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sofie 5d
I feel your love,
your touch,
when the sun
chooses to shine,
my skin

I see your face,
your smile,
whenever I look
at my reflection
in the mirror

I hear your voice,
your unforgettable
as rain falls
melodically from

I remember the pain,
the unbearable
when I realized
I loved you
but had to
let you go
sofie Mar 16
you build a wall
they climb it
you piece it back
they break it

for they’ll always
want to know
what it is like
on the other side
sofie Mar 8
i watched flowers grow wildly
but it was all inside of my head
sofie Mar 1
i said,
i could feel my heart breaking,
it was aching for months

he said,
love is just a chemical reaction,
it is all in your head

and suddenly i felt my heart
falling to pieces
all over again
sofie Feb 19
it is only right
if it feels like you're floating;
don't you go falling
sofie Feb 10
for how long will
you remain your own
because you are too
to set yourself free,
to let yourself
be vulnerable,

for how long will
you continue to tolerate
the dimming
within your eyes,
the dust falling from
your heart
because you just
let love in?
sofie Feb 6
flowers in the sky
stars have fallen to the ground
this life without you
upside down
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