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Sep 2020 · 466
O, Sun
Sela Sep 2020
You elicit the warmth in this wintertide
Of shining in the sky
You draw me out of my darkest days
The night don't scare me no more
Because you will always be there for me from 6 to another 6
Sun, you will always be my brightest moon
I love you, Sun
Jul 2020 · 166
Sela Jul 2020
I don’t think I will survive
I don’t think I am able to be strong for myself
I don’t think my mind would tolerate another hurricane
I don’t think my heart could work under my consciousness

If I think about this life maybe I don’t feel anymore
May 2020 · 823
Sela May 2020
What if she listened to me?
What if she took everything seriously?
What if she knew I would be a mess without her?
What if she wasn’t selfish?
What if she could be saved?
May 2020 · 205
This World
Sela May 2020
It’s hard to see this world when you don’t want to see anything in it.

The only thing you want is to make this world less scary.

But this world will never give you the second chance to make everything right.
Feb 2020 · 302
It’s gone
Sela Feb 2020
It’s fun to do whatever I like, to feel whatever I want to feel, but there are days I have this longing feeling of certain emotion, I can’t tell what it is, but it’s closed, locked, and no one, not even me, could find the key.
May 2019 · 643
Easy Job
Sela May 2019

Who says it’s going to be easy?
It’s not, and never be easy.

When you commit to someone, that means the world is not about you anymore. You’re no longer the main character. There will be him.

When you commit to someone, you don’t wake up to scroll Instagram, you will have someone to be updated.

When you commit to someone, you will arrange your schedules, there will be no time for you to be selfish for yourself, you will share what you have with him.

When you commit to someone, you will try hard to connect with him, and that means you need to adjust things, and maybe you lose yourself in it.

When you commit to someone, you will not jog by yourself, maybe he will accompany you or busy in your kitchen, making you a breakfast.

When you commit to someone, you will feel love, but you need to return the same amount of love to him, or even bigger.

And that hurts.
That’s not an easy job.
Aug 2018 · 186
About you
Sela Aug 2018
It’s a confession
I don’t know single thing about you

But I think of you in every minutes
When will the universe decide to make our fate?
Jul 2018 · 1.7k
Freedom Of Speech
Sela Jul 2018
I talk to the world
May they hear my heart

I cry out my protests
May they know my problems

My words. Where are they?
Jul 2018 · 917
Sela Jul 2018
I probably like you today
But I never know what’s the future will hold

I probably love you tomorrow
But the past is always lingering
Jul 2018 · 3.2k
Sela Jul 2018
My choices are analysed.
Yours are praised.

My hesitation grows big.
You never stumble.

My heart says many things.
Your heart never lie.

My mind wanders too far.
You are on the right track.

My fate is uncertain.
You know how to determine other’s fate.

My life depends on you.
You make the decision.
May 2018 · 291
The world
Sela May 2018
The world is trying to dim your lights
But you have the candles.

The world is trying to pull you to face the brink.
But you survive.

The world is trying to trigger you to do things you wish never happen.
But you manage to run.

The world is trying to dry out your tears.
But your eyes never listen.

The world is trying to take your worth.
But you know how to pay back.

You are the world.
May 2018 · 354
Sela May 2018
She is the worm.
The only worm who doesn't want to be a butterfly.
"Is it really needed?"
Why would she be a butterfly.
When she knows she was once a worm.
Why, why do people change?
When others know their origin.
She is not shy to be what she is.
She deemed that God is unfair.
Worm is also beautiful.
It needs to stay as it is.

— The End —