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 Jul 2020
Time is motion         always


I am seeking,                falling

Into place,                       never  

Going past myself,          
Slipping through      


 Apr 2017
Joshua Haines
On a long and simple gallows tree
a god and dollar bill I see --
and I've never felt so happy;
no, never felt so happy.
I walk around and brush the bush
and think about all the ants I mush,
just want to make a cent or two;
what else am I supposed
                to want to do?

And on the laundered sky I spot
a furious eye over a shackled lot
-- but I'm told it's just the sun
                               that blinds;
   destroying all the ants it finds.

I don't think I understand,
my god, my wallet is full
but my life ain't worth living.
God, you're like a bird in my hand:
something beautiful, always squirming.
     And I wish I could let go.
 Feb 2017
Joshua Haines
If you wanna be the same,
be the same with me --
I swear we’ll always
blend right in.

And when you say
you don’t like Jaws,
I'll still be a Peeping Tom
behind your books.

When you lie, Maggie-Pie,
about the movies you’ve seen,
it makes the Tom Waits you like
seem contrived.

Degenerate drug kids,
too high to be a star,
in love with moments.

Give me my moments,
my lifeless promise
to always have a car
and insurance.

If you wanna be lazy,
be lazy with me --
I swear we won’t
ever do ****.

And when you bop
your head to Kendrick,
I’ll watch you melt
underneath the strobe.

Place your finger on a globe,
tell me where you think
you could be, then tell me
about your perceived

Degenerate punk kids,
with more ink than squids,
and a tip-jar future.

Give me my future,
my hurried ten years;
you know my twenties;
you know my reason.

Give me my reason,
give me my reason, give me my reason.
Part one of a poetry collection I'm writing.
 May 2016
Joshua Haines
The boulders are freckled along the bank,
sleeping on lime-skin grass, grey and tired.
Fading black canvas shoes
attach to smooth, firm sides,
climbing a planet not as hard as ours.

From the distance, a spinning speck is seen.
With binoculars cupped around each eye,
you can see her twirl in the old, pink thing;
in the mirrors of light, you can see her beauty,
even if she has been blind her entire life.

You can see her rest her shoulder on a boulder,
gasps trying to grasp galloping breath --
and in between each choke, you must wonder
if you co-exist in this world
or separately, infinitely.

When you are drunk on the altitude,
it's time to step down and walk to sea-level.
Scurrying down thrown-up mountainside,
you should try not to trip on nature
or your own nature.
 Feb 2016
Back & forth the waves roll in
Challenging the beach
The foaming surf offers up a dream
That so far is out of reach

I wish I could live among the waves
Like the seal that I've just seen
Without a care for what comes next
Or for what has ever been

To swim among gigantic whales
Majestic in their song
Content with life - to carry on
Knowing they belong

To fly up high above the swell
Like the seagulls do
Playing in the clouds of spray
They all know the truth

Happiness is a gift

That we can not take for granted
In the profoundness of the ocean
Seeds of hope will now be planted

Back & forth the waves roll in
Their cycle never ends
My life continues to evolve
The sea will help me mend

(C) Pixievic 2016
The sea is my sanctuary
 Sep 2015
Victoria Jennings
I linger in the pain

Turning my chest to charcoal

You use to reside on my lips

Now lipstick goes unsmeared

And a smile not shown

You use to reside beside me

Now my hand is empty

My feet cold

My bed vacant

My laughter unheard

My beauty dissipated

And overall

You use to reside in my happiness

Now I am only half of what was once

A whole.
 Sep 2015
How do you explain to somebody who can't listen?
I was just drowning in a pool of sadness
that wasn't in your back garden.

And whilst you're concentrating on expanding
I'm only forced to shrink.
Do you know what it feels like to shrink?
My mind has malformed, distorted and mutilated from my body.
I am no longer, but a figure.
An unnatural abomination that threatened your existence.
I am unadulterated; reverberating,
creating noises through your bones that no man would choose to face.

My demon is me for I am hatred
and I stick around in your blood to convince you that I never left.
 Sep 2015
Gabrielle Casey
Ive always felt weird,
that I so easily detach myself
from the the company of others.
But now I know
I have been loved,
then forgotten and hurt,
to many times
for me to care about you
after you leave now.
 Sep 2015
Sean Hastings
I write for many reasons
I write to express things I’ve
Kept bottled up for too long
I write for the people out there
Who share a small smile at the
Fact they know  exactly  what
Is going on with me
I write for the people who read what
I write because they support me as
Much as they can and especially in this
I write for the people who these anonymous
Poems go to in hopes they see it’s about them
And how I’m feeling
But I think I write most of all to not
Be forgotten. That at some point when
I leave this place I won’t just be a dead
Branch on an old family tree that’s never
Talked about. I write so that maybe some
Future person will read it and think how
Much this important and contribute to
Whatever they call this age in future books
I write to never be forgotten and who can
Blame me? Doesn’t everyone want to be
 Sep 2015
Liz Hill
Months have rolled by. 
More like trudged past, like boots stuck in mud during the rain.
Your name tastes like mint and memory flavored poison on my tongue, and yet my mind wants to reminisce; remember you as "home". 
But all that you left behind from your invasion was falling brick and a shaky foundation.
I believed that I was the city that held its walls high enough to protect you from the world. 
From yourself. 
But cannon fire rings the loudest when it's fired from within. 
And even still, I find myself forgiving you. 
Not because you deserve my forgiveness, but because these broken and battered walls of my heart can no longer carry the burden of your name.
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