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Simple words escape ever so parted lips
Voices of the sweetest seduction
My undeniable weakness
“I want you”
Whispers of the finest intentions

The warmth of your breath brushes across my ear
Fingertips glide down the shapeliest of curves
Caressing jewels
Excitement builds
Moans escape...
Drenched in the sweetest place

Inhale, Exhale
The deadliest of pleasures
My needs, your wants
All accounting for desperate measures

Start, Stop
Location is no matter
Subtract clothes
Divide legs
I speak in tongues your body loves to hear
Tracing lines in ways you cannot manage to bear

I am the worst of teasers.
I still reference you in conversations.
I still smell your flannels.
I wonder how soft your hair is today.
I kiss the walls of the shower just to hear the same pop our lips would make.
I wish I had endless pictures of your collar bones and eyes.
I wish I had endless access to your thighs and chest and that dot on your neck.
When I *** I say your name.
Your voice recordings aren't the same.  I want you to call and put me to sleep with your breath and I want this all without the repercussions.

I want you to be my friend.
And I want the benefit of you being my lover again.
Being selfish: it's what I do.
 Feb 2018 Moeshfiekah
Dark soul
   flesh ...
  moan .
Why can't we have meaningless talk
the way people have meaningless ***-
you would crash over me into a
river of un-scathing emptiness
and leave marks on my skin-
stories that this was where
you started to tear at
the seams
like the silkness
of your sorrows on my floor.

You would become a sultry verse
in this anthology of every day
lodged between the rush and
vacancy of broken hearts
and anguished limbs.

You would radiate the heat
of your angry, angry heart onto
the cold deadness of mine,
and we could burn and melt
all at the same time.

Meaninglessly you would leave
me out of breath,
gather your clothes
and go home.
These days I could only wish my heart could ride over this storm. Meaninglessly.

The first "bold" poem.
one day you wake up,
look down the coffee cup
& out into the world
into memories furled

and suddenly you see
this is the life of me
where ever did it go?
i'd really like to know

like the wave of a wand
it's here, then it's gone
we do and we don't
we can and we won't

oh, let's make the best
take care of the rest
surrender to the tides
and just enjoy the ride
Do not wait
for someone
to offer you
their world.
you have your own.
 Feb 2018 Moeshfiekah
I used to think I couldn't go a day without your smile, without telling you things and hearing your voice back,
Then the day arrived and it was so **** hard but the next day was harder. And I knew with a sinking feeling I was going to get worse and I wasn't going to be okay for a very long time.
Because loosing someone isn't an event. It doesn't just happen once. It happens over and again.
I loose you every time.
I pick up your favourite coffee mug, or whenever that one song plays in the radio or whenever find your t-shirt at the bottom of my laundry pile.
I start loosing you. </3
 Feb 2018 Moeshfiekah
I’ve sat in throngs of people,
between seas and seas,
knowing there’s a small chance
salt gets called by its name
CaCl2 instead.

I’m constantly aware
I am one compound;
full, contradictory,
Knowing people will find
In the ocean of things
More salt as oceans evaporate,
Lifting to clouds,
Till only enough is left for us to swim in.

A little girl,
collects the beautiful things,
the Seashells people always want
In ziplock bags,
with water and the
handful who can handle it,

And we,
stay in the sea,
Brushing from horizon
to horizon,
until we’re swept up,
Or drown someone.
Inspired by candies and depression
 Jul 2017 Moeshfiekah
You're tempting me.

Releasing the demons in my mind
With their thoughts of you,
Craving, wanting to consume you,
Take you over, make you scream,
In pleasure, in ecstasy,
The thought of being in you.

Licking my lips, I want it.
I'm giving in.
I want to taste your flesh.
I want to have all of you.

You wont be able to handle it:
The devilish things I'd do to you.

But you're tempting me. I know,
You want it too.

So take it off.

You're mine to feast on tonight.
Maybe a bit too much? Haha.
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