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Nov 2019 · 322
Round the garden
Moeshfiekah Nov 2019
Round and round the graveyard.
Like a headless bear.
One slit , two stabs.
Raise him from the dead.

Twist to show a different perspective.
Hope you love
Aug 2019 · 352
Moeshfiekah Aug 2019
My sun ,
My brightest star.
You're 147 million km to far.
Although I'm out at night ,
And you at day.
Eclipse in my arms you'll lay.
The only time our love doesn't burn the cornea.

Aug 2019 · 399
Dip into my depths
Moeshfiekah Aug 2019
I seek what I lack to give myself , and I seek it with my heart , not my head.
And I feel it with my emotions not logic . So I allow another to take my most valuable possession and I allow them to brake it.

So many can relate , but we hide because we are afraid they will think less of us
Dec 2018 · 454
Sweet truth
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
They tell us we discriminate because of the color of their skin.
An unjustly comment and they only see us as whites.
Stuck between a now cold war between colors.
They paint an image of victimization as they feel unfairly treated in ancestry years.
I say , get over it.
Spoken words need not a explanation
Dec 2018 · 340
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
How many has marked this broken lover between the sheet and on the streets.
How many has gripped her hips and tasted her lips.
How many has , not once , but countless times degraded her in her bliss , shattered her gift , ruined and wrecked her for her next "knight" .
How many of you will come to realize that many of us still hide.
How many of you , will see.
How many will there be.
Some truth in those words in every lover you may come across
Dec 2018 · 389
What she tells me.
Moeshfiekah Dec 2018
She wants to gently place me upon the bed and straddle my hips all while her lips attack my skin marking what is hers.
Her fingers will slip in and ****** me hard and I'll feel the full length of it inside. She wants me to feel her. All of her. She wants to feel how she controls me and allows me to come and when she does she will clean up what she has created with her tongue , deep and I'll scream her name.
Her vivid thoughts put into words and no one can put it the way she does.
Nov 2018 · 222
Vol. 2
Moeshfiekah Nov 2018
You tell me not to reminisce
But i have a lover on the line.
What we did was NOT a mess.
It was lust making us blind.
You're eager to open up those doors but they are forbidden for a reason.
Im split between two now you become another all so fast in the summer season.
In fantasy i would love to see what holds.
But my life is already tumbling and i wouldn't want yours to fold.
For we are two broken souls.
And now we have to play our different roles.
my little poet wrote vol 1 and this became a spin off , just a conversation on two people where one is ready to continue and the other has someone already just two broken poets looking for clarity in each others arms but ones heart belongs to another
Nov 2018 · 311
Celestial Being
Moeshfiekah Nov 2018
Why does HE create such benevolent primary elements?
Why does HE assemble such monasteries in such a destructive macrocosm?
Why does HE reward with such magnanimity but in disobedience punish us with such brutality?
Why ,
Does HE create such benevolent primary elements?
a plain explanation on god and his true powers toward us petty humans. when he  explains or at least in facts stated how much he adores his people although such great power he holds , loves his best creation most although in the end will punish us for the bad we do. so why create bad people in the first place? we could argue on it but my poem says it all in the sense where how can he create such hearts  and such a world. how can he love but in the end provide a destructive economy , as well as fact stated how we would burn in hell for our sins , that is not love or even tough love that is just plane brutal
Oct 2018 · 141
My thoughts of you.
Moeshfiekah Oct 2018
A ****** knife , slit your throat.
Like tradition you're my sacrificial goat.
Look past my smile and start to take note.
With your blood this is what I wrote.
Just once is all I ask
Oct 2018 · 118
Drowning your voice out.
Moeshfiekah Oct 2018
This ****** up words and I'm going numb.
**** the glass and gimme a bottle of ***.
You're so complicated like a ****** up sum.
You make me feel useless , a no brainer
I might just be dumb.
You just chew and spit me like a piece of gum.
You Judas , you demon , you fallen Angel ****.
Numb from the world
Oct 2018 · 296
Yo' mama
Moeshfiekah Oct 2018
So you wanna put on a show.
**** momma that's a low blow.
Ya slick and you're sly like a crow.
Ya runnin' ta catch me , ya slow.
There's something that you gotta know.
Ya tell me to give what I owe.
In the darkness of lies , you glow.
Ya tasting the demon you grow.
Destruction ya sip on-the-go.
Now I'm rhyming and braking the flow.
Ya braking  , deflating , do you need a tow?
In the light of day you're a ***.
Words speak a language of their own
Sep 2018 · 606
The crave of her
Moeshfiekah Sep 2018
Grip her neck
And take her into pure bliss
While making her drip with your whispers.
How she mentally ***** your mind in a way so capturing and craving . Where you enter a place of bliss . You never want to leave. Creating a longing you never thought you had
Sep 2018 · 3.3k
My dominant slave.
Moeshfiekah Sep 2018
My **** slave
Your lips I crave.
Your master on her knees.

