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in this maze
am I to find a way

Out of
sienna catacombs
without a torch in sight

can I
walk out myself
shivering alone?

or must I be dragged
kicking, screaming
praying to suffocate
to drown once more
punching, kicking air

screaming for your siren song
begging to hear it again
begging to be devoured
by unyielding jaws
torn to shreds
by serrated claws
sinking into me

you never leave
you watch me cry
as if you are a sadist
a guilty sadist
whenever I run
you find me
you tell me you've missed me

and honestly?
I've missed you too

oh god
how dearly I've missed you
I've rationalized it
the pain

I've found a comfort
in a bear's den

so familiar
in the cold

yet how can I say this

when our songs
hardly phase me anymore

I loved you, it's true
and perhaps I still do

but now you're a memory
faded and broken


for you are treasured
though I long left you

and together
we once dreamed

we dreamed
of warmth in a blizzard

one we could keep
just for us
Does my bath tub seem so long

So full
Like I could get lost

In this windowless shelter
Unknown to the world

Tucked within
A curling apartment

A cold tub
That was supposed to be warm

Too big
To submerge myself

Could this be where I die?
A voice muses

Alone in a tub?
No, too lonely
Keith Strand Sep 13
god these empty pages
that I fill with regret

this pain
that never leaves

maybe they'd be better
burnt, torn, and broken

maybe I would too

how sad
that my sun is dark

that the light I crave
is of a heartless abyss

that alone I lay
wishing banshees would leave

and I'm trapped here

here I blur the line
between poetry
and a cry for help

a broken villain
Keith Strand Aug 29
Here we are
yet again

the longest night
under clear skies

too long
have I sought the sun

I missed the mushrooms
searching for daffodils

yes, the fruits
of unending night

a hearty stew
instead of salad

between wanderers

as we sit
sipping on ambrosien dirt
Keith Strand Aug 10
Sienna dreams
lay heavy on my flesh

her sheepish tone
that's oh so beautiful

and her steady
steady hand

she's an autumn leaf
composting in the dirt

bringing life
through death

the steady cycle of seasons
will bring only more beauty

for she is sienna

my favorite color
Keith Strand Aug 6
I don't want death

I want someone
who once close to my heart

won't poison it
with their tongue

who won't bite hard

or take too much
from my fragile arms

Hold my scars
in your kind hands

hold this delicate throat
without crushing it

use your knives
to cut my dinner, not my wrists

and carry this husk
until it's whole

I promise you won't regret it
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