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Nimisha Rana Jan 2019
it's just me,
and my coffee smell,
mixed with rain,
ND little bit of air !!
sitting at the balcony
And your smile
That's my happiness..!!!
I want to meet you just once again
At 4.38 in the morning, right there
Half back, firm shoulders, sorta fun
As a meadow: sanctuary to a mare

I want to meet you every once in a while
At the hallway, in the time of obscurity
When the nerves **** and anxiety prevail;
A short course that gifted me serendipity

I want to meet you once every evening
In the library, street, shop; anywhere
Just to check how was your day going
And perhaps, one two stories to share

I want to meet you
You know
I do
And you do.
nandhitha Nov 2017
A cup of coffee
Favourite song
Sun rays through
the window

— The End —