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Sole Dec 2021
You are my blue
the shiniest shade

my rose, my purple favourite
Soft petals and lingering pollen particles

That decades of rain could not erase

I would give up colour for you
remembering only those blue firecracker eyes

you would be my rainbow enough
Sole Dec 2021
Tentative now
my feelings glance at you shyly.
Emboldened by a new look
same face
Do you see me like you did then

Have I lost my place?

I’m sure the earth
grew from your hands
I want you to cradle me
as your creation

My forever blue infatuation
Sole Dec 2021
And I’m back to being alone by the fire

Bleeding as the vast air
Buries me with each crackling log

That bitter bone burning
Reminds me to go back inside

The pointless sky ignores me again
  Dec 2021 Sole
When my rib cage splits open
and displays the rotting creature inside
will you still love me?

When my bones are replaced with
flowering hemlock and nightshade
and my blood turns to muck,
Will you still love me?

When my skin becomes ash, my hair
turns to vines and my feet grow roots,
Will you still love me?

When nature prevails
and I am no longer me,
I must ask this of you:
Will you still love me?
Sole Nov 2021
I am a lordless Sinner
Derive my scriptures from your tongues

Burns from every judgement day
With each returning sun
Sole Nov 2021
bottles and bottles of spiral boy
Drink until I’m Dead
drink until I see red Spirals
growing out my head
  Nov 2021 Sole
Sam Lawrence
Forgive me, but I don't
want to explore my feelings,
backpack through insecurity
or interrail across buried pain.
There is no pride to be found
in travelling to those places
or even in a triumphant return.
Instead, I'll make my feelings
comfortable by giving them
a seat inside a steady room,
beside a window with a view
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