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29.5k · Jun 2015
AM Jun 2015
He ran
And shot
Right through the net


Was that my heart?
11.3k · May 2016
Sunflower Smile
AM May 2016
they say the world smiles through flowers
I say, your flowers make me smile for the world
9.5k · Aug 2015
AM Aug 2015
We both promised ourselves
—drinking our blood,
tying up the knot
in the name of sisterhood
but you ***** them
like it was a bad food
8.0k · Jan 2016
She Said Yes
AM Jan 2016
he kneels down before me
with ring on his hand
and vow in his heart
then my lips replies
"I will"
7.9k · Jul 2015
I Said Yes
AM Jul 2015
There he was
standing by the lake
all dressed in black
with a peek of white rose
on his cashmere suit

He reached out his hand to mine
and pulled me closer
close enough for me to read his thoughts
and so my heart softly melted
when he kissed my forehead
and bend on one knee, saying,
"how about we make a cute bedtime story
for our kids about how I proposed to you?"
7.2k · Jul 2015
AM Jul 2015
Value your worth
with or without cloth
how you dress or undress
doesn't define who you are
you are beautiful
in both ways
you deserve to be respected
and treated like the golden rose
fancy, rare, and desirable on display
smack the *******
who ever tell you otherwise
6.9k · Jul 2015
I Do (7W)
AM Jul 2015
Then he bends down on one knee
6.4k · Feb 2016
AM Feb 2016
there is something about the way
he spins his own earth
how he makes the world
looks like a stage
and he is the main star
you see, when he smiles
people smile with him
like he radiates the sun
and everyone else are sunflowers
who grows towards his smile
6.1k · Jul 2015
AM Jul 2015
Look at those thingy
they shrunk in whenever he smiles
oh my
I feel like exhaling dandelions
each time he does that laugh
how come this one thin creature
could be so astonishingly cute?
6.0k · Aug 2015
How We Met
AM Aug 2015
It was when his finger prints left marks on my coffee cup
in that Starbucks he politely gave me my warm hazelnut
I remember how I got a little struck of his height
he made me look at him like I am gazing at the stars

It was his 'hi' that painted my crooked smile
followed by a simple question, "what's your name?"
God, he's so cute in that black t-shirt and snapback
I sounded like a ****** when I speak my name out

It was his vibe and a little of his laugh
that got me re-arranged a space in my mind for him
as he threw compliments with the same amount
of every single thing I like about his consuming eyes

It was a bye-bye that evening where it started to rain
and I counted his steps as he walked away from me
along with the ticking clock for his first phone call
cause he stole my every attention until I stumble and fall
5.9k · Mar 2016
Fateful Sunday
AM Mar 2016
he uses Monday to Saturday
to change the world
and uses a single Sunday
to change mine
5.8k · Jun 2015
AM Jun 2015
They said somethings
Are better off unspoken
Maybe that's why
He didn't tell me
That it will rain in April
And now my hair is soaked
In April's rain
While he smiles,
Holding an umbrella
For himself
5.3k · Jun 2015
AM Jun 2015
I am a Lego
Build me up brick by brick
Build me strong, build me weak
I could be pretty
Or I could make you sick
But a 4 year old kid
Shouldn’t touch me
Cause he’s not ready
He might as well be chocked
By swallowing me
Or changed his mind
And decided that
He wants other cheap toys
*To play with
4.9k · Oct 2015
Big Hug
AM Oct 2015
his big hug feels like a blanket
with ever-changing colors
which I demand in the morning
at noon, even at night
4.5k · Jun 2015
AM Jun 2015
Once upon a time
I met an ******* who is fluent
in speaking lies
and acting innocent
I was so caught up in his act
I thought he planted roses
when all he really did was
setting up volcano inside my body
so off he sailed
and blow I did
then the lava destroyed
his faked roses
along with the promises I made
he had burned into ashes
4.4k · Oct 2015
The Road I Choose
AM Oct 2015
It's impossible for me
to walk into the road I cannot see
and the road where I want to move ahead to
is the one that only leads me closer to you
4.4k · Aug 2015
One Evening
AM Aug 2015
And I'd continue to reminisce
how the sun bends down
towards your night sky eyes
as they stare deeply into mine
while you were arching your body
at 5.14 pm, to kiss me—repeatedly
4.3k · Oct 2015
AM Oct 2015
he spoke out his heart
right next to my ear
and it tickled inside
like a soft violin
4.0k · Jun 2015
The Height
AM Jun 2015
I’m afraid of height
But you lifted me up
Until my fears disappear
I guess you’ve placed me
So high—too high
That my brain
Is unable to digest
How high it was
Nor ever process
How painful it will be
When you finally
Letting me go
3.8k · Apr 2015
That Girl
AM Apr 2015
She is that girl
Who hates her reflection
Cause she despise
Her damaged pieces

