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Felicia Diana Apr 2017
'His laugh
is the reflection
of my happiness.'

As my tears
are the core
of his grief.'
- F.D. Prenger
Felicia Diana Apr 2017
[muh-lif-loo-uh s]
sweetly or smoothly flowing; sweet-sounding:

'You are mellifluous.'
- F.D. Prenger
  Apr 2017 Felicia Diana
Blinking Nose
Humming birds don't come
Around my house anymore
But it is April
So I sit by the window
And look outside in mad hope
Felicia Diana Apr 2017
'It is see through, feels like velvet
keep falling through my fingers...
Ghostly figures and I still see the,
the illusion of the show. It is not
real, it never was, always was a
fantasy. It keeps dripping from my
skin, that illusion of life we are in.'
- F.D. Prenger
Felicia Diana Apr 2017
'Is it ok if I would say
the words I am thinking about,
they are on the tip of my tongue.
Is it ok to wrap my heart around
the meaning of them.
Will it be poison or relieve?'
- F.D. Prenger
Felicia Diana Apr 2017
'Could u lay there, in the meadow under the willow with me?
To watch the stars fade away in the morning sun again.
No words needed, only the touch of your palm in mine.
Could you do that?'
- F.D. Prenger
Felicia Diana Apr 2017
''There it was again, creeping up from my toes to my neck
It found its way like it did before but not exactly how I remembered.
A little bit strange and kind of new, but still so comfortable.
Don't let your feet make it happen would my mother have said
if she could still look into my eyes.
She would have held me tight by my shoulders and asked not
to go away again, begged me to stay.
But I have this feeling again, it is just there in my head.
The urge to run away, far from where I am.
And I know I can run and someone else would try to do what
my mother cannot do anymore. So why would I want to try?
Why does it keep crawling back into my head after all these years?
Or was it always just there? Kept myself foolish.
Maybe it was, maybe it was not. Maybe I have been running all
this time and I came across myself again. There it is, with a sparkle
of new and strange... but the feeling of running will never change.''
-- F.D. Prenger
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