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neth jones Aug 2019
exfoliate sin

resolve pores of pollution

; secretion exhaust
6oodgrief Oct 2016
i've seen you completely
from inside out
i felt it all at once
i kissed your face
i layed over your body
i dug my nails in your legs
i made me fit on your torso
i invaded your skin through my tears
and i'm going to morph into your pores
i fade
Brittle Bird Dec 2014
My thoughts are overflowing
  Bursting at the seams
They're filling up the spaces
  Where nothing's what it seems

My thoughts mix into puddles
  Turning murky brown
I try to communicate them
  But they're all watered down

My thoughts crumble like castles
  At the tip of my tongue
They're falling back down my throat
  And scratching up my lungs

My thoughts are oozing out my pores
  And dripping on your skin
But when I try to say those words
  I can't even begin

©2014, Brittle Bird
A-S Jun 2014
I am burning inside
I am looking at the smoke
my smoke, my ashes,
all evaporating from my skin
It's heavy and almost falls back
They almost enter my body
My confused pores open
and my body awakens,

Ali Cronin May 2014

With each letter,
It's divided into fourths.
With each syllable,
You fade away.

As the days and hours
Tick on and on,
I feel you.

Out of my pores.
Out my guts.
My heart,
And taking it to go.

Now I can't
Look you in the face
Find comfort in your embrace
Stand in one ******* place,
Because my paycheck
Is running out.

I knew in the beginning
That this time would come,
So I'm not saying
That this isn't fair.

But when you leave,
My love will be lost.
Maybe I should have looked first,
For how much
You cost.
for Matteo

— The End —