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Kathryne Apr 2018
i will make you
fall in love with my words
and run my hands down
your thighs
as i whisper my heart
into your ears
Kathryne Apr 2018
you are everywhere
you are in my dreams
and when i step outside
the wind whispers
your name to me

the sand between my toes
feel as warm as the love
you give me everyday
and the moon brings
the lust we hold
for one another

you are everywhere
i smell you in my sheets
and think of you in the shower
you are the stars
you are the sun
you are the willow trees
strong and comforting

i feel you in my bones
and in my heart
you are all around me
but i don’t mind it
you are my world
Kathryne Apr 2018
“Maybe there’s a song
out there about
a green eyed girl.”
Kathryne Apr 2018
the first time that
i tasted your lips
i was hooked
as if you purposely
laced your love
with drugs
but it worked
because baby i’m
withdrawing from you
Kathryne Apr 2018
it may be best
we keep our distance
because i don’t think
i could control myself
around you
my tongue already craves
the taste of you
and my hands are desperate
to feel your body
my heart wants the love
that you used to give me
Kathryne Mar 2018
"He told me to leave. Go home.
I followed him, but that made him
even more angry
He said again, Leave, Go home.
And with tears in my eyes
as he left
I knew that my home
was with him
and it was not me leaving my own home
it was my home that was leaving me."
Kathryne Mar 2018
Falling in love with a poet.

When a poet falls in love with you
consider yourself lucky
she will write about how she adores
the freckles on your back
to the way your eyes sparkle
when you laugh

She will write about you
almost everyday
and give you the utmost love
she will whisper sweets words to you
as you fall asleep at night

She wakes up earlier
just to watch you sleep
and write about
being the luckiest woman alive

She will write about how
making you coffee in the morning
is her most favorite thing to do
and how filling your stomach
with loving food
warms her soul

When you fall in love
with a poet
you are the beginning
and the ending of her story
and the reason why
she turns the page to a blank sheet.
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