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CJ Hattingh May 2015
My life has become a dull, throbbing decline into decay
With every pulse the lifeblood runs thicker and thicker

It'll have to stop flowing some time...
CJ Hattingh Apr 2015
Lately I've been feeling disconnected from life
I feel caged within myself
My senses are dulled
and my mind is numb.

Am I asleep?
I feel the need to wake up
but I'm afraid that if I do, the nightmare will start again.
CJ Hattingh Apr 2015
When posed the question:
"What do you want out of life"
I reply
"Life forced me to be here, all I want from life is death"
CJ Hattingh Apr 2015
I painted a picture today
using only red and white
The wall covered behind me
such a pretty sight

With a flick of my finger
I made the portrait appear
Now that I've lost my mind
I have nothing left to fear
CJ Hattingh Apr 2015
Apollyon will destroy
your mantras with the truth.
Be without fear
for all of humanity shall perish
in it's own denial

Fear not judgement
Fear not prosecution

All sheep will be herded
off the cliffs of stupidity
and burn in the fires of their intolerance
May they see the light
and be free one day.
CJ Hattingh Mar 2015
In the darkest of shadows
I crawl through the thorns
trying to find my way back to sanity

My feeble screams cannot be heard by anyone
I am alone in my torment
broken and alone

Fading from existence I try to get a grip
on the meaning of this pain
I cannot find my way...
CJ Hattingh Mar 2015
As the summer rain came pouring down
I found myself longing for the coldness of your winter

Deeply entrenched in the freezing depths of your unforgiving love

I am alone now

But the warm summer rains will keep me alive
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