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the black rose Dec 2018
i am searching for your warmth baby,
i need it.
i am falling in love & i can’t believe it.
i am lost,
all this space
is so misleading.
but your voice
soothes my soul,
keeps me believing.
the black rose Dec 2018
we base the worth of a human being on status & net worth.
we forget that all of this **** is MANMADE.  
blind to a higher meaning,
disregard a higher being.
we place lost souls
on pedestals,
they never teach us anything valuable.
we worship material.
we lurk behind screens,
never seeing behind the scenes.
yet we see what’s unreal
and we start to feel
give too much credit to who’s equal,
make them feel like they’re superior.
world of illusions,
& that is my conclusion.
we don’t believe that
we can win the war,
so we are losing.
we don’t need to chase wealth,
we need a movement.
we need unity,
you & me.
reconditioning the minds,
they are so closed,
let’s set them free.
the black rose Dec 2018
i worry less about having more,
& cherish all that i have.
i am distant from complaint,
i do what i can to help.
i live a life in my eyes pleasing,
ive seen true purpose,
need no more reason.
i have been chosen,
to uplift,
i have a special chosen gift.
a light being,
i stand apart.
embracing beauty,
exploring heart.
a wise girl from the east,
who’s seen her share of fears,
stands fearless at the gates of hell,
her skin embraced with stares.
no longer tied to the level,
a new portal opened up.
her demons wave,
her demons cry,
“to a great warrior,
we wish you luck.”
the black rose Nov 2018
solitude & silence,
nothing here is violent.
living on good vibes & light energies.
the black rose Nov 2018
remember yourself for all that you are,
a beautiful child of the cosmos,
filled with strong feminine energies that can change the world.
goddess of love, light & acceptance.
angelic force of peace.
wild, chaotic & creative.
vibrant & earthbound.
beautiful with a mind made of stars,
& a body of the universe.
young on the earth,
old in the galaxies.
living two worlds but separated by a shimmering veil.
always safe in the arms of yourself.
become who you are meant to be.
embrace your female energy.
the black rose Nov 2018
as my thoughts race,
and my mind wanders.
will i ever find peace?
why do i always make a stranger of the people i meet?
clearing drafts ..
the black rose Nov 2018
school girl,
never follow the rules girl,
substance abusing,
think it’s amusing,
wanna be cool girl.
the black rose Nov 2018
as my old wounds are healing,
new wounds have opened up.
& i cannot help but feeling
like i am out of luck.
i am falling in the daze of skinny luv.
the black rose Nov 2018
watch my problems float away..
no more stressing,
no more problems in the way.
i fly nightly,
i am grounded by the day.
i don’t medicate,
i meditate.
clearing my drafts ..
the black rose Nov 2018
the day i lost you,
i never thought that i would lose you forever.
the day i lost you forever,
i wished we could be together.
you are in a better space,
a higher place.
i still feel the warmth
of your embrace.
i still dream about you,
somehow i live without you.
i know you’re watching down too,
i know i gotta get through.
hhj. ❤️
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