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Jun 27 · 1.2k
Serenity of Shade
BarelyABard Jun 27
Desire and dreams,
lofty clouds casting distant shadows.
Momentary shades of calm,
convert to blinding flame.
Torpid question marks rearrange
exclamation points.
Hues of commas and periods,
vibrant adjectives and adverbs.
Grunts and growls of wildered existence.
Perpetual noise.
Such picturesque nonsense.
Belief of charging knights
and moonwalks
decay to disappointed waistlines
shaky hands,
confused with living.

What beautiful strangeness,
the prospect of becoming.
Do we chase the shadows or create our own;
flourish roots
with ardent fingers?
Imagine with ferocity
enriching curiosity?
Dig deep, my child, and know you're real.
Or don't
We are substance and shadow,
words of florescence.
Or won't