She is that girl
Who loves with devotion
And gladly dismantle
Herself for you

She is that girl
Who waits for you
To turn your heart and see
That girl is me
3.7k · Aug 2015
AM Aug 2015
Because you are
the one person
who can pump
my dead heartbeat
back to life
when all
I ever wish
for it
to just
3.7k · Oct 2015
Tiny Cameras
AM Oct 2015
somehow I wish to plant tiny cameras
surrounding you and your every movement
just to capture your sweet little crooked smile,
your laughter that aches you belly bottom,
your peaceful sleeping face at midnight,
and store them inside my heart's memory card
3.6k · Dec 2015
Way Back Home
AM Dec 2015
I met him when he got lost
finding his way back home
then I remember I was lost too
but when our eyes met the first time
he looked at me like he got home
and I knew I've found mine
3.5k · Jul 2015
She's In Love
AM Jul 2015
She was everything but stupid
Even now, she's not stupid
She's just falling in love
with the wrong guy
3.4k · Aug 2015
AM Aug 2015
On Friday night
the citylights shone at its brightest
he'd made me laugh the loudest
where being near turned into nearest
is how I know I am the happiest
3.4k · Jun 2015
AM Jun 2015
The hanging lights
he decorated
in my room
my sight
3.2k · Feb 2016
Sly Fox
AM Feb 2016
this morning I woke up to déjà vu
—I was here before and I knew you
you’re that guy who twists the truth
who secretly falls for me like I do
oh I just love how you’re always too close
yet too far away to make me had enough of
wait, did I just say that I’m in love with you?
this is bad and will hurt as **** but I know I do
but you will deny me, that’s so typical of you
since you’re the sly fox
and I’m just a girl who’s addicted to untruth
3.1k · May 2016
AM May 2016
lihatlah betapa cepatnya matahari
dan bulan purnama silih berganti
di Jakarta ku termenung menanti
sebuah senyuman semu di Bali
yang hanya membutuhkan waktu tiga hari
untuk membawa seluruh hatiku pergi
3.0k · May 2016
Magic Tricks
AM May 2016
swing the magic wand, abracadabra
you appear like waterfall in Sahara

drop a penny into a wishing well
our hands touched and our hearts fell

boxes of questions, nothing seem true
yet when I choose one, I found you
2.9k · May 2015
Breakfast In Bed
AM May 2015
You spread both my legs
Like preparing sandwich
Then you touch what's
Between my thighs
Until it's dripping
Oh, so wet
As you kiss my lips
Like sipping your
Morning tea
Until I forgot all the rest
Cause you eat me up
From my bottom
To my chest
2.8k · Sep 2015
The Morning
AM Sep 2015
feels very nice lately
cause I get to receive
his mustache sleepy kiss
that is kindda ticklish
2.8k · Jun 2015
Just Another Girl And A Maze
AM Jun 2015
Sometimes a girl
Just cannot help
But to enter
A difficult maze
And got lost inside
Sometimes a maze
Is ******* brilliant
And caused certain
Addiction to death
Sometimes a girl
Is me
And sometimes
A difficult maze
*Is you
2.8k · Sep 2015
AM Sep 2015
The sunset this evening
is identical to your glance
when you said
*"I'm leaving"
2.8k · Aug 2015
Wool Sweater
AM Aug 2015
His love gives me static electricity
mixed with waves of fragility
feels like my wool sweater
—so good, nothing else is better
2.7k · Jul 2015
Bumper Car
AM Jul 2015
"Why are you frowning?" he asked
as always, I answered, "I'm okay"

