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Dec 2021 · 39
Chasing the Rainbow
Sole Dec 2021
You are my blue
the shiniest shade

my rose, my purple favourite
Soft petals and lingering pollen particles

That decades of rain could not erase

I would give up colour for you
remembering only those blue firecracker eyes

you would be my rainbow enough
Dec 2021 · 162
Second Life
Sole Dec 2021
Tentative now
my feelings glance at you shyly.
Emboldened by a new look
same face
Do you see me like you did then

Have I lost my place?

I’m sure the earth
grew from your hands
I want you to cradle me
as your creation

My forever blue infatuation
Dec 2021 · 159
Sole Dec 2021
And I’m back to being alone by the fire

Bleeding as the vast air
Buries me with each crackling log

That bitter bone burning
Reminds me to go back inside

The pointless sky ignores me again
Nov 2021 · 64
Let there be Peace
Sole Nov 2021
I am a lordless Sinner
Derive my scriptures from your tongues

Burns from every judgement day
With each returning sun
Nov 2021 · 1.3k
Spiral Boy
Sole Nov 2021
bottles and bottles of spiral boy
Drink until I’m Dead
drink until I see red Spirals
growing out my head
Nov 2021 · 55
Red Ruby
Sole Nov 2021
A sad flower sits
Wilted from the winded years
She lay below


Waiting for farmer to tell her to grow.

Does flower not know
The sun is already there?

Sweetness extends her chest
So Rare. She forgets.

Bees tanker
Raindrops gloat

Flower refuses to bloom.

Seasons pass by weary
Flower wilting just as soon
Nov 2021 · 52
Sole Nov 2021
If jewels could speak
They would speak your name
The criminal who stole their craft

Nightmares dream of you
Perfect candidate
Sweet blooded
Through and through

Your name is a fairytale
How much horror do you hold.

Your prince bangs at the door
Let him
Let his brash knuckles bleed dry

I could smell a song
Written for you
Each note would sigh
Of red Rubys
Sep 2021 · 14
Words of the Crater
Sole Sep 2021

To write poetry for you
Is to write to the Creator

For which mortal would know words
That the Divine had not heard before

Omniscient you could see me now
Shaking hands than ever

How could they ever second your art?

Words of the Crater

The words I could not think of
You wrote Into existence
With your heart

Like the Creator wrote you and I
To belong to the same
From our depart

To write for you
I’d learn every word you ever spoke
So your tongue would not tire
With my plagiarism.
Every word is yours.

All my words
Are yours.

Within each sinner I search for you
Wonder if my words would retreat the same
Would the fires be lit
In the homes they might build me too

With the Face of the moon
Was it your soul I searched for
those melancholic nights,
Already waiting within the lesser sky

Only a single curtain swipe separating us.

Crafted moon rock,

Is that what I might feel
To brush your skin

Are they your moonbeams that my windows know?

To think you could not become more
Your hands carve a new path
Even the angels would cease
To believe was made of the same atoms
As the oceans,
The stars of the night sky.

Do I burden your soft eyes
With this scripture
You prewrote

Could you hear my words
If I spoke them to you
Like within our bewitched nights

Or would they dissipate
Before your ears
As your soul had told them to me
In all those lives before.
May 2020 · 76
Portuguese Moon
Sole May 2020
Why can I feel you even in the dark?

Where do you go when you aren’t in my thoughts?

Are you still there?
I swim through murky waters
No matter where I am
Until I find you again.

Everything is sadder without you.
May 2020 · 85
Lion on the Beach
Sole May 2020
I sit on the beach and you are here

Your name is whispered subtly between sliding waves
Each grain of sand beneath my feet feels like you,
familiar yet
ultimately untouchable.
Every sunset drips
With tears of your smile;
Reincarnating beauty.
I bathe in it.
I never got tired of looking at you.

It will hurt again tomorrow.

But for now I could laze for too long
Immersed in your golden warmth pulsing from beneath the sand.
Lying too long
It gets chilly; your sunlight fades.
Your warmth decides to leave with it.

And I’m left with just my towel,
Grains of you scattered all over me,
And the burn marks branding my skin.
Oct 2019 · 503
Sole Oct 2019
You are everything.

I had a dream the other night, a rare one where I didn’t see you
Yet I woke up and could still sense
The lingering comfort of your presence
I think
My dreams are made of you too.
I love you
Nov 2018 · 350
Sole Nov 2018
For I know that I could fall asleep beside you every night
And still be devastated to depart from you every morning
Realising infatuation
Nov 2018 · 821
Lunar Company
Sole Nov 2018
I don’t want to sleep
When the moon calls at my back
For the lucidity that cloaks me at night
Holds me safer than when the sunshine arises back
The light reveals the truth they say
The moonlight shines obscured truth that does not blind me to see
And soon the moon returns at night
A lunar sea of solace sailing over me.
May 2018 · 259
Sole May 2018
Because this is my first life
And you were my first love.
May 2018 · 601
Pretty Dead
Sole May 2018
The sun only shines on the pretty.

That’s what my mother used to say.
She told me I should always smile
At the pretty boys on the pretty street.
‘A smile will make you pretty’
She said.

