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Sofie 2d
Du daler og mærker
Hvordan tyngdekraften rammer
Et hårdt **** i samme bløde fald;
Hvor man dog ønskede at kærligheden
Var lige sådan,

Ikke sandt?
Sofie 2d
Too broken to reach
I feel these are the few words
That apply to me
Sofie 2d
I wish I was unbothered
Or careless or free
But all of those things
I’m afraid I could never be
Sofie Oct 11
It will not hurt when I die
It will pop
Like a bubble
An explosion
Of bliss and sorrow
Like a wave or a soft touch
Of deepfelt emotion
Sofie Sep 23
I wrote a love poem
And it is yours to read
Just bare in mind
It is all about me
Sofie Sep 7
You are a song,
a taste, a feeling
I see you everywhere
You surround my heart
At all times
And every single kiss
Leaves my lips numb
Still you are feeling
That I sense so strongly
You are a hurricane
My nostalgia
Sweet berries
Sour lemon
Pouring over me
Holding onto me
Please don't ever let go
Sofie Aug 1
I won't stoop too low
I'd rather be far behind
Than leading with the stuck up
Rather speak a little quieter
Maybe the ones who pay attention
will hear my silent screams
Perhaps they would want to
really truly know me
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