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Pixievic Nov 2016
I am
A fighter
A believer
A dreamer ...
I harbour no grudges
I don't do revenge
I forgive so that I can move forward
This has not been an easy path ...
The road of my life has been full
Of chasms that swallowed me
Mountains that defeated me
Oceans which drowned me
I am a survivor
I am me ....
I am grateful for the hardships
Embrace the changes
They colour my life
Painting it in shadows
Brushing sunsets across
Each new horizon
Make me who I am
But sometimes
I just need a cuddle .....

(C) Pixievic
I am just me ....!
Pixievic Oct 2016
Sometimes you are cold
But deep inside you're warm
You are strong
But I see your vulnerability
You're an oak between the pine trees
Yet like the willow in a rainstorm
You don't care what others think
But there's a glint of insecurity
You're clinging to a history
That will only bring you down
Your smile it is a beauty
But I only see you frown
You're flying with the eagles
Amongst the giants you stand tall
But know this in your heart my love
I've got you ....
When you need to fall .....

(C) Pixievic
Life throws up some **** sometimes ..... this is for anyone who needs it
Pixievic Aug 2016
A Lover Should ......
Your soul
Your mind
While bewitching
Your body
Fitting together
Like the proverbial glove
Your dreams
Your sorrows
See eternity
Hidden in your eyes
Into the unknown
Be brave
And true
Their own heart
Themselves too
Take your breath away
Lie spellbound in your arms
Cherish your value
A Lover Should
Only ....
You .....

(C) Pixievic
I wrote this a couple of days ago after reading an article about what being a 'Lover' means .... not just physically but overall - so this is what being a Lover means to me ....
Pixievic Aug 2016
Summer rain falls
Cascading droplets of emotion
Onto parched earth
Muggy dampness
Heady with promise
Of kisses
Mingled with tears
Heavy in my heart
Sudden awareness
I cannot make you love me
So I can only say
Goodbye ......

(C) Pixievic
And just like that - I'm single again :((
Pixievic Aug 2016
Imposing Slate
Brushes shoulders with veiled divinity
Commanding attention from Sky Blues
Sliver cloudbursts
Spread tiny droplets of Crystal
To yield luscious Emeralds
Peeling off in sun kissed hues
Cascading towards pebbled Greys
Shots of Crimson
Mingle with Aquamarines
Gently swaying amongst traces of Gold
White tips race towards shingles
Churning Sapphires into Inky Blackness
Shepherding in an opaque understanding
Preserving its secrets
Anticipating .......
Ready to explore distant waters

(C) Pixievic
Some more Welsh beauty ......
Pixievic Aug 2016
I gaze upon your beauty
Breathtaking in its wonder
I lie nestled in exquisite solitude
Beholding your majesty
King to my Queen
In hushed reverence
Dominating my vision
Noble in simplicity
I surrender myself to your moment
Giving up my heart
Abandoning all sensibility
Knowing you will never forsake me
Lulled by the gentle flooding
Of desire to never leave this place
Or your fascination

(C) Pixievic
In holiday in one of my favourite places ..... The title is the Welsh name for where I am Anglesey - North Wales
Pixievic Aug 2016
The witching hour
Dripping like silken velvet through
Hushed silence
Broken only by summer winds ......
Inside the recess of my restless mind
Thoughts bubble
Churning gentle ideas
Into frenzied cognition
My demons rising
Feasting on anxiety ......
Behind the lidded curtains of my eyes
I see your face
Soothing the fear
I can feel your hands upon me
Untangling the tension
In your eyes
I see
The blower of dreams
Leaping into the unknown
Been having some issues ..... But now I'm back!
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