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AMBRIEL Oct 2019
With her eyes wide open  i see no emotions,
blank stares and heavy breathing
cold hands and shaking body
heart that beats so fast.

A little girl with a towering height
but confidence lower than the ground,
little by little she's breaking apart
and slowly she's losing it now

Shaking, she's always shaking
hearing screams of imperfections in her ears,
then she started stuttering in words could come out
shaking she's always shaking with tears in her eyes.

Thumping her heart is ringing
breathing, it's hard to breathing
spinning the world is spinning
once again her consciousness is fading
To everyone who's currently having an anxiety attack please do know that ya'll could do it and life will go on no matter what :))
AMBRIEL Jun 2019
I take a deep breath and released all my feelings away.

Removing all the love that I have for you and changing it into something new.

Putting all our memories inside a old rusty box with chains.

So one day I'll open it again and remember that we are once one.

Getting the key of the door in my pocket so I could now go out of your life.

Walking out in your life with a bitter sweet smile and tears in my eyes.

As I walk away I still thank God for letting me meet you and be a part of my life.

Looking at the stars where we all started to bind our so called love if it is love?

And smile because they align just like how our life starts to align now.

Looking at the sky as the sun is saying bye just like how I bid my last good bye.

It was a pleasure to be a part of your life now I have to let you go.

Go back to your rightful partner and spend the rest of your life with her.

Be happy and smile bright because you're back in your home.

Be positive enough because you found your positivity.

And be greatful of second chances because you had the second chance to be with her.

Now it's my time to bid good bye, bye to our love but let the friendship remain
AMBRIEL Jun 2019
It all started in one night  
when you an i talked about our lives.

That very night i looked in your eyes
and all i see is a flicker of pain.

Feeling that emotion made me think
if that night you felt at ease.

That very night my heart felt at ease
and you don't know you're the reason for this.
AMBRIEL Jun 2019
You're too sleepy to even notice
how i adore your angelic features.

You're awesomely smart
that's why i can't deny i love the way you think.  

Your eyes are not expressive as his eyes are
but your eyes is my escape from the reality that is so harsh.

You are my comfort zone that i didn't expect to have you are an unknown blessing that God gave me while i'm losing my way to the right path.
Dedicated for him <3
AMBRIEL Jun 2019
I smile as i see you looking at her
like she's your one and only masterpiece.

I smile as i see you laughing so loud
as you're sitting with her in night full of stars.

I  smile as i see you holding her hands
and squeezing it tight.

I smile as i see you looking at you
like you're the best thing she have.

I smile but deep inside i'm breaking so bad
i smile to make you feel that i'm alright.

I smile even though i wanted to cry so bad
because i know you're not mine from the start.
AMBRIEL Jun 2019
Slowly i began falling in this pit full of story
slowly i began to see the pain that i keeps.

Slowly i began looking at her in the dark
crying all out because slowly everything is falling apart.

slowly i began blaming myself as i see her
slowly losing her sane because of her faith.

Slowly i began cutting all the veins in my hands
for she don't deserve the faith that she have.

Slowly all i see is darkness, hoping that
when i bid my goodbye she'll be fine.

I wish her the best that one day she sees
the horizons again.
because she deserves it more than anyone else.
AMBRIEL Jun 2019
It's scary how deep you could fall for someone you know you can't have the first time your eyes met.

It fells like diving in a deep pit full of fire. That the moment you touch the ground, you'll feel the burning pain hugging your skin.

While you're down there laying in the ground, feeling the pain all you see is his eyes, then your heart beat the same.

How stupid can you be staying in that deep pit full of fire, imagining things with him, where you know you can't have him.

How bad can you be. Wishing that one day you could call him yours, to hold his hands and hug him tight.

To wish that one day. He will extend his arms and pull you out of that sea of fire, that you're currently drown to right now.

But the reality is. You will fall again and again in that pit full of fire, feeling those burning pain all over again.

Fir his arms are extended for someone else. Who is so drowned to him first, and no matter how hard you try? you'll never feel his comforting touch.

For someone out there is in need of his touch. That is so comforting and nice his smile that sends shivers to your spine.

So as you fall deeper in that pit full of fire. All you need to think of is his eyes, that's not that expressive but became your comfort zone.

And as you feel the pain of the fire hugging your skin. Just look above where you see him holding her hands, and be happy for them.

In this pit full of fire. Carry with you your deep burning love and leave it here, in this burning pit of love you have for him.

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