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Maybe if your lips
Never crossed mine

Maybe means nothing

Give me a yes or a no
and don't do it for show

Maybe is worthless
like the words everyone spews

Saying they won't go
yeah right, just row

Away like they all do

Go! Get the hell out!
I know you only want my best

my body not my soul

I'm tired of trust
I'd say it's gotten me nowhere

But this pit
is hardly nowhere
Keith Strand Nov 17
Left hook right hook
Can you not see?

After all you took
How you hurt me?

I take hot showers
To cloud vision and pain

Like depriving death’s flowers
Of all their rain

Make me kneel
In coals that are hot

So I may feel
When I’m shot
I was just spitballin’ here, hope you like it
Keith Strand Nov 8
Perhaps it is the only option
Keith Strand Nov 5
If it had a voice
it would shriek

It would scream
into the pitch night

Never to be seen

If it had a body
it would ****

Lay waste to empires
through the night

Never to be conquered

Yes, a ravager in the night
the war cry of an iron will
Keith Strand Oct 9
She loves my respect
and odd idiolect

Hey there cutie
I'm not your true love you see

But for a night
I'll make you feel alright

If you'll let me
I'll help you see

A world of oddities
among the commodities

The stars above
and the call of a dove

My words may shock you
but you'll find them to be true
Keith Strand Oct 3
how simple times were

How chaotic they seemed
before I knew

Friends and lovers are like sand
slipping from your hand

No matter
how like iron your grip is

They go

Leaving you
and a blank page

Don't even try
to write on it

You'll quickly find
your ink turns to rage

Blood flowing
from a bone pen

And you will look back

You will look on with disgust
and try to never trust

never again

Keith Strand Oct 3
I tried
to build a house

A fortress
to keep us safe

But you

You had other plans

A sledgehammer
broke the bricks

And concrete
was no match

I still wonder

If he hadn't offered a home

If you would be on the couch
cozying up next to me

But that doesn't matter now

Two saw this broken house
and decided it was home

huddled around the fire
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