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SwellyJetEvo Jan 2015
Night time is the best time for me
It's when i can be more alive
More productive and more free
I can sit back or go for a dive
A dive into my mind that sometimes
I dont want to leave
I turn off all the lights as i lay in the dark
Laying on my bed looking at the ceiling
I dont like the darkness
And I Close my eyes to see the same thing.
Whats the difference.
Why does the darkness surround me to the point that its lies are holding me back from the light handing me the truth.
Why cant i pull the ones i love out of the dark hole that the bad dug for itself
I know i know. I can't use force
And if its not my work
My hands shouldn't be *****
I can turn on the lights so everyone can see
Just so they can open their eyes and mind
But when the truth goes against what you believe
You'll have no choice but to accept that there is darkness everywhere.
Ive been in the darkness.
Ive been in the shadows
Ive been a puppet
Ive been in the negativity
I was that kind caring person who catered To other people's selfish intentions.
Was..... I was...
It hurts moving on.  But it hurts even more to stay in the darkness after seeing the light.
I hope all is well
  Jan 2015 SwellyJetEvo
Blue Jay
What happens when temporary is no longer
When you feel weak without them
Yet somehow stronger
How do we feed the darkness of our pasts
Well i can tell you, easy,
With memories of us staring at ourselves through broken glass.
I can finally say I'm no longer afraid of you or who you'll be without me
Because I finally can see who you've been without
a shadow of doubt overcasting.
You are now who you've always been.
It's just now with some alcohol running rapid through my veins and some tears gathered in my eyes
From staring vaguely into my mind
It somehow all seems clear enough.
I'm no longer pinned.
Blindfolded by one's own fogginess.
A mist that overtook me a year too long to clear.
You are the same.
And no not that cliche ****, the same as every guy,
but you are the exact same reincarnation of my worst fear.
My fear of falling for someone who only had the interests of their own held dear.
Maybe this makes sense to you and maybe this doesn't
and you know what? That's a risk I'm willing to take.
I would rather let these words and phrases pour out of me like an unstoppable hurricane that might drown you,
Than to, for one second longer, let this hurricane continue to destroy me.. *Whatever is left of course.
  Dec 2014 SwellyJetEvo
Blue Jay
I guess when it comes down to it,
We are all just chasing and running from certain ghosts that haunt our thoughts.
So we either go looking for them to try and ease our mind,
Or we run as fast as we can from them,
Hoping they fall far, far behind.
  Dec 2014 SwellyJetEvo
Blue Jay
Your darkest secrets can be shared
And I'll do nothing but shed the kindest light amongst them and cleanse you of any burdens that were abandoned on your shoulders.
I'll do my best to rid you of any marks they left on that sweet, genuine, beautiful soul of yours.
I'll never leave you to fight your demons alone.
On your own,
I promise, for the rest of our lifetime, is something you'll never have to feel.
All in the hopes to one day call you
SwellyJetEvo Dec 2014
You use to wonder how it was like to live a perfect life,
A life without worries, without struggles, without darkness and sadness
But then you realize that it is all apart of life itself.
You must learn from your experiences, good or bad.
Even if it means to move on from something that you gave your heart to.
Even if you want to show the darkness to the light,
Leave it in gods hands to bring the truth out.
In the end you just want to be free.
Free with the ones you love
......just free and happy.....

— The End —