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nandhitha Nov 2017
A cup of coffee
Favourite song
Sun rays through
the window
nandhitha Nov 2017
My life was beneath the abyss
in extreme darkness.
The rays of hope and light seemed
Insurmountable to attain.
Swoon in timidness, I lost my way to get out of it.
The toddler within me absconded.
Letting me to find my very own way
Of exploring the resounding
truth of peace and love.
nandhitha Jun 2019
A movie where you lose yourself on the way of finding someone.
~the end!
nandhitha Nov 2017
My mind is like the "tides"!
Beneath the tides lie countless memories....
Drowning in emotion...
nandhitha Jun 2019
From being said as  "mad,wild and a good actor" whenever I got panic attacks in high school to  becoming an insomniac now , not only I grew up,but my sadness also grew.
Probably, nobody understood what I was going through.
I let them use me, I let them take me for granted.
I am scared that probably, one day... I'd let people know my actual worth when I leave,when I go far away from this cruel world... Probably!

— The End —