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Apr 2018 · 182
Kathryne Apr 2018
i will make you
fall in love with my words
and run my hands down
your thighs
as i whisper my heart
into your ears
Apr 2018 · 154
Kathryne Apr 2018
you are everywhere
you are in my dreams
and when i step outside
the wind whispers
your name to me

the sand between my toes
feel as warm as the love
you give me everyday
and the moon brings
the lust we hold
for one another

you are everywhere
i smell you in my sheets
and think of you in the shower
you are the stars
you are the sun
you are the willow trees
strong and comforting

i feel you in my bones
and in my heart
you are all around me
but i don’t mind it
you are my world
Kathryne Apr 2018
“Maybe there’s a song
out there about
a green eyed girl.”
Apr 2018 · 144
Laced love
Kathryne Apr 2018
the first time that
i tasted your lips
i was hooked
as if you purposely
laced your love
with drugs
but it worked
because baby i’m
withdrawing from you
Apr 2018 · 172
Craving you
Kathryne Apr 2018
it may be best
we keep our distance
because i don’t think
i could control myself
around you
my tongue already craves
the taste of you
and my hands are desperate
to feel your body
my heart wants the love
that you used to give me
Mar 2018 · 140
I miss home.
Kathryne Mar 2018
"He told me to leave. Go home.
I followed him, but that made him
even more angry
He said again, Leave, Go home.
And with tears in my eyes
as he left
I knew that my home
was with him
and it was not me leaving my own home
it was my home that was leaving me."
Kathryne Mar 2018
Falling in love with a poet.

When a poet falls in love with you
consider yourself lucky
she will write about how she adores
the freckles on your back
to the way your eyes sparkle
when you laugh

She will write about you
almost everyday
and give you the utmost love
she will whisper sweets words to you
as you fall asleep at night

She wakes up earlier
just to watch you sleep
and write about
being the luckiest woman alive

She will write about how
making you coffee in the morning
is her most favorite thing to do
and how filling your stomach
with loving food
warms her soul

When you fall in love
with a poet
you are the beginning
and the ending of her story
and the reason why
she turns the page to a blank sheet.
Mar 2018 · 121
-i love/hate myself
Kathryne Mar 2018
i love myself unconditionally
but when my skin crawls
and i feel that itch
my mind has evil
and wishes me nothing
but death and pain
to the point where
my soul wants to run
because of how uncomfortable
it is to be in this body of mine
with a brain so toxic
even my soul wants to hurt itself
Nov 2017 · 486
/the comfort you bring me.
Kathryne Nov 2017
stay in bed with me darling
i want to feel your warmth
intertwine your soul
with mine
let me count the freckles
on your back
and play with your beautiful
long blonde hair

i want to swim in those
blue eyes
as you dance in the
green fields of mine
let's get lost in the different
dimensions of our souls
but still be together
because you are my home
and i could live in the ocean
for the rest of my life
Oct 2017 · 419
Kathryne Oct 2017
I recall when
i started falling
for you
it was when
our eyes locked
for the first time
or maybe
it was when
you said something
about my
green eyes
and how pretty
they are

I recall going home
after seeing you
my heart full
of love
sweet sweet love

We laid in your bed
talking to each other
and when you
took me home
we stayed till
talking in
your car

To have those days back
when things were
so simple
and our love was
so fresh and new
i would do anything
to feel that way
Oct 2017 · 331
/year one
Kathryne Oct 2017
My eyes can't believe
what they've seen
here you are
the most beautiful
i've ever seen

Your blonde hair
twiddles between
my fingertips
as our lips
make love to each other
you are the sweetest
i've ever met

The gods put us
on this earth
to be as one

We are Adam and Eve
the start of a
new beginning
till the
very end
Oct 2017 · 784
/two souls
Kathryne Oct 2017
when our legs are tangled
and your fingers
grip the soft strands
of my hair
we both fight for breath
the passion with our mouths
that's what i live for

or when i am spread
desperate for you
lying on the silk sheets
our bodies fit perfectly

some nights i
i grip the sheets
and think of you
how it feels to have you
between my legs
making love to me
i tremble at
the thought of you
Oct 2017 · 368
Kathryne Oct 2017
i miss your tender touches
down my curves
caressing the small of my back
i miss your sweet kisses
on my neck
i miss holding your hand
and hugging your heart
i miss everything about you
i am a fool
for ever letting you go
Oct 2017 · 332
/Blue and Green
Kathryne Oct 2017
Blue and Green
never looked so
beautiful before
until my eyes
that are fields of green
stared into your
oceanic eyes