Your hand , my throat
So please take note.
A master you could be.
How she gets me to drop my dominant side and still calls me master still baffles me people
Aug 2018 · 236
Moeshfiekah Aug 2018
Love a rose,
Just as is she

Her petals fell each time,
Until there was nothing but
her stem in the bewildered soil.
her love grew until there was nothing lefty of it. until it escaped and each time she loved me . another part of her fell out of it. until there was nothing left but her body no soul. laying upon the ground in nakedness
Jul 2018 · 257
Moeshfiekah Jul 2018
I'd take you to a place of pleasure.
Where I am your only salvation.
I am what you eat.
I am what you breathe.
I can't live without you .
You can't live without me.
Jul 2018 · 1.7k
Raw possession
Moeshfiekah Jul 2018
"You're mine , your *** is mine. You are all mine."
Not knowing no one ever told her that. And she loved the way his lips told her that she was all his.
We're connected we're vibing . But you're still mine and I'm still yours.
Jul 2018 · 316
Moeshfiekah Jul 2018
Is it you?
Is it me?
Were we ever meant to be?
Are we drifting?
Are we braking?
Are we real or are we faking?
So much energy.
So much time.
Do I give up or is that a crime?
I hurt you.
You hurt me.
This is an emotional killing spree.
Is it you?
Is it me?
Because we always seem to disagree.
Another day of disposable dispair
Jun 2018 · 206
Half truth half lie
Moeshfiekah Jun 2018
That dredwire tonuge soaked in black hard tar spoke only the piece of the puzzle which was converted into lies.
You spoke half the truth but That meant it was most of a lie
Jun 2018 · 749
That voice over the phone
Moeshfiekah Jun 2018
We fought but that voice over the phone convinced me that you'd be better off. So we fell out of love and years went by as our song faded .
Others convinced me we were not a match and I drowned trying to save you.
Jun 2018 · 474
Uncharted emotions
Moeshfiekah Jun 2018
How can a single spirit wrap me in a silk cloth of sentimental affection  and without notice drown me in love and desired passion . How can I ... fall at such mercy for my own emotions and admit to myself that he/she is the one.

And I'll walk past and never say a thing
And hold my structured face strong. As society willed us to.
Two faced mind
Jun 2018 · 277
Moeshfiekah Jun 2018
And the feeling returns .. the blood pumping . **** them all I'll say and I'll watch them burn with terror . Misaya will not hear your cried for help and I will not show you mercy. Pathetic humans , invaluable to the nature of which you are born. As the flow of words leave my anger and only am I left with the thoughts of the spear piercing your heart and soul .
A heart written with anger is a heart filled with false hope and lies
Moeshfiekah May 2018
Are they right?
Is there something wrong with you?
Are we a bad combination?
Do I not see how you're braking me.
Maybe I'm already in pieces and you're braking me further.
Are you the reason I cut?
This double life is draining.
Let me go
Or are you just selfish and greedy ?
Even though you see this is hurting me you grip your fingers in deep.
We're not the same are we?
This melody so bittersweet with a piece of us in between.
You hurt me , love me , kiss me , scar me , ...
We are more unhappy now that time has passed. Should we still fight this battle ?. Is it worth it in the end?
What do I do now?
You had all the answer but not anymore.
I can't run to you anymore , because you might be the reason I'm drowning . But I love the burning sensation of the water filling up my lungs as I suffocate in your love.
But they save me every time , and pull me out of the ocean of you.
So in my last breath I fallfall
Now no one will have me.
When you're not allowed to be with the same *** because society is still so ****** up and doesn't see us as humans. As if we wake up with this and decide to "disobey" own religion and our families. When you have to sit and take the poison they tell you . That this relationship is not worth it. That you're throwing away your life. In the end. You lose the love you had and you only see the world in black and white
May 2018 · 495
The ripped mind
Moeshfiekah May 2018
A blank sheet of ripples
Let the ink roll down the tip
Many thoughts in the galaxy
Picking burning stars from the sky
Words rumbling from the mouth
Slipping out of the lips
The earth calling out my name
And I'll fall down down 6 feet under
Mar 2018 · 675
Moeshfiekah Mar 2018
A taste for lust on the tip of her tonuge . All I have to do is reach it.
Speaks for itself
Mar 2018 · 473
Moeshfiekah Mar 2018
I crave you touch
I quiver under your touch
You make love and **** all at the same time.
Everything is said on its own
Mar 2018 · 334
One needs no title
Moeshfiekah Mar 2018
That dredwire tonuge soaked in black hard tar spoke only the piece of the puzzle which was converted into lies.

