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fika Mar 2020
I am my Storm.
I am my Sun.
Cody Al Feb 2019
You cannot keep people from coming and going
No matter how hard you try people will come and go as they please in your life, even if it hurts
It is important for them to be happy, as well as it is for you to be
But it is not their responsibility to keep you happy

That is yours
The longer you fight and scream to keep them there
The more it will hurt in the end
So maybe it is just best to let people leave as they please
Even if it means to sit there alone in the middle of the night with a cup of alcohol in your hand
Sitting in the dark crying as you try to figure out what you did so wrong that made them leave

But it wasn't you that did anything wrong
You were just you, and you are perfect as long as you are happy
They did not do anything wrong either
They did what they needed to do for them to be happy

Neither of you are responsible for one another
You do what you can to keep YOU happy

When you put others first, you teach yourself that you come last
Put yourself first always
Treat others how you want to be treated
Be kind to others always

Even though it is in the name, common sense isn't as common as you would hope for
You have to respect others opinions
Even if it goes against what you say and like

You are alone
But you aren't lonely in any way
You have people here with you
Even when it doesn't feel like it

So let those people leave
Let more enter
Don't be afraid to leave others as well
Take care of yourself
Put yourself first

You are the main character of YOUR story, not THEIRS
The most you can do is tell the person why you are leaving if there is a reason
Give them that closure if you can
I will no longer be holding people back with my insecurities
This is just something that is on my mind that I struggle with immensely and need to realize
Shayn Powell May 2018
Step by step, uphill
Then down, striving
To the top, this is
The final countdown.
Seeing the end, exhausted
And holding back a
Mental breakdown.
Blood, sweat and tears
The lack of oxygen,
Leaving me stumbling
So high in the atmosphere.

As I climb I break
through my greatest fears,
This is a war with myself,
A crucible greater than
No other.  Climbing higher
My eyes begin to open,
Everything is clear.
The end is near.

This place is holy,
Something I can’t bare,
As if I observe my
Every move with my
I’ll leave here free
Of toxins, spiritually found,
Sinless and Flawless.
This poem is about finding yourself and the hardships that tend to come with it, as the process may be difficult for most people, just keep climbing, find your personal biases, stand by what you believe in. make a difference first with yourself before trying to be something else other than what you are meant to be. This can hard, and I wanted to put that in words.

— The End —