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Dec 2016 · 352
Caryl Dec 2016
Let's begin again**
And imagine like we never exist before
Starting with a renewed mind
Learning from where we left our old self
Jul 2016 · 234
Caryl Jul 2016
In my countless random thoughts
I am sure of just one thing...

*I don't want to lose you
Apr 2016 · 448
Caryl Apr 2016
I should now have rest
In making you the reason
For all my smiles

I should keep going
Without anyone else
And create happiness by myself

I will now stop loving you
But it does not mean
*I will stop being happy
Feb 2016 · 665
Caryl Feb 2016
She is now your star, the apple of your eyes

She is now the reason for your every smile
She has taken my place all in a while
Will I be somehow at peace today
Knowing that she always complete your day?

The person you had before
Is now wondering more
"Has she erased my part?"
*"Has she replaced me in your heart?"
Jan 2016 · 767
Air of thoughts
Caryl Jan 2016
There are some thoughts that even you tell a million times...

...would just be an air that they will never understand.
Dec 2015 · 331
Caryl Dec 2015
I used to be that smile on your face
But now, I'm not
Dec 2015 · 289
《 Rewind
Caryl Dec 2015
What if decisions were not made?
What if we swam into the flow
Of the sudden rush of feeling?

Would there be us?
Or it would still be like this?
Dec 2015 · 331
Caryl Dec 2015
No matter how much pain the heart felt before
It will never stop loving
And it will keep on trying
To search for answers
On why it was broken before
Or to make us realize
*"The past is not yet the best for you"
"Never cease on loving"
Nov 2015 · 387
Caryl Nov 2015
Where am I now in your life?*
Can you still see me from a distance?
Or you *completely
left the memory of me?
Oct 2015 · 362
One hundredth
Caryl Oct 2015
May we both have happiness

The thing we desired for
The thing we deserve to have

As we part ways, opening new doors
Oct 2015 · 244
Caryl Oct 2015
Why do I love you?*
*The question that I still cannot answer
Oct 2015 · 265
Caryl Oct 2015
I wanted to say hello
But I guess my that "hello" would not be just like before
That "hello" that makes your heart beat fast
Oct 2015 · 297
Caryl Oct 2015
But I always end up
Effortlessly reminiscing your face
Your comfort through these rainy days
Oct 2015 · 234
Caryl Oct 2015
But not all the time you can escape*

Some roads have dead ends
When you hastily go for a road
As you try to escape
You'll never know what lies ahead
Oct 2015 · 239
Caryl Oct 2015
The best way to escape is to pretend.
Oct 2015 · 192
Caryl Oct 2015
Here I am
Still fixing myself and hoping that one day
I'll be brave enough to answer our clueless questions
Oct 2015 · 289
Caryl Oct 2015
We just have to accept that sometimes,
the love we once had for a person will remain in our hearts forever.

Yes, we will have a chance to love another person,
Maybe more than how we love the first person we loved
But a writer once said,
**"there are all kinds of love in this world, but never the same love twice."
Realizations when our cold season starts
Oct 2015 · 3.8k
Maaari ka nang maging malaya
Caryl Oct 2015
"Maaari ka nang maging malaya"

Eto ang mga salita
Na pilit ko mang ulit ulitin pa
Sa aking sarili, ay hindi narin naman
Magkakaroon ng bisa, sa ngayon

"Maaari ka nang maging malaya
O aking sarili, pakinggan sana
Huwag nang bumalik sa naparam
Lumakad na palayo at magpaalam"
Sep 2015 · 4.2k
Caryl Sep 2015
Yung natakot ka na
Mahalin siya
Yung natakot ka na
Mawala siya

Yung natakot ka na
Sabihin sa kanya
Yung natakot ka na
Maunahan ka ng iba

Yung natakot ka na
Magbago ang samahan
Yung natakot ka na
Manghinayang sa pagkakataon

Lamunin lamang ng takot
Nalito, di malaman ang gagawin
Kung ito'y aaminin o hindi
Hanggang sa wala ka nang ginawa
Kundi matakot sa hinaharap
At masabing
*"Sayang, kung hindi lang ako natakot
Edi sana, alam mo na ngayon"
A filipino poem about the fear of having feelings for someone, and the confusion of what he/she fears about.
Sep 2015 · 1.3k
Caryl Sep 2015
There would be one thing
That I would ask
If someone admits
That he truly loves me
"Are you afraid of heights?"

And if he answers
"I'm shy to admit but yes, I am afraid of heights. Why?"

