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nandhitha Nov 2017
My life was beneath the abyss
in extreme darkness.
The rays of hope and light seemed
Insurmountable to attain.
Swoon in timidness, I lost my way to get out of it.
The toddler within me absconded.
Letting me to find my very own way
Of exploring the resounding
truth of peace and love.
Josie Oct 2016
The sound of divorce is resounding
It makes my ears bleed
The fact that you would do this to me is astounding
And still my ears bleed
The sound of divorce is intolerable
It makes me feel sick
You've made me extremely vulnerable
And the sickness grows.
This is for a class project.
With you,
I feel like my brokeness wears a disguised mask,
it doesn’t protrude out like splinters and spears
right through my rib cage where
thorn ladden tendrils grow, with everyone else.

With you,
I feel less broken.
Maybe even whole again.
Like I used to be.

— The End —