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Jan 2015
What happens when temporary is no longer
When you feel weak without them
Yet somehow stronger
How do we feed the darkness of our pasts
Well i can tell you, easy,
With memories of us staring at ourselves through broken glass.
I can finally say I'm no longer afraid of you or who you'll be without me
Because I finally can see who you've been without
a shadow of doubt overcasting.
You are now who you've always been.
It's just now with some alcohol running rapid through my veins and some tears gathered in my eyes
From staring vaguely into my mind
It somehow all seems clear enough.
I'm no longer pinned.
Blindfolded by one's own fogginess.
A mist that overtook me a year too long to clear.
You are the same.
And no not that cliche ****, the same as every guy,
but you are the exact same reincarnation of my worst fear.
My fear of falling for someone who only had the interests of their own held dear.
Maybe this makes sense to you and maybe this doesn't
and you know what? That's a risk I'm willing to take.
I would rather let these words and phrases pour out of me like an unstoppable hurricane that might drown you,
Than to, for one second longer, let this hurricane continue to destroy me.. *Whatever is left of course.
Blue Jay
Written by
Blue Jay  Among the Stars
(Among the Stars)   
     Lost Soul and SwellyJetEvo
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