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Ali Cronin Nov 2015
Do you know your power
Over my every thought?

You light me up on the inside
Fill my lungs,
Make me feel alive.
I breathe you in and I'm fine.
Touch my lips,
I'll be alright.
When you touch my lips,
I'll be alright.
Ali Cronin Oct 2015
Tell me baby,
Do you like how I feel?
When you looked in my eyes,
Did you see something real?
Could you fall for me,
So you pushed me away?
Or is this just the game
We'll play?

I know you love the way I speak,
My body language,
And making you weak.
I'm open to taking the potion
You claim is so closed up

Let me soak you in,
You've already been within.
The walls of my humble scene,
Trust me, baby, there is no screen.

I wanna feel your love,
Be real with your love.
If you'd give me the chance
I just can't steal your love.
Send it my way.
And if later,
I have to pay,
Make it worth it.
I won't throw a fit,
But baby just know,
If you want it,
You got it.
hoping you get the hint
Ali Cronin Jun 2015
just sit
& let the pen bleed
the words
your tongue
lacked enough courage
to spit on the page

you may find
that the curves and lines
will melodically play
in a more natural way

as a born writer,
a born creative mind,
a born patron of all
of life's simple pleasures

even when you have
to say
you can paint
a picture
with your mind
Ali Cronin Jun 2015
If you cut my skin
There would be no blood.
Words would rush out
In a steady stream
All of the things
I've wanted to scream
In your face.

Your words have seeped
Into mine.

I've started
To believe the lies
And somehow,
I feel safe in subordination.
Safe in bottling up
Half of this oppressed nation.
Okay with the slap
Of a dominant hand
Because I am a brand
Of human
That they label
Ali Cronin Nov 2014
Falling asleep to the sound of my brain,
it's been sounding a lot recently like the curves of your name.
I hold you in my mouth,
and you taste so sweet.
Much like the thump
of my racing heartbeat.
My pillow still smells like your freckled skin,
my blankets still rustled from you touch.
My body aching for a squeeze
or such.
Such a night as the day we wasted away
when you still liked to look at me that way.
Ali Cronin May 2014

With each letter,
It's divided into fourths.
With each syllable,
You fade away.

As the days and hours
Tick on and on,
I feel you.

Out of my pores.
Out my guts.
My heart,
And taking it to go.

Now I can't
Look you in the face
Find comfort in your embrace
Stand in one ******* place,
Because my paycheck
Is running out.

I knew in the beginning
That this time would come,
So I'm not saying
That this isn't fair.

But when you leave,
My love will be lost.
Maybe I should have looked first,
For how much
You cost.
for Matteo
Ali Cronin May 2014
Each day, my rotten flesh
Is being picked away.

The scabs blossoming
With their rosy red smiles,
So crystalline
And bright.

And as I shed my winter coat,
The sad mass of green goo,
A figure, raw and sick,
Is left behind.

From thick
To thin.

Now ******
And bare,

Somehow this spring breeze
Is more like poisoned air.
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