He who walks the red sea in dreams drowns slowly in puddles . The making of his own blood. Satisfactory in the future for non is built on your words. Let me show you how it's done.
I hope you get what wrote. Uhm it's basically how the story fits into your life. But then again every story is seen in many ways
Mar 2018 · 398
Thee end
Moeshfiekah Mar 2018
He was everything
Until he became nothing
And then the blade whispered
"There is nothing more for you here."
He wanted her but she wanted the girl so he could not give life another chance
Mar 2018 · 301
Trails lead to satisfaction
Moeshfiekah Mar 2018
Your lips tell beautiful lies on the tip of my ears.
As they send secret kisses down my shoulder.
As I shudder in satisfaction.
And we lay panting in my bed.
Moeshfiekah Feb 2018
Even though my thoughts were loud and I didn't seem like myself . Every touch we had . Every kiss . In that moment I was me. Really me.
Even as my mind screamed and thoughts crashed in my head. It all simmerd down when ever I was around you
Moeshfiekah Feb 2018
She was mine then she was not. And now all those men look at her hungry. And all I can do is just stand here and watch as she slowly slips away
She is a trophy to them all
Feb 2018 · 240
Alterd denial desires
Moeshfiekah Feb 2018
Let the fresh memories of our touches stay in the most vivid parts of our mind. For we too shall grasp it now and then
My mind takes all the credit for this. It just came as it did. Don't question the mind. Invite it's thoughts.
Feb 2018 · 322
The tide whispered
Moeshfiekah Feb 2018
We fought like the rough sea slashing rocks in our path . The tide whispered to me and slowly pulled me away. The ocean fell silent for decades to come. And only then was it to late for me to realise how I missed the rough sea that is us.
I hope you understand it . This poem is soul based on the quote "sometimes two people need to fall out of love to realise how much they need to fall back together" . Hope I made a good representation of it. In my own twisted way . Used the sea as concept because I feel it  could be a good foundation for understanding.
Feb 2018 · 514
son âme nostalgique
Moeshfiekah Feb 2018
Her bittersweet soul yearns for nothing more than her other half. And her heavy heart is cradled in the hands of her sweet lover that is hypnotized by blinded betrayal on the page with many versions . But let not moving pictures speak for only her tongue could tell her how much she still feels for her.
Every poem has it's own meaning to many . She is a concept I use often mostly revolving my sweet soul mate. One I may not even have anymore. I messed that up. But here I am still in love. But we're human . We all fall in love . The denial stage hits us hard. But the capability is extraordinary.
Jan 2018 · 250
Moeshfiekah Jan 2018
For you I would kiss poetry
In a world so loud and poisoned
Let me take to a place where we
Would roam free.
It's about how words could impact a,single soul.
How it could help even the people in the worst of situations. No matter where in this world. Because even in a world of constant destruction. Just That single person could take you away from it all.
Jan 2018 · 698
Her taste
Moeshfiekah Jan 2018
I drank her dry.
But hadn't I'd known that
Would be my last.
I would have savored her
In my mouth.
Alas, I had forgotten how she tastes
And that is my eternal doom
A lost soul looking to be revived again by her lover .
Jan 2018 · 153
Moeshfiekah Jan 2018
I love you.
But I fear you
Dec 2017 · 484
Limited to only me
Moeshfiekah Dec 2017
I thought he was what I wanted then my heart told me I lied. That karma is a ***** and my sins caught up to me. He would sweet talk me and I would play lead. I kissed him under the stars wishing you were under me.I would still trace the places your emotions dance on. I would moan your name instead of his. Your my actual drug that I need twice a day. I would sit and dream putting you on reply. Then he would show up and you'd be on pause while I lift up a curtain of my own demise. He left, you came and it all starts again. I am still submissive to you. Take your slave for she is weak. Punish her for wasting your time. And if she begs ....
A girl lost in her own words. Never to return but he never really realized he was only there to pass time and she camped out in her heart.  Her and only her.
Nov 2017 · 339
Moeshfiekah Nov 2017
Tears in my eyes almost day and night... the hurt and betrayal by many alike ... family friends...even strangers I met... But you ... today ... Tears fall for companionship... for love... the word I thought my tougne was foreign to... for forever a word that is felt like it was build for you and I... not now not ever will you lose me... or I lose you... I am yours and you are mine... from this night and all nights to come...Tears fall...And as the tear ends on my cheek ... so does the sadness that you have taken away
Oct 2017 · 298
This was all for you
Moeshfiekah Oct 2017
Why do i talk about darkness all the time
When clearly you're the one filling up my mind

