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Caryl Dec 2016
Let's begin again**
And imagine like we never exist before
Starting with a renewed mind
Learning from where we left our old self
Caryl Jul 2016
In my countless random thoughts
I am sure of just one thing...

*I don't want to lose you
Caryl Apr 2016
I should now have rest
In making you the reason
For all my smiles

I should keep going
Without anyone else
And create happiness by myself

I will now stop loving you
But it does not mean
*I will stop being happy
  Feb 2016 Caryl
2 am is for the poets who
can't sleep because their
minds are alive with words
for someone who's not there.

For the alcoholics drinking
themselves into amnesia to
forget someone who left.

2 am is not for the lovers
asleep in each other's arms.

It is for the lonely, the ones
who are inlove with the
loved but are not loved in
Hello to all 2 am people out there!
Caryl Feb 2016
She is now your star, the apple of your eyes

She is now the reason for your every smile
She has taken my place all in a while
Will I be somehow at peace today
Knowing that she always complete your day?

The person you had before
Is now wondering more
"Has she erased my part?"
*"Has she replaced me in your heart?"
Caryl Jan 2016
There are some thoughts that even you tell a million times...

...would just be an air that they will never understand.
Caryl Dec 2015
I used to be that smile on your face
But now, I'm not
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