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Is it obvious?
Trying NOT to fall for you...
It isn’t working
Lost in Paradise
Purgatory without you
Come to my rescue
tangled emotions struggle to unwind
unconscious desires surface unrefined
going into the future blind
not knowing what kind of trouble I'll find

feeling the G force at every turn
striving to savor and to learn
praying for calm and contentment to return
hoping from the turbulence will emerge a pattern

new dreams bring the cauldron to a rolling boil
simmering ideas rise and uncoil
fighting fatigue, returning to the toil
planting good intent in the newly turned soil

surrender everything to Him and move on
find forward momentum on the path to be drawn
connect and grow, live life with èlan
face every moment like a new dawn
“You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
She lives in the dance
Music moves body and soul
Worlds swirl around her
“We should consider every day lost on which we have not danced at least once.”
― Friedrich Nietzsche
The room sleeps
As I lay awake
And as the sun rises
I want to reach out the window,
shove it back down and
Give myself a few more hours
With the calm rise and fall of your chest.

I don’t exist outside of here,
Only between the posts of your bed.
Needing constant validation
From your touch.
And if the morning never comes,
You’ll stay here
And I can pretend to be
What you need.

If time runs
Then I should be able to dam it up
Like a river
Stop it from flowing
Freeze it in place.

But time is greedy.
The moon is too weak
To stick around.

When light fills the room
And wakes it from delirium
The dreamer stirs
And I disappear.
Am I just a dream?

When I’m gone there is nothing.
Just time.

One word from your lips
And my body reanimates
Dances, breathes
then lies still again.
Finally awake.
But alive? Real?
The room only knows.
I can't sleep
Everytime I remember your words
They snap and recoil
And hurt me awake
Next time when someone
Promises me forever
I'll just smile
Look them in the eyes and ask
How long is forever to you.
As the night waits for the morning sun

Do I in earnest await to hear from you

Away from you I'd never run

The amount of love I have.. If only you knew

Below the ocean surface

As deep as this my love for you abounds

With you I feel of more purpose

If you want me to explain, forever on this I could expound

Give me your heart once again

This time I want it forever to keep

For mine, you don't need to win

It's always been within your reach

Nothing would bother me

If it were for you

Don't you see?

We're meant to be, its true.
date of creation unknown.
No allusions to talking sticks,
or metaphors of a chrome plated god,
because it's only life.

I can make use of a woman
with supple ankles stepping off the bus
kindling my hips and heart,

(but you've heard that one before,)
and, it's only life, so this might
just read like an instruction manual,

or both halves of a confessional,
but there will be no use made
of dancing dogs or moonlight

in battle, because it's only life,
and I have never really known
what it is I want to say to you.

It’s something like, "I love you,"
but asides from just being
very frightening to say,

I also think, it's more.
If it's only life, it's also
only death,

and what can be said that penetrates
death. What can be said
that won't collapse like engine failure

in the span between you and I,
if I try to say an "I love you"
that's truer than death.
To Dance
To Strike
To Jump
To Fly
This is the nature of CAPOEIRA
  To Play
  To Rhyme
  To Honor
  To Respect
This is the nature of CAPOEIRA
  To Ride
  To Walk
  To Run
  To Sing
                        This again is the nature of CAPOEIRA
                                       Capoeira is a way of Life,
for some of us (the Capoeiristas) is a daily ritual but over all Capoeira  is a method,
a Discipline to be Live by Vigorously or as you see fit to and that's the 2nd beautiful way of CAPOEIRA You choose what you wanna get out of it; You choose how much life you wanna put into it,
Its all up to you, But as for me I will tell you this;
CAPOEIRA is a Life Long practice which I have always had a High passion for and I feel that Capoeira is call me once again....
What would you do; Would you ignore the call or would you except it . As said before its your choice. Which one shall I choose?
                                           Do you Know?
                                            Can you guess?
                                            Its OK if you can't
                                 Let me know what you think I'll do.
                                                            After all
                                                      Life is Capoeira
                                                        Capoeira is Life
Christopher Nathaniel Cartwright
Copyright © 1983-Present
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