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Syll Apr 15
I have scars,
Oh yes, I have many scars,
From things I shouldn't have done.
Things that seemed right at the moment,
But in the end,
All it did was cause me more grief.
My thoughts turned to actions,
Which gave me these scars,
That I am ashamed of.
I did it to escape for a moment,
Escape the tormenting thoughts that filled my head,
But now it reminds me of the thoughts I wanted gone.
I was so dependent on my physical suffering,
That when I stopped the physical harm,
The mental half of it went insane.
Occasionally I would slip,
And created more unwanted scars.
I used to think each one was for a sin,
But I never needed to do it,
Because God sent His Son to take it away,
To take away all my sin so I wouldn't have to be hurting.
But I chose to do it,
I was destroying God's creation,
His creation that He put together so carefully.
I was created in His image,
And I used to and sometimes still do hate myself.
But hating the way I look,
Is hating my creator in a way.
It makes God sad when we choose to hurt ourselves.
We have been Fearfully and Wonderfully created.
Jesus received the Ultimate scars,
So we wouldn't have to have scars.
If that makes sense.
We don't need to give ourselves scars for our sins,
Jesus took the punishment for us.
I know that it's hard to stop once you've started,
Because that voice in your head says "Just once more.",
But it's never enough to satisfy that voice.
That voice is the voice of the Enemy.
The devil wants us to hate ourselves,
It's because we were made in the Image of God.
And the Enemy knows that God has already won.
To all of you who struggle with self harm,
You aren't alone.
Seek help from family, friends, and God.
God can help you overcome your battle,
He is helping me overcome mine.
We are Warriors.
We need to stand firm and tell those bad voices "No!".
We need to try our hardest to stop the harm.
Because we aren't just hurting ourselves.
We are hurting our friends and family too.
God tells us to be "Strong and Courageous",
And that means telling the devil "NO!,
I will not destroy myself, for I am a Child of God,
and I am Fearfully and Wonderfully made,
You have no power over me, Go back to the Underworld where you belong!
I am More than my scars!"
Syll Aug 2020
It's morning again...
And on goes the armor...
The shining helmet...
The scratched up breastplate...
The worn out belt...
The broken in shoes...
She picks up her sword which has never failed her...
She picks up her shield which has seen a lot...
She is ready to face her demons once again...
She prays a prayer to her Heavenly Father...
To strengthen her and help her have courage...
She goes and opens the door...
The battle has begun...
She gives a battle cry and charges at the demons...
There are many of them...
But one by one they fall to her sword...
She's seen so much...
But she keeps going...
It's Battle Time.
Syll Aug 2020
I put on a mask,
I wear it all day,
People don't even ask,
If I'm actually okay.
It hides the pain,
But some can see through it,
They see the demons I must slay,
And they still love me anyway,
They take off my mask... and they don't turn away.
The mask I wear is a smile, I smile to mask my pain, but some can see through my smile, and know I’m not okay, and with me they stay.
Syll Aug 2020
Yes, she's a cutter...
But she is so much more...
She is a warrior...
She fights her demons every day...
Yes, she's a cutter...
But God still loves her anyway...
He helps her fight and slay her demons...
She is His child...
Don't mess with her.
I recently relapsed 2 weeks ago, and it had been a year and three months since I had cut when I did it. But I won't let that slip up control me.
Syll May 2020
I will walk through Hades with you.
Even through the scorching coals.
Even through the boiling heat.
I will walk right beside you.
Even when you're fallin apart.
Even when you can't walk any farther.
I will carry you through the fire.
Even if I get burned.
Because I've been through Hades before.

I will fight off the demons with you.
Even if there are too many to count.
I will guide you to the exit.
For I have been there before.
I know the way out.
It will be a difficult trip.
But I am ready.
I'm ready to fight alongside you.
Let's take this on together.

(If you are ever going through Hades, I will be right beside you no matter what.)
Syll Apr 2020
Just let me forget you,
Like you forgot me,
You never even knew,
How much of an impact you'd be.

I can't bear to think of the times we shared,
I wish they would fade away,
And you never even cared,
It lead to my dismay.

I'm sorry that I'm a let down,
I really tried my best,
I ended up the clown,
I wish it would hurt less.

You left me in the thick fog and mist,
You left me wandering in the abyss.
Syll Mar 2020
She flies with me in the night sky,
My best companion,
Not going to lie,
She would never abandon.

She's been with me through the hard times,
She is like my sister,
She puts up with my awful rhymes,
If she were to leave, I'd miss her. (A lot)

I don't know what I'd do without you Tyto,
You are a reason I stay on Earth,
To the ends of the Earth I'd go,
To show you your worth.

I love you my friend,
My loyalty to you won't ever end.
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