,
But that's what made me his foe.

For months I stood awaiting,
Months alone in my room,
Waiting, debating, and hating,
Till the fitting revenge began to bloom.

Then, once upon a midnight dreary,
I began to carry out my plan,
Fully knowing how Poe was weary,
But also knowing tis was the best day to get back on that treacherous man.

So I paint my parrot black,
And made sure it looked like a Raven,
Good thing my pet had a knack,
To turn my foes into a craven.

Telling my parrot (now a raven) "Nevermore",
I issue a simple command,
And leave it by Poe's door,
Thinking, "Oh, Poe's reaction shall be very grand!"
From the title, you could obviously tell what this poem is about. I wrote this some time ago for English Class. This teaches you to 1)Never play an extreme prank on someone that serious and 2)Get your facts right before you start talking to a Raven and thinking how you're gonna live a miserable life because it could be a prank. I know this is pretty stupid, but if you think about it, Poe never did tell us what happened to this man before "The Raven" so it's possible. ;)

— The End —