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 5d Syll
And I will whisper into my palms what I cannot say to you.
Because even though my heart knows you care,
My mind will not believe it.
Sometimes the people we're closest with are the last people we want to hear our problems. I'm trying to be more open about a lot of things in my life with the people I'm closest with. I think transparency is important, and life's too short to keep things bottled in.
 Jan 10 Syll
My heart feels like
it's about to shut down
from all the truths
that only I know

People view me
as kind
with empathy

Yet once they witness
my darker side
this inner demon
that is always
a few steps behind me

Once they see
the ashes and smeared blood
tainted within my mind and heart

I am once again alone
alone to pick up the pieces 
of a love that never was
 Jan 10 Syll
Alex Smith
 Jan 10 Syll
Alex Smith
My mistake
Was loving you too hard.
My regret
Was never telling you
That I needed love back.
 Dec 2019 Syll
Mikey Kania
when someone loves me
i am afraid of it

i am talking about
undisguised love
day by day
tiny bits of myself...

...take off my mask.
behind my eyes is a green curtain
behind this curtain is my flesh

behind my flesh is my ego
behind my ego is the real me

been on a journey
take me away
and then let me stay

take me to the place of the real me
let me stay.
 Dec 2019 Syll
Oliver Alston
 Dec 2019 Syll
Oliver Alston
Trying to feel
The pain that’s real
Inside my mind is a world
A world I don’t want
It’s telling me to die
But my body just wants to cry
I reached out for help
But then I completely lost myself.
Never forget yourself because it hard to find it again.
 Dec 2019 Syll
Oliver Alston
 Dec 2019 Syll
Oliver Alston
Time before the angels
Will scream for your name
To come and save us
This is a never ending game
The life I live in
Is a painful one
Don’t expect me to be there for you
When I can’t even be there for myself
I reached for help
And made it worse
I tried to die
Over 5 times
Been through the bulling
And through the pain
When all I can do is scream your name
So take this time
To look at your life
Is it really worth dying
Or is it just a phase?
This is not to affect anyone or cause hate
 Dec 2019 Syll
Oliver Alston
 Dec 2019 Syll
Oliver Alston
Just one cut
No more
Just two cuts
Oh god
Now three and four
Keep cutting the voices say
Keep going till ur arms red
Red with blood
Red with scars
Red with pleasure
It doesn’t hurt as bad anymore
The pain insides gone
You take it out on yourself every single day
Just cutting and cutting
Till the last cut of your life
You say your fine
But really you're just telling lies
Hiding behind the fake smile
Trying not to cry at school because they will realize
They will see the pain that you have been hiding all this time
They will see the pleasure along your arms
They will know
But they won’t tell you to stop
They will just sit there and wait
Wait for you to die
Wait for you to realize what your doing
But by them waiting
Time will run out
Time will stop
And your time will be over.
This is a personal poem and yes it is a true background
 Dec 2019 Syll
Emaan Masood
i need to talk to you
there’s so much to say
but i can’t find the words
my mind’s going crazy
every aspect is bad
every situation gets worse
i can’t do this own my own
i need you to help
get me out of this mess
i need you to help me
get me out of my mind
i’m scared
i’m hurting myself
and everyone i love
i can’t do this anymore
you need to help me get out of here
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