And my mother died 10 years ago.
Now I guess she is pretty dead.
Apr 2018 · 1.1k
Chimera Honeymoon
Sole Apr 2018
Just love me to the moon

Where we don’t need to rush back
And there we could sit inside a crater
And serenely smile amidst the black

Where I am blind to all other stars
Except you
Her with the brightest glimmer
An entire constellation
Who makes the world beneath me
Seem frankly even dimmer

Here we could hide from the possibility
That our love may soon be jaded
Until unbeknownst to our knowledge
The moonbeams will have already faded

Yet for now we may allow our smiles to serenely grow fonder
In the hope we might remain in this pacific phase
For just a little while longer.
Chimera - A thing which is hoped for but is illusory or impossible to achieve.
Apr 2018 · 280
Orange Cordial
Sole Apr 2018
A glass of orange cordial
Sat bored on the kitchen top
Now usually long forgotten
As we children play grown up

Soon after we become thirsty
And return to search our drink
But this time the glass is *****
The cordial not as orange as we think.
Random late night meanderings
Apr 2018 · 374
Crying Uncle
Sole Apr 2018
I have given up
On yelling at the sky
The sky has probably given up on me too.

The answers must not be in the sky.
It seems I have been wrong for the entirety of my life.

It could be that the answers are on the ground.
Amongst the grass, simply suffocated by the dirt,
My answers insufferably whispered by the tiny creatures.

But I hate insects.
I don’t like dirt.
And grass makes me itch.
How I feel some nights.
the idiomatic expression "Say 'uncle'!" may be used as an imperative command to demand submission of one's opponent, such as during an informal wrestling match. Similarly, the exclamation "Uncle!" is an indication of submission – analogous to "I give up" – or it may be a cry for mercy, in such a game or match.
Apr 2018 · 888
Pathetic Fantasy
Sole Apr 2018
If you don’t love me , I can take it
I only ask you
Spare me one more night
Just let me love your lies a little longer

A loveless kiss hurts less
Than a reality fuelled bite.
“Tell me your lies
Because I just can’t face it” - Zayn
Apr 2018 · 918
Prince of Orange
Sole Apr 2018
She'd expect me to describe her freckles.
Believing they were all that people saw; yet they were mildy raindrops of colour that kissed her face.

Or maybe they didn't bother her at all, maybe her discontent for herself lay deeper than so,
so deep her worries were unrecognizable to others,
Or perhaps too below the surface for anyone to take the time to discover;

perchance in the fear of their own suffocation.

Yet warmth still radiated off of her skin, and words of cognizance
dripped off her tongue
in a way similiar to that of lazy drops of water on a closed faucet.

Her eyes,
dark pools stained with swirls of cinnamon,
continued to have the same calming effect as that of a melancholic sunset.

More so,
if looked into at the right moment,
its possible to begin to understand the meaning of companionship,
the mere contentedness of old friends
and laughter,
followed by the yearning of someone to love,
and to be loved in return.
Tessa, my blue sunshine
Apr 2018 · 181
Tamago - The Egg
Sole Apr 2018
But if you do miss me ,
Remember that we are all everything
I am everything.
Every soul you speak to -
I am that soul, merely in a different timeline.

Everything that you touch has been touched by me
Anywhere you go, I have been there
For I am also You .

My life has been beautiful. And life will carry on to be beautiful.
People will always smile . For when u cry, you will be laughing in the arms of the one you love in a different body,
just Somewhere Else on this sphere.

I am here. I have been. I was, I am, and I will be.

You and I will never be lost to one another.
Inspired by The Egg by Andy Weir
A comforting goodbye
Apr 2018 · 268
Sole Apr 2018
Blue eyes.
Yet those eyes were purple, golden, even red;
for those eyes were any colour you wanted them to be.
For those eyes believed what you saw and tried to see the world as you saw it.

The sun shines through those eyes, glinting at you with every emotion ever perceived to be true.

The moon lurks behind those eyes, ready to be noticed when you finally find yourself really looking at her;
Only then realising that not everyone needs the shine of a star to captivate a room.

For the moon will never fail to illuminate you in even the darkest of glooms.

For the moon learns to glimmer in its own alluring way.
Apr 2018 · 262
Sole Apr 2018
There are moments where I
My mind shifts back
Locks back
into this place and time
And I realise I am here

I look at familiarities around me
Touch them
Check, so they are real
And they are
I suppose -
But my reality is still unclear

So I blink again
I can’t fathom
if this is a dream
Apparently scary
I can’t find an answer
So I stop.
Apr 2018 · 290
Sole Apr 2018
I want to
Into the air , laid
On my back,
with my arms
The sky
would be starry
And the night
and light would
Upwards from my core.
Apr 2018 · 565
Cassiopeia's Throne
Sole Apr 2018
She woke up sick.
Her wooden limbs drenched with bound torment.
Her eyes merely mirrors of dubiety, marked by soft insecurity encased.
Her skin now bleached.
Her mind framed by Cassiopeia.

Contrails of vanity laced with discontent on her skin
An evanescence of admirers taunts her,
Yet only if her veil is worn too thin.
She knows.
Only an ethereal countenance will please them.

Obsession linked by 4 shattering chains,
5 imaginary bonds.
Unbeknownst to her, imaginary until she
Boasts of her infatuation.
Her lips are thin.

Then her bones sag heavy
Still sat on her mordant throne.
She is once again asleep.
Appeased by dreamy seas
littered with artificial palm leaves.

— The End —