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  Oct 2020 Atoosa
Ifeanyichuku Okoro II
Post slumber
Nothing changes when I reopen my eyes
Your smile and gait
Same puzzle piece reverie coming together
Like coarse bark and smooth leaves of walnut trees
Or your articulation and my weak knees.
Even when the road ceases
Let my affection not be a sojourn of the mind
But an embraced destination, instead.

Ifeanyi N. Okoro II - © 2018
Pt. 2
Atoosa Oct 2020
Mistakes are the path
Flagstones of experience
Moving forward NOW
Never regret, but squeeze all the learning you can out of the happenings of life. You made the best decision you could. I came, I saw, I may not have conquered but I learned.
Atoosa Sep 2019
Is it obvious?
Trying NOT to fall for you...
It isn’t working
Atoosa Aug 2019
Where my softness meets your hard body
Curve and angle merge to one uneven line of truth
Your arms entwine and protect me -even from myself
Melodies pulse in the open window... echoes of our reawakened youth
Savor the thrill of your heartbeat thrumming against my breast
Passion flows and overwhelms me but I come tumbling as you fall
"I'm yours only" you breathe, your eyes blazing with candle flame
Earnest gifts of respect and loyalty in every whisper of my name
How can a heart be unmoved by such open offerings?
Atoosa Jun 2019
Have you imagined in your turquoise dreams majestic mountains and seaside scenes?

Then go West my friend and come to me in endless summer, savoring fruits of joy in sun warmed shimmer....
Atoosa Apr 2019
Keeper of Secrets
     I’m an open book
With Heart Untamed
Eyes that see into you with just a look
Connections made, emotions unnamed
Turn my face to the sun with a new outlook
Remember the joy with no regrets
Keep in touch with your true self and with those who recognize and honor you
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