When images just seemingly start to appear
My thoughts of destruction just disappear

Your cute little laugh just echos in my head
When thi feeling in my ***, like fire it spreads

On cold early mornings reaching for your hand
Seconds ticking in an hour glass full of sand

Wishing for this moment to last forever
I need to make a move so its now or never
a emo girl just wanting to destroy the world and herself , her body, her mind, her soul. But never forgetting what held her together. her lover .
Jul 2017 · 543
I loved her once
Moeshfiekah Jul 2017
She loved me even as I stopped loving her. Years later and still the same. So I had to text and tell her . Another had my heart and then she broke again. I wanted her in my life but not as she wanted me in hers. With words I never wanted to say , my lips uttered , she had to move on . So with her last goodbyes her final words " I love you " and that was it. I felt the love she did and at that same time I felt the hurt I had left her with all these years
She was as ex that loved her partner three years even when her partner left her life and and it came crashing when her partner had moved on and left her in the dust
Jul 2017 · 262
Technology is the new down
Moeshfiekah Jul 2017
Technology at first were our voices and feelings. Till we lived and moved on. Now our voice dies in distance. A step out in the new days and all I long is you. Days to weeks and I can not wait no more. I seek your presence and calmed touch , just abit. Is that to much? How do I live and breathe when you're not here. Teach me this blissful life and I'll train in and out yet perfection lies within you.
If this is not clear then we'll it's about two people when they met the phone was there link then they moved on to talking less on the phone and more face to face but they don't see each other a lot so the less the spoke on the phone the more the one person died inside
Jun 2017 · 955
The impact of her
Moeshfiekah Jun 2017
She loved me even as I stopped loving her. Years later and still the same. So I had to text her and tell her , another had my heart and she broke all over again. I wanted her in my life still but not the way she wanted me in hers. With words I never wanted to say. My lips uttered coldly "you have to move on" as they left my lips I wanted to shout I didn't mean it. I want you in my life I want you here I want to see you. But I never did . So with her last goodbyes and her final words "I love you" that was all needed to be said. And I felt it all. I felt the love she had for me all these years all that was hidden under her mask and I looked at myself and a single tear fell . I then felt the pain,the hurt ,the heartbreak. All of which she had to carry along for so long.
So I turned in agony and switched off my phone , she had come and gone so fast but I deserve to feel what she felt years before.
This is about a girl who's ex girlfriend still loved her. She forget about her but never truly and one day she found her number but wanted to be friends but soon realized the ex was still in love so she didn't want to hurt her again because she already had someone . She told her ex to move on but in the end she felt all that was felt by the ex with simple words of "I love you"
Jun 2017 · 520
Endless hours
Moeshfiekah Jun 2017
I want you.
In my arms.
On my lips.
In my bed,hardened grips.
Silent moans and loud pleasurable screams.
Against the wall,with love making scars.
Take me to my high and I'll take you to yours.
Counter tops to cold hard floors,sweat running down your glistened body.
Endless hours in ****** sensitivity.
Take it slow going rough.
Ruffled hair and heavy breathing.
A mountain peek ****** and I'll ride you down.
A feeling like this , every motion is worth remembering with that special someone
Jun 2017 · 196
Mother daughter love
Moeshfiekah Jun 2017
Tie her up.
Torture her good.
A messed up mind, I never knew I could.
Little red running down, to her mouth and let her drown.
Revive her soul and go again, inflict the hurt and continue the pain.
Show no mercy and give no remorse, blades and knifes cut skin with force.
Her final words before I slaughter,
"I'll pray for you, my little daughter".

— The End —