Ever since then
the ocean was my
favorite place
and the green fields
became your home
Kathryne Oct 2017
I watch my flower bloom
in the mirror
and my fingers do all
the work
separating my delicate pedals

I am a beautiful
piece of art,
I want to paint myself
with all the pollen
I give off
Oct 2017 · 258
/Things are not the same.
Kathryne Oct 2017
We laid underneath
the stars by the fire
as you held me close
and whispered literal
sweet nothings
into my ear
so i could open up
for you like a sunflower
opens itself up in the spring
Oct 2017 · 267
/T.N.B pt2
Kathryne Oct 2017
True love is never letting go.
true love is waking up in the morning
and making breakfast and coffee for him,
true love is laughing till you cry.
true love is staying up with her
making sure she is okay
while she fights breathing
and her anxiety wont leave
and the panic is in her eyes

True love is sitting in silence,
enjoying each other's company.
I let go of him today.
The love of my life,
The man that brought sun
into my life
even when outside,
the storms had just begun

The man that told me
"Your beauty is indescribable,
There is not a scale
for my love
for you,
I love you more than
I could ever possibly
put into words."

He holds me at night,
skin to skin
i am at ease with you.

Reasons why i left
can not be put into
but could only
make sense to me

I adored you

The love of my life
you will always be
yours forever
until the day we die
to have and to hold

My love
My life
My moon and stars
The man who cared
so much
you are the one

You are my life partner,
my baby,
my snookums,
I love you.
Oct 2017 · 276
Kathryne Oct 2017
Stay a while
let me be the comfort
that you need so bad

I will make you tea
and put some sugar
and honey in it
because i know
you need something
sweet in your life
Oct 2017 · 283
Kathryne Oct 2017
you touched my lips
and it tasted like honey
i could never forget that taste
in fact
i crave honey everyday after
Oct 2017 · 331
/Where I want to be
Kathryne Oct 2017
In the middle of a field
down in the country
where the moon lights
our path
and the stars put on
a show for us  
with you wrapped
around my small body
and your lips dancing with mine
Oct 2017 · 1.3k
/What was and never will be.
Kathryne Oct 2017
It was your child too
I dont understand
how you can
leave me broken
or how you could
easily turn your cheek

Tell me how you
can not feel the pain
i would like to know
so i can practice
the art of feeling
nothing at all
she miscarried.
Oct 2017 · 190
/Taste of you.
Kathryne Oct 2017
I never knew what
heaven tasted like
until i got between
your legs
and put your sugar
on my tongue
Oct 2017 · 323
/Soul Sketching
Kathryne Oct 2017
I want to watch
you undress,
the curves of your body
in the palms of my hands

This is art,
let me paint you,
detailed sketches
of your soul,
I use all the colours
because you,
my darling,
are colourful
Oct 2017 · 92
Kathryne Oct 2017
He sings softly
in the kitchen,
he does not believe me,
but i love when he sings

His arms wrap around
my petite waist
as we sway

At night his gentle
breathes lull me
into my slumber

I am in peace,
peace with you
my dear love

He soothes my anxiety,
with his soft lips
to my tear stained cheeks

My heart is safe
with you
and only you
my sweet love
Oct 2017 · 196
/taking care of you
Kathryne Oct 2017
blossoms bloom
in the spring
roses fade in the fall

but your love
seems to stay alive
through all seasons

i water you
with my refreshing

like a succulent
you are precious
to me,
the most beautiful thing
i've ever seen
Oct 2017 · 226
/its all yours
Kathryne Oct 2017
run your fingertips
across your body
love your curves
and your bones
it is yours
and only yours
to hold

— The End —