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the black rose Jan 2019
as you uncover your eyes
and discover your soul
the ego forms a distraction.
it feeds you lies,
reflecting pride
it makes you blind
to what’s inside
and then it thrives
on your clumsy reaction.
the black rose Dec 2018
i appreciate you,
& the more i think about it i can’t see myself without you.
it may seem too soon to tell,
but my heart is so manipulative.
though logic says otherwise,
love says do not give up.
because if you want it bad enough,
it’s yours ❤️
the black rose Dec 2018
no love for the weak,
only loving on weekends.
no love through the week,
i am at my wits end.

let me love you,
let me need you.
you can have your cake and eat too.
Superman, your cape is crumpled in the corner of the room.
you can’t save these hoes and me too.
i can’t let them win, i need you.
i can’t let you in, if you don’t let me in.
i wont lose, you know im playing for the win.
for the remainder of this year im gonna be posting incomplete poems, creating space for new ideas. ❤️
the black rose Nov 2018
solitude & silence,
nothing here is violent.
living on good vibes & light energies.
the black rose Nov 2018
remember yourself for all that you are,
a beautiful child of the cosmos,
filled with strong feminine energies that can change the world.
goddess of love, light & acceptance.
angelic force of peace.
wild, chaotic & creative.
vibrant & earthbound.
beautiful with a mind made of stars,
& a body of the universe.
young on the earth,
old in the galaxies.
living two worlds but separated by a shimmering veil.
always safe in the arms of yourself.
become who you are meant to be.
embrace your female energy.
the black rose Nov 2018
watch my problems float away..
no more stressing,
no more problems in the way.
i fly nightly,
i am grounded by the day.
i don’t medicate,
i meditate.
clearing my drafts ..
the black rose Nov 2018
the day i lost you,
i never thought that i would lose you forever.
the day i lost you forever,
i wished we could be together.
you are in a better space,
a higher place.
i still feel the warmth
of your embrace.
i still dream about you,
somehow i live without you.
i know you’re watching down too,
i know i gotta get through.
hhj. ❤️
the black rose Nov 2018
everyday i pray for you.
i pray you’ll always make it through,
whatever life may throw.
whichever way it goes.
i speak positive words.
i speak success,
& strength to chase your dreams & give your best.
you are safe & secure,
you are blessed, i am sure.
because everyday i pray for you,
everyday you’ll make it through.
the black rose Nov 2018
i swore to myself i wouldn’t be afraid to love again.
i stood strong as i won the war within me.
no matter how badly i’d been bruised
or the bad seeds planted.
i still wanted to give love a million second chances.
but it just runs from me.
love is done with me.
the black rose Nov 2018
silly little girl,
thinking that someone could love you.
beyond all the slightly faded scars and battles that you went through.
silly little broken girl,
thinking someone will ever care.
they all just see a broken piece with loneliness so clear.
silly little broken girl.
just run away,
maybe you’ll find someone to love,
somewhere, someday.
don’t you stay,
they’ll never hear the things you say.
they’ll just trample you,
push you aside,
say that you’re not good enough.
they’ll say that you were fun to try,
maybe next time you’ll have better luck.
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