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AM May 2016
swing the magic wand, abracadabra
you appear like waterfall in Sahara

drop a penny into a wishing well
our hands touched and our hearts fell

boxes of questions, nothing seem true
yet when I choose one, I found you
AM May 2016
cuddling inside the blanket
while the rain sings over the rooftop
is a lovely thing we should do
but don't you think listening to me
shouting back to the thunder;
yelling your name with pleasure
while my feet on your shoulder
is better?
AM May 2016
my broken heart
cracks open
to the surface
of my tired flesh
they make me
look so **** ugly
but you stare at them
like they are art
and told me
how my flaws are
helping you share
your sunlight easier
into my dark sides
AM May 2016
forgive me for wanting
to pause the ticking clock
and simply dance with you
over the silence of our kiss
AM May 2016
no one in this delusional world
is willing to love me better
than myself
until you touched me
with the closest thing
I ever feel about miracle
and you made the mirror
changed my own reflection
to your figure
cause you love me
as easy and as much
as I love myself
AM May 2016
billion blinks with each breathing,
thousand crossroads to nothing
are the dots of questions in my life
and with just one millisecond
of your voice saying "hi"
in that cafe on Tuesday night
I am able to create one beautiful line
AM May 2016
I showed him
my black past
and he showed me
peace in the dark
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