Truth is
I feel like my stomach is aching
due to the bumpy ride we're taking
like every car on the road
keep crashing on ours
while he has no intention
whatsoever to make a u-turn
nor to push the break pedal
2.6k · Sep 2015
Lovely Torture
AM Sep 2015
place your hands
around my neck
until my heart beats
a hundred times
of nothing
and I'd still
adore you
the same way
you kiss me
2.6k · Jul 2015
AM Jul 2015
It was the color of your bedside lamp that paints the room just the same
when I am seeing you lay there on the bed watching Manchester United game
and when I move my leg inside the blanket we share to keep you tight
you'd give me that "I am here" smile and kiss my forehead goodnight
then when the morning knocks, I will find you still counting sheep
and I will find myself exhumed by the whisper of your sleep
2.6k · Mar 2016
Oh, Mickey
AM Mar 2016
holding on to each other like braids
tiring day for both you and I fades
my hair was a set of obstacle
but you oddly looked like a miracle
boy you're so special
let me be your favorite gal
like that old cute spouse
like Minnie to Mickey mouse
I'm pathetically in love with you
now tell me a lie that sounds so true
2.5k · Jul 2015
AM Jul 2015
It is not just a simple continuous present
that I want to have with him
It is more until the future continuous
Like I am now loving him
until he will always be the one I am loving
for the rest of my roller coaster life
You got me?
Sorry if my grammar **** :p
2.5k · Mar 2016
Sekarang Ini
AM Mar 2016
sekarang ini, aku itu sedang bermimpi
ada sebuah wajah yang namanya aku amini
ditiap bisikan doa kepada bulan dan matahari
hingga seluruh semesta berhenti bernyanyi

aku bahagia lagi—kan sekarang ini ada kamu
yang mencintai aku tiap hari Minggu
jika benar ini mimpi, jangan bangunkan aku
karena aku butuh lebih banyak waktu

untuk memeluk tubuhmu lebih lama
untuk buatmu jatuh cinta dihari lainnya
untuk membawa kamu ikut jadi nyata
2.4k · May 2016
AM May 2016
tell me you worship
the watercolor painting
of a blended sun and moon
within my deepest heart

and I promise to make a life;
a dancing trees and owls
a raining stars
a soothing waterfalls

out of the ghost
you've been carrying
inside your flesh
and tired bones
2.4k · Aug 2015
Good Luck
AM Aug 2015
Oh yeah the Demon told me
that you're with him now
let me know how my *****
taste when you kiss him
and good luck licking it off
2.3k · Jan 2016
AM Jan 2016
a little girl like myself
would think a hurricane like you
a beautiful carousel to ride into
2.2k · May 2016
AM May 2016
he was as scared as I was
I can tell cause he was steady
—he was a mountain and I,
I shook him with my earthquake

none of us can handle each other
none of this are wrong
and nothing else feels more right
oh, Lord, we are so in love
2.2k · Aug 2015
AM Aug 2015
Justru inilah yang tak pernah bisa ku pahami;
kamu mengenal aku seperti belakang tanganmu sendiri
kamu itu selalu memiliki pilihan
untuk jadi bahagiaku di siang dan malam
atau buatku tenggelam dan tersesak dalam dinginnya diam
namun pilihan kedua selalu menjadi pilihan favorit mu
pun kamu tau bahwa dulu itu menjadi alasanku tinggalkanmu
2.0k · Jul 2015
Love at First Sight
AM Jul 2015
By the time those brown eyes gazed onto me
the tip of my lips drawing a curve awkwardly
there and then I knew
my heart caught the arrow that the cupid's threw
2.0k · Apr 2015
Deep Blue Ocean
AM Apr 2015
Hold me, tenderly
Let me hear you whisper
Those three words
And turn it into my life soundtrack

Hold me, tenderly
Let me sleep on the lullabies
Of your rushing heartbeats
And the warmth within your veins

Hold me, tenderly
For I am drowning myself
Into your deep blue ocean
And the ocean is home to me
2.0k · Nov 2015
AM Nov 2015
I was holding on his rough hand
as if I'm reading the map of his journey
I was looking inside his eyes
that vividly lead me to the world unknown

I was quietly asking for his warmth
and he was gently granting my wish
whilst covering me like blanket
his perfume lingers until I fell asleep
2.0k · Dec 2015
With An Idiot
AM Dec 2015
that light hair color
the crusade necklace
and the way he behaves like a brat
whenever I make a sad face
I like them all, all of him
especially how he cling on to me
leaning his head to mine like a cat
he got me thinking,
I might have fallen for him
I fall in love with an idiot
2.0k · May 2016
Rain and Thunder
AM May 2016
cuddling inside the blanket
while the rain sings over the rooftop
is a lovely thing we should do
but don't you think listening to me
shouting back to the thunder;
yelling your name with pleasure
while my feet on your shoulder
is better?
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