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Shayn Powell May 2018
I could only see from beneath her wanderous eye

Even from afar she’s still in sight
I long for her breeze and warm light

Clashing like fire and ice
Too much for me to grasp

I feel a ripple and hear your sound
Like one of a paradiddle all around  

Approaching softly

Out of her ken until again
She lost me.
Beauty beneath the eye.
Shayn Powell May 2018
Step by step, uphill
Then down, striving
To the top, this is
The final countdown.
Seeing the end, exhausted
And holding back a
Mental breakdown.
Blood, sweat and tears
The lack of oxygen,
Leaving me stumbling
So high in the atmosphere.

As I climb I break
through my greatest fears,
This is a war with myself,
A crucible greater than
No other.  Climbing higher
My eyes begin to open,
Everything is clear.
The end is near.

This place is holy,
Something I can’t bare,
As if I observe my
Every move with my
I’ll leave here free
Of toxins, spiritually found,
Sinless and Flawless.
This poem is about finding yourself and the hardships that tend to come with it, as the process may be difficult for most people, just keep climbing, find your personal biases, stand by what you believe in. make a difference first with yourself before trying to be something else other than what you are meant to be. This can hard, and I wanted to put that in words.
Shayn Powell May 2018
Cold morning,
I roll over, sad
And mourning.
I just want to lay here,
But I need coffee,
Something warming
And something sober,
Like black coffee.
Stone cold sober.

Strong taste to my buds,
Bitter but sweet,
Without my coffee
I’ll roam around, lost,
Looking beat.
Listening to the
beans roast and
The drip in my ***,
It sounds exactly
Like the drops hitting
My window.

It’s ready.
Hearing the pour,
A small waterfall
Into a cup, the splashes,
The aroma, something
That I can’t get over.
My first sip, it’s hot and bitter
But delicious nonetheless,
It’s perfect for the early bird,
They always say it,
They get the worm.

Until next time
Empty cup. Half a day
wait and another cold
Morning on it’s way,
Sit here and wait
Until I wake up,
For another sober cup.
Everyone can probably relate.
Shayn Powell May 2018
At first, I was
blown away,
**** I thought, this
girl is cool,
come my way.

A dime in the
eyes of Shayn.
This isn't a game,
you came onto me
now your ex has
messaged so you
up and leave?

**** a Gremlin,
You're a beast.

A savage at
the very least.
You have no
respect for anybody
but yourself.
I'm not the one little
girl i'll make you
life a living hell.

College this,
college that,
blah blah,
It's clear you spoke
our of your ***.
I wont lose sleep
over it though, you're
just a glimmer in my past.
Shayn Powell May 2018
Hanging my head heavy,
like a boulder.
Sick and tired of you,
So I get on with life
With a cold shoulder
And a blunt between
My middle and index fingers.
I don’t have time
To listen to your reasons.
Your breath smells,
Like Grey Goose, it lingers.
Man get it together because
Were losing you,
And we don’t know what to do.
You’re drifting away,
Keep treating yourself
Like this, you’ll end up
6 below one day.
I need you to explain
Just what it is
Playing with your brain,
‘Cuz if you keep acting this way,
Someone’s gonna
Pop your head like
President JFK.
I’ve got a blunt
To ease the pain,
Take a hit of it, and maybe you’ll
Remember who you were,
Maybe our names.

Taking a hit to alleviate the pain.
Take a hit, my **** taste like
A souffle.
sleeper green, you’ll wake up
In a daze,
I know what you’re
Dealing with is only a phase,
So show me a glimpse of you,
A replay of the good ole days,
Before we lost you in all of this craze.

Stop with the delays, the betrays and cliches,
It’s all a game that we don’t want to play
Because you did it to yourself,
You left your life a maze with no
Clear way out, so don’t drop your head and pout
Your sorrows away.
It’s a hard knock life
For those of your kind, you watched
Your life fade away, decline,
With only a glimmer left to shine.
We’re at the end of this road,
The ball is in your court. Tell me,
What are you going to to this time?
Whatcha Gonna do?
Shayn Powell May 2018
Confused at first
I was,  confusion
Spewed  because
We match,
It’s a fact.

Not going to lie
I was pretty sad
In all honesty
A part of me
Didn’t understand

Why I ask
Not wanting to accept
But I must
I know you’re
Not leaving me
In the dust.

Because When I look
At your eyes
They lift a smile
On my face
From one ear
To the other
Your beauty stings
Like the blunt you
Put to my neck
It makes me shudder
From top to bottom
And every curve, twist and turn
There’s no secrets
I wish not to uncover

What i’ve got
To do is handle
These emotions
And steer.
And realize I
Can’t be your, in
This time, lover.

For time is against
Our side, with
Life around
The corner,
The stress from
Figuring it out
And a Relationship
will leave us
bowling over.

Why I wonder,
You said it yourself,
I’m so effortlessly
Your type.
It saddens me but
I understand.

Maybe in time
In Fact, you told me two years from
This day to ask you a question.
You made it a promise,
Leaving me nervous,
In two years,
I’ll find you and fulfil
What I promised.
Shayn Powell Apr 2018
Look me in the eye
Don’t leave me surprised
I wanna know what you're about,
Give me a second of your time

******* away
Your vibe excites
Show me the light
Don’t leave me astray

I want you
Your beauty invites
Show me around, show me the sights
You’re someone i can get into.
Let’s get lost in time, the beauty
In you resembles the northern lights.

Flashy, colorful and fun
Invite everyone,
There’s a little in you
For anyone.
Look them in the eye
If they’re worthy
To confront.
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