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MAX castro Sep 2019
Hold me like you’ll never let go of me.
Need me like you’ll never leave me.
Want me like you’ll never want nobody.
Love me like you’ve never loved anybody.
MAX castro Jul 2019
Imprisoned in abyss,
I was clueless that you will exist.

Life is incomplete,
I prayed for a love that is true and deep.

Treated by the world differently,
You showed me love and became my epiphany.

It is euphoria that I feel
Because I know our love is genuine and real.
I made this poem as a gift for my boyfriend since it is his birthday on the 8th of July. I hope he'll like this piece.
MAX castro May 2019
I lay on my bed and stare at a blank space.
Listened to our song remembering your face.
I remember the way you loved me on my greatest.
How you made me satisfied and happy to the fullest.
It's midnight, when everyone is fragile and sad.
It's midnight, and all I can think is how you made me go mad.
Maybe midnight is the only time when I feel blue.
Maybe midnight is the only time I can think of you.
I wrote this poem when I met my ex recently after 7 years. I already moved on. But there are times that when you see a person from your past, you will remember everything that had happened between the two of you so vividly.
MAX castro May 2019
One look in your eyes,
I can see you judging my personality.
One word from your mouth,
I can feel knives stabbing my heart directly.
One touch from your hands,
And I know that you will never see me so dearly.
MAX castro May 2019
We were across the room, but our eyes found each other.
You said hello, and then I shivered.
I danced through the night with your arms around me.
Fingers entwined like you want to keep me.
With your warm hands, you gave my cheek a gentle caress.
As I feel the music within my body, I closed my eyes while we locked lips.
This is the feeling that I've been longing for.
The feeling that makes my heart tremble.
How can you feel so loved with a guy you just met?
From a guy whom you know you will never see again?
This is a poem that I made for my Friend. This is exactly the feeling that you've felt when you met him.
MAX castro May 2019
As the bottle kisses my lips,
I tasted the bitterness like the words you told me.
As I look around in this club,
  I was hoping I could still see you again.
As I get drunk in the music, I asked myself,
"How can I erase you for today?"
And as I spend nights with strange faces,
It is still you that I look for in every man that I am with.
MAX castro May 2019
Some things will never change.
Some things will always remain.
I always hope and pray
that I could go back to the day,
and maybe find a way
To make you realize my worth and stay.
I made this short poem for my cousin. Don't feel bad about yourself. You know you've done your part.
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