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Matteo Palermo Jun 2019
It seems as if everyone has someone but me
All I have is my art
It get pretty lonely here
I can't fall asleep next to my art
I can't surprise my art with flowers
I can't confide in my art
It seems as if I'm the only one forgotten about
All I can do is feel
But I don't know if I want to feel anymore
Matteo Palermo Jun 2019
All I’ll ever be is a shadow of what I could’ve been
Matteo Palermo Jun 2019
You haven’t heard from me because I’m afraid I’ll run out of words to say.
Talking to you is eaiser said than done.
Preserving my sentences so I don’t choke on my thoughts
Matteo Palermo Jun 2019
There was this weird tingling feeling as if I smoked to many cigarettes on an empty stomach. Once these feelings subdued I was greeted by a lovely smile and beautiful blue eyes. For the first times things felt right, I’ve made this mistake before but I just knew. No anxiety or apprehension just solely being in the moment. After that wonderful day I was reluctant to part ways as if we’d never cross paths again. Will I see again?
Matteo Palermo Mar 2019
I always tend to have this desire when I adore someone. But something about you is different. As if all the flowers in my garden had no scent until I picked yours. I fear the smell fading away sooner than it hit my senses. The petals will fall and the flower will decay before it blooms again. I have to let nature run it course and I will see the true beauty to come.
Matteo Palermo Dec 2018
Write your name in the dirt over my grave
Matteo Palermo Dec 2018
I don’t care if the sun doesn’t rise.
If the snow falls and doesn’t melt
Just be there
The cold crisp air has made our petals fragile.
We will crumble from the slightest touch
Just be there
When there is nothing left
All I ask is to replant my seeds
So I can grow again
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