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 Oct 2018 Alienpoet
Ariana Bagley
I love him
I tell myself
I know that
We will be together forever
I don’t believe that
We could be separated
My thoughts tell me that
He’s the love of my life
Sometimes my heart lies and says
I could live an eternity
Without him
Like my friends say
“We’re perfect for each other”
And you can’t tell me
He’s not the one.

Now read from bottom to top.
 Oct 2017 Alienpoet
Mister J
Come and play with me
Flash that lovely smile
and ****** my woes away
Make my heart beat wild

Give me an unforgettable rush
Take me to paradise and back
Kiss me viciously sweet
Like tomorrow never comes

Make me desperate for air
Let me cling to my life
As we go deep within the pleasure
And our bodies take control

**** me dry of all life
As I get addicted to you
Let your scent wash over me
As I go down on your being

Pull me deeper within you
As our bodies syncronize with the rhythm
Move like an untamed animal
With wild and deadly eyes

Let the pleasure consume us
As we **** our sorrows tonight
Moan like no one can hear us
And give me the memory of a lifetime

Love me just for tonight
Need me just for once in this life
Embrace me fiercely as we try to reach the end
Don't let go of my hand as we go to the ******

The sweat dripping from my eyebrows
The heat leaves me blank and dull
Your small body resting on top of mine
Both tired from that torrid encounter

As sunlight illuminates what hides
Morning reveals a stranger's face
This once in a lifetime encounter
Forgotten in a flash of daylight
 Oct 2017 Alienpoet
Alice Wilde

I think of taking my hands
And ripping - splitting - cracking,
My ribcage in two.
The breastbone splintering apart,
My torso opening like a rotten tree.
The inside hollowed,
Like a lake that has been emptied
I've convinced myself that
Fragrant flowers
Would grow there.

That they would grow feverishly
In the gnawing gap
That I had created.

And that time would preserve
What I had done.
 Sep 2017 Alienpoet
Vale Luna
I was a rose
Turned black with decay
Until my petals fell to the dirt
And I stood *****
In front of your audience

I was a rose
Watered with vinegar
Fed with cyanide
Loved by your ego
And broken by your hands

I was a rose
Torn from the roots
Cut off at the stem
Dead before I was alive
And rotten before I was ripe

I was a rose
Stabbed by my own thorns
Bleeding from the inside
Draining my crimson color
Into your palms

I was your rose
Painted black by your lips
Brushed to dark perfection
My expiration date long passed
As you sniffed my last breath away.

I was your rose.
 Sep 2017 Alienpoet
Mister J
Why is everybody laughing?
Grinning ghoulish grins
Looking at me with piercing eyes
Like their cutting me in half

The voices are speaking again
Can you hear them?
Even when I cover my ears
They can still make them bleed

I have a problem with my mirror
Every time I look at myself
Even when I have the same clothes
Why is the face not mine?

How come whenever I try screaming
Screaming on the top of my lungs
Coughing out every cry for help
I'm still drowning in the eerie quietness?

I'm supposed to be depressed
Tears and blood pouring out my eyes
Why am I hearing my own laughter
And in the mirror, Why am I smiling wide?

I thought my insomnia was kicking in
I tried closing my eyes, rolling on the bed
only to find out that on the other side
I was already sleeping deeply.

Help me get out of here
This prison called my mind
It's playing games with me
Or am I playing games with it?

Nightmares are becoming dreams
Laughter raises the hairs on my nape
How will I make this right?
When I'm not in my right mind?
Ideas gushing out at 3am. I think I'm going insane. Haha
 Sep 2017 Alienpoet
Emily B
 Sep 2017 Alienpoet
Emily B
Some girls
Have butterflies
Beautiful winged elegance
Flying through their cerebrums


I've got old ghosts
That turn into whiskey drunk monsters
"I should put a bullet
In your brain".

I saw him yesterday.
Standing in front of me.
Blowing his brains out
Over and over.

A movie stuck on repeat
In my brain.

And some small part
Of me
Hopes he does it.
So he doesn't come after me

The monster is me.
I don't know
 Sep 2017 Alienpoet
Denel Kessler
**** the witch
hogtied to this
thin-skinned wagon
packed with privilege
call me wicked
if it makes it easier
view my plight
as one of my own making
I should have done
as I was told

Brand me traitor
as dust obscures
this timeworn scene
I know what it means
to be a whole divided
drawn and quartered
dragged to all four corners
left for buzzards
along the walled
deserted borders

scattered limbs
seeking unity
I reach for what’s mine
only to find
healing hands
too tightly praying
too busy manufacturing
high ground
in this time
of righteousness

Label me other
as I diverge
light the skies
with fireworks red
belt patriot songs
I will not mouth
empty words
to an anthem
I no longer
believe in
As an American, I can't begin to express how sorry I am.  Hang in there with us, this has to be a passing thing...
comme un oiseau,
Elle vole de ses propres ailes.
her silhouette is black against the evening blue of the sky,
the breeze as gentle as her whispered words.
Le vent souffle doucement
Aussi lente que les saisons passent.
and just like a bird,
she flits above the treetops, her chicks left at home in the nest.
Mais comme un oiseau vole,
elle ne peut pas voler longtemps*
but every little bird, no matter how brave
must return home.
I wrote this poem so that I tells the reader three poems;
the first: in English, tells the story of a mother-figure, having dream-like experiences.
the second: in French, tells us of how she struggles to keep going
the third: the whole poem is about her needing space from her family, her life, because she's struggling, but that she just can't stay away for ever.
this poem is entirely about the readers interpretation.
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