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Sole Jun 22
Strange skin
laying cold
though whispers burn up
And though your scent tempts sweet
air festers as we rot.
There is sign of life
Pattering against
The stale wood of this coffin.
Our moon glows through these cracks
A soft glimmer of the mourning to come
And these crisp cloths worn before
Lie that I’ll depart with you.
And I tell your corpse that I love you
I love you. I do.
And you have left me alone again.
She is half decayed and beautiful.
You told me first, whispered
Withered arms wound around me
Passing into the night.
Sole Jun 7
within this hazy eden he lies
lapping up golden beams glow

beam blind and beating ties
what more could little bat know?

dazzle me love

rumbling chambers nag
deep down below

Cool cave rock bites
Little bats wings as he floats

still up here the air is warmer
flowers sing and sun beams smile
And little bat would burn here brightly
to lay with the sun a little while
Sole Feb 25
Not a feeling made to be bound by words
You flow infinitely
So vast I could float in your warm abyss
Until the end of time
Then leave my body here
To gently decay within your comforting waters
Let my skeleton bury down within you
Safe beneath your deep sands

While your waters may stretch to other lands
Just leave my bones with you
Sole Dec 2022
Born from a kiss
Elicit whispers of a promise long
Mourned and despaired
In chance I find a starry night
Never to imagine such brilliant
Enchanting stardust.
Sole Dec 2021
You are my blue
the shiniest shade

my rose, my purple favourite
Soft petals and lingering pollen particles

That decades of rain could not erase

I would give up colour for you
remembering only those blue firecracker eyes

you would be my rainbow enough
Sole Dec 2021
Tentative now
my feelings glance at you shyly.
Emboldened by a new look
same face
Do you see me like you did then

Have I lost my place?

I’m sure the earth
grew from your hands
I want you to cradle me
as your creation

My forever blue infatuation
Sole Dec 2021
And I’m back to being alone by the fire

Bleeding as the vast air
Buries me with each crackling log

That bitter bone burning
Reminds me to go back inside

The pointless sky ignores me again
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