I'll tell him
"Thank you,
Even if you are afraid of falling,
You never hesitate
to fall for me.*"
Sep 2015 · 1.5k
Caryl Sep 2015
Kailan ko ba maiintindihan
Na hindi mo na ako babalikan?
Wala na ang dating pagtingin
Ni isa man sa sandaling *
*dati'y atin
Sep 2015 · 5.1k
Akala mo
Caryl Sep 2015
Akala mo di siya mawawala
Eto ngayon, umalis na siya
Akala mo maghihintay pa siya
Yun ang masakit, hindi na pala

Akala mo di ka mapapalitan
Ngayo'y may bagong nang kasiyahan
Akala mo ikaw pa rin ang mahal
Nagbabago pala habang tumatagal

Akala mo ganun pa rin
Hindi na pala, nagbago din
"Babalik pa ba o hindi?"
Alam mo naman sa sarili ****
2nd tagalog poem. Sorry for not updating my acct. :)
Sep 2015 · 252
Caryl Sep 2015
When will I reach you
When will my love reach your heart
When will my care reach your soul
When will my sweet whisper reach your ears

*When will you know I keep on reaching
Reaching for you, my bright star
Sep 2015 · 579
Variety brings beauty
Caryl Sep 2015
How I wish I am all that I wanted
Charming, beautiful, skilled and talented
Intelligent, brilliant, confident and brave

But the magic of life is this:
The Creator allowed us to not acquire all
Some may not be too smart but kind
Some may not be too pretty but wise
*So that together we can fit
Into the blank space of each other's lives
And enjoy the beauty variety brings
My thoughts for this night. I hope others would learn something. :)
Sep 2015 · 16.9k
Isang lihim sa isang tula
Caryl Sep 2015
Ibig sagutin ng aking puso
Paano na nga ba ito?
Paano kung sa bawat ngiti mo
Ay tila ako ay nahuhulog sa iyo

Paano kung sa bawat bigkas mo
Ng mga salita sa tuwing kausap ako
Ako ay napapatulala
Kadalasan ay namamangha

Paano kung wala akong kakayanan
Magsabi ng nararamdaman
Mananatili na lamang bang
Isang lihim sa isang tula

Ngunit kung dumating ang panahon
Sa paghangin, paghampas ng alon
Magkaroon ng pagkakataon
Sasabihin ang damdaming nakabaon

Magiging handa at matapang
Marinig ang iyong ibibigkas
Tatanggapin ba ang aking nararamdaman,
O ito'y hahantong lamang sa wakas
My first try in writing a filipino poem. It's hard for me to have rhymes hahahaha. Okay at least I tried. :)
Sep 2015 · 384
calling for waiting
Caryl Sep 2015
Until when
Will you patiently
Wait for me?*

Please say you can
Please say you will
Please say you are now
Aug 2015 · 482
Caryl Aug 2015
Hey there precious one, my happy ever after
It seems you are taking your way too slow
But it is okay, I am still preparing
With no regrets I will be still
For it will teach me how to be patient
And to understand that our forever
**Will be worth the wait
Aug 2015 · 1.3k
Caryl Aug 2015
Rainy days, gloomy days
The reason for every moment
That you hold my hand
As I hold my fancy umbrella

This tears of the skies
The fall of every drop
Like my feelings for you
Endlessly pouring

*When will you again
Fall for me the second time
When I know within me
The rain ceased, and stopped
Aug 2015 · 348
Caryl Aug 2015
When will I see you again?

Oh I forgot to say
I saw you last night
Just only in my dream
How about in reality?
Aug 2015 · 668
Caryl Aug 2015
Another year to bloom brighter
Another moment to step a lil' higher
Another chance to grow stronger
Another journey with learning and laughter

And this is my prayer:
"Oh God, make me the woman you want me to be"
Birthday poem to myself. :)
Aug 2015 · 557
Caryl Aug 2015
The greatest struggle
In loving someone
Is when you realize
You need to let go

**"We were almost there
But almost is never enough
And I need also
To make myself go"
Aug 2015 · 309
Caryl Aug 2015
How can I love you
If I'm still afraid
Of feeling the hue
Of every colors you laid

I know
I still hesitate
To make it grow
To open the gate

But for once I say
When my worries cease the rain
It would be on the right day
That I will love again
Aug 2015 · 688
Perfect Blend
Caryl Aug 2015
Oh it is such a relief
To have my dearest friend
Who is a smile in every grief
A rainbow covering the ends

Just like a perfect blend
Of a coffee during the rain's tears
I wanted our lives as each other's friend
To grow stronger in years
HI ZEYN HAHAHA! I'm so inspired with our late night/early morning talks that's why I created this. Thank you for the friendship. :)

I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank my dearest friends. Thank you for being true enough. :)
Aug 2015 · 3.1k
His Joy, Our Strength
Caryl Aug 2015
The days come
They seem to make
My flesh weak
My strength fade

But as I ponder
God never gets tired
In sustaining strength
It is new every morning

He is faithful in making me strong
I will be faithful in making Him happy
As it was stated
"The joy of the Lord is my strength"
Another week of challenges are coming! Don't worry because God is faithful
Aug 2015 · 937
Caryl Aug 2015
I asked God
"Please give me just a day,
To refresh myself
Away from all tasks and demands
For I am getting tired of them"

So God did,
And during those days of freedom,
I somehow did not
Allow Him to speak with me

The days grow and suddenly
I feel empty, lifeless
I wonder why I feel weak
Even if I'm not tired physically

Then I pray to God
But not the same prayer I uttered before:

*"I would not ask you anymore my God
To take away those tiring tasks
That the days throw in me
Along my way

But rather, I say
Please Lord be my strength
Through the days of being tired,
Of being free
In every season in my life

I knew each of these days
Will give demands
But be the source of my joy
Be the source of my strength"
The poem perfect after midterms week. Hurray for God's never ending favor and strength! :)
Aug 2015 · 675
Caryl Aug 2015
Brave and strong*
That how I describe her
Her beauty shines
As the morning breeze blows her hair

Her dress sways
Like the graceful grass
And she's as sweet,
As poppies in the field

Holding her parasol
With dignity and beautiful soul
Nothing will ever compare
To her never ending care
This poem is an example of an ekphrasis. Ekphrasis is defined as a poem derived from one medium of art (such as paintings) by describing and defining its essence and form.

In relation to this, the paintings of Claude Monet captured me in writing this.

I failed to right in rhymes I'm sorry. Only the last stanza got it right.
Aug 2015 · 329
To Take and Let Go
Caryl Aug 2015
I've been walking straight
In this long journey
Holding on to memories
And my set of valuable things
Thinking they will be
Forever with me
But I cannot stop the clock
All these precious things
Could be taken by time

As the sun rises to the east
And sets to the west
I need to accept the fact
That I cannot fight with time
As the days grow old
Things will not be the same
I should treasure everything
The seconds, hours, and days
Passing in my life
Aug 2015 · 477
Caryl Aug 2015
The birds in the sky
Aiming higher than they can
Stepped out of their nests
My haiku entry way back in highschool
Caryl Aug 2015
Why should the first line of a story
Be in harmony with the last?
If love was a song, I would rather
Not play the end if it doesn’t match

But the first second of that moment
Was like a prologue in a book
I was eager to explore the pages
With my mind and heart ready for surprises

It is a story of us, or just about me
With great mystery to explore
Confusions and words unknown to us
Set a certain hymns and feels inside

Then questions rushed like this:
What if I face my fears?
What if I venture out of nowhere?
Would you see me?

If I sail over the moon
Can I really find you?
But if the moon doesn’t glow
I will never see a glimpse of you

If I go beyond the mountains
Can I finally reach you?
But if mountains were higher than hopes
I would be forced to quit

If I walk through dark valleys
Can I prove myself to you?
But if I became frightened of possibilities
I would not move from here

If I swim through the clouds
Can you meet me in the air?
But if you are not sure to fly
I will just stay with the sky.

If I force myself to be a flower in the fields
Would you choose and pick me?
But if great flowers exist before me
I would rather stay as a grass.

I closed the book
I looked to the mirror and ask myself
Then I finally became brave to
Accept the fact, the truth

Finally understood that life is still fair
Even if you became a part of my reality
If at least I can see you, I am happy with it
Not expecting that you will see me

If that moment was just a story
Cloudless skies, I dance through it
I will cherish every colour of the rainbows
And I will paint it with wishes and smiles

If that moment was just for a day
Or a dream that can be erased by time
I will brave enough to write it
And keep it up to the end

If that moment was just a story
A story in a book, in a world of sunshine
I will read it again
And fall in love with it all over again
Aug 2015 · 689
Caryl Aug 2015
Why all beings have
Their own grasped idea
When they hear
The word love

Why do people
Still pretend
To know its bounds
And what lies behind

Why are they seeking
Definitions and explanations
And ask "will it go too far,
Or just cease with a blur"

Why do others
Get afraid to take again
A step or two
And see a result

Why most people
Hesitate to trust
Thinking they would
Break like fallen glass

Why others do not want
To have this bliss again
Doubtful if they can
Correct the past mistakes

Why some feelings
Were left unspoken
So it would not lead
To ruins of valued things

Why does the mouth
Speaks lies and fiction
Contradicting the rush
Of the flow of the rhyme

Why others perceive
That love can hurt
Yet others believe
It is worth a chance

Why does love
Don't have rules
A set of definite,
Precise expressions

Love may be a whisper
And it indeed varies
Comes in a surprise

No one can decode
The complexity of it
The only thing you can do
Is to ask "why"
Jul 2015 · 205
Things changed
Caryl Jul 2015
Eyes met
Hearts beated
Feelings grew
Things changed
Colors faded
Smiles gone
You left
Jul 2015 · 409
Confusion and contradiction
Caryl Jul 2015
What is worse than being
Confused about how
And what I feel about you.

My mind says,
"I'm afraid to love you"
But my heart says
*"I'm much more afraid to lose you"
Jul 2015 · 278
How can I
Caryl Jul 2015
How can I pretend my love
Pretend that this maze
Will come to an end?

How can I assume
Things will be worth it?
Hoping, sometimes dreaming

I also ask myself
*How can I cross the bridge
If I still dwell in the memory of you?
1:00 AM poem. My mind is so active in writing poems in these early hours.
Jul 2015 · 497
White Hard Hat Of My Dreams
Caryl Jul 2015
I remember the night
I was awake with all my might
Watching stars above my head and
Asking myself, "do I really need to bend?"

I tried to be so flexible about adjusting
I really had a hard time believing
Convinced to meet high expectations
Prepared for numerous explanations

Then I also asked myself why
Why am I still giving it a try
Letting a chance to enlighten my mind
Of all the things I need to find

Letters before were already at their best
But now, even x's and y's are written on the test
Never ending solution sets to a question
***** of a line, and its points, and its equation

How can I distinguish velocity
To the speed of a car in a city
Almost all terms have the same meaning
And for me they are just repeating

Solving for sine, cosine and tangent
Is like choosing a question in a pageant
I do not know what to choose at first
Pick the best and things will be reversed

Speed of a car, man, and even horses
Together with others make up my courses
Drawing tables, graphs and designs
Follow this path covered with lines

Balancing formulas in chemistry
Is just like balancing your time with artistry
Critical conversion of units taught me
To give a careful approach to arrive at the key

I was wondering how I survived
Those tiring days that arrived
As I walk on the stage of honor with gladness
I can't help but cry with happiness

Success doesn't end in accomplishing
Hardwork is always followed by polishing
Experiences mold you to be better
Only if you aspire to be like no other

Years and year passed away
Roads and bridges gave a better way
Skyscrapers and buildings soared high
As I looked up and admired the sky

Now, as I take my white hard hat with me
Flashbacks of the past, that's what I see
Before it was only just a dream
But now, it is a success to redeem

I smile as I look up the sky again and
Whisper that dreams won't come to an end
Showers of wishes will ever be in our hearts
And no one can ever take away any of its parts
Dedicated to all civil engineering students
Jul 2015 · 246
Two voices
Caryl Jul 2015
I cannot tell myself it's over
Yes I'm now happy

I still crossing the same events in my life
Yes I'm looking forward to something

I am lying with myself
I am confident to say those were true

*"Where can you find yourself in these two voices?"
Jul 2015 · 203
Across the circles
Caryl Jul 2015
In this universal set we live in,
We are from two different circles;
Our worlds have their own identity
And we were just like them, unique

There would come a time
Our circles meet and break the line
That is when we share something
An intersection inside a ring

It seems that our own world forms
When we are together
A union of all we possess
Our hearts intertwine

My world says we are different
And we cannot be in between
They say you cannot be with me
You are a complement of our world

For a short span of time
For that space between us
If our worlds disjoint and separate
I will never be with you again
This poem was inspired by terms from discrete math
Jul 2015 · 358
Confusing connections
Caryl Jul 2015
Maybe not
It's just a feeling
I guess

Somehow different
Connect the dots
A line or a plane?

A chain
Or a maze?
A song
Or a note?*

Speak for me
Lines be free
Float above
Hearts collide

Pick it up
One by one
Tie strings
Jul 2015 · 283
When you smile
Caryl Jul 2015
It started with a smile
A sudden rush of things
No one knew it would be
Ending with a tear

How long will I be
In this misery
Where are those laughs
All that we've shared

It is hard to see now
Those smiles of yours
Fake smiles emerged
Like dead flower blossoms

I remember you once said
"I love the feeling when you smile"
I never thought that it means
"It make me feel so alive"

And he never knew
It also made me feel so alive
A rush of bliss
A little taste of heaven

— The End —