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Syll 1d
My heart can be made of diamond,
A very hard solid.
My heart can be made of stone,
A very tough thing.
My heart can be made of gold,
A very malleable metal.
My heart can be made of glass,
A very easily breakable thing.
Be careful with my heart please.
My heart can go from hard, to tough, to soft, to very breakable, please be careful with my heart, I only have one.
Syll 3d
I would take a bullet for you,
or several.
If it meant saving your life,
I'd do it in a heartbeat.
Even if it meant my heart would stop.
I'd do almost anything to save you.
And I wouldn't lie about this.
I hope this shows how much I love you.
You matter to me.
This is for Tyto, Mjolnir, Eclipse, Daisy, Peanut Butter, Guthlyn, Sapphire, and FreeBird.
Syll 3d
Please stay with me,
I know I sound selfish,
But I need you here with me.
Please stay with me,
I know I can't do this without you,
But it makes me sound needy.
Please stay with me,
I know I need help,
But you don't have to stay if you don't want to.
Syll 6d
I found one,
But it has been six months since I have  given in.
I had to get rid of it.
It was too tempting to keep around.
I got rid of it,
And it made me sad, yet happy.
I am not going back.
I will not go back,
I refuse.
I had found a little sharp thing. But I successfully got rid of it. I am proud of myself. I resisted the urge to keep it.
Syll Nov 28
I am no longer trusted.
I ruined it for myself.
I just had to hurt myself.
I ruined it for myself.
I lied and faked being okay.
I ruined it for myself.
Now when I say I can be trusted,
No-one believes me.
And I ruined it for myself.
I really can't deal with myself anymore. I hate it.
Syll Nov 26
There are so many places.
I should know,
There are several places for me.
My arm, collar bones, ribs, and thigh.
I shouldn't do it.
I don't do it anymore.
There is still a great temptation.
But I can overcome.
I know I can overcome.
I'm so sorry for you who know what I am talking about. It is tough, I know that. But we can get through it.
Syll Nov 26
When will your suffering end?
It will in time.
When will you break your bad habit?
It will take time, but you will be able to overcome.
When will you be okay again?
You will be soon, just keep fighting.
When will the bad thoughts go away?
Over time, they will dissipate.
It will be okay soon, you just have to hold on a little longer.
I was able to overcome my cutting habit, it took about 1 and a half to 2 years to realize what I was doing was wrong. Or a little longer. Now I have been six months without cutting. But I still struggle with horrible thoughts, I have them almost every day, and it is scary. I understand the feeling of hopelessness. But it will get better, we just need to hold on and keep fighting.
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