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A Whitney Nov 2015
Let him break you
A thousand pieces of your love
Shattered on the earth
Beneath his feet

Let him hurt you
A million knives from his eyes
Thrown into your chest
On the bed you once made love

Let go of him
Your love was made
For greater things
And you deserve the universe
A Whitney Nov 2015
I can still taste the ash
and smoke
from the tidal waves of kisses
he crashed
upon my lips
A Whitney Mar 2015
I feel fireworks when he kisses me,
Leaping from lip to lip.
Life never looked so beautiful,
His hands so softly caressed in my grip.
A Whitney Feb 2015
You'll find me in the forest
Beneath the silver birch tree
With ribs in weaves of primrose
And stomach in knots of heather
I breathe words
         into the

       I inhale rhymes
               With solitude
          And prejudice

           I instinctually
                  Write every emotion
             With no cares

     And *no worries
Sorry...  It's just who I am...
  Jan 2015 A Whitney
Amitav Radiance
My words
Deepest feelings
From the soul
With every drop
Of ink
Is the chasm
Between me
and blank pages
Crossing over
To dwell
Among the lines
Are the meanings
A Whitney Jan 2015
break my body into a thousand pieces

break my heart into a million more
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