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Blue Jay Feb 2019
I only use permanent pain as a replacement of the temporary one
Because I know myself.
How I love to see the good in everyone
And I know how easily I forgive and forget
How easy it is to be swayed by your lies and goodbyes
And how I always seem to become a bet
How easily you can play with my heart rather then my hair
How much you're always right and your judgment becomes my air
The air I breathe and need so badly or I heave
At least the permanent pain will be a reminder to do everything to leave
Even when you paint a beautiful brand new start..
To not fall to the old, cruel, lonely habits of my heart.
Blue Jay Feb 2019
There's days I miss you more than life itself .. but then I remember how you treated me and how quickly you were ready to leave me for a taste of something new.. and those days I feel sick to my stomach wondering why I was never good enough for you.
Blue Jay Feb 2019
‪I just feel like falling.. at this point I don't mind that there's no one to catch me.‬
Blue Jay Feb 2019
‪I lost such a huge part of me in the ones that promised it’d be safe..
But all this time I realized that was the problem..
I was hiding a part of me in them when I shouldn’t have been hiding at all. ‬
Blue Jay Feb 2019
And I wonder why you’re not with me
You say you’re looking for somebody who will love you right
Never leave your side
Keep you warm at night
Boy I got you
You won’t ever have to cry

Except all this time
You’re probably looking for somebody new
Somebody who
Won’t treat you right
Who’ll keep you up at night
Who’ll hurt you
Just to watch you cry.
Blue Jay Jan 2017
‪I wrote your name on the walls of my heart, hoping one day you'll find a way in again to see how cold it's been here, how lonely and dark.‬
I scream your name off the rooftops at 3am hoping you'll come back to me
Hoping this was all a nightmare and a mishap from reality.
I dream of you and wake up crying, i want the old you back. Where can I find him laying?
Waiting for me in a grass field with a picnic blanket and lunch laid out, wiping the tears from my cheeks and telling me hush now
It wasn't real darling, you're all mine and forever you'll stay,
Lay with me and let's stare at each other.  For the rest of our Infiniti
I want you and your mind, that's such a beautiful maze.
There's nothing to be afraid of love, now just lay in my arms and know forever here you'll lay.
  Apr 2016 Blue Jay
A Love For Hatred
I saw forever in your eyes. . .

                Then you closed them.
Wrote this when I found out my husband was in love with another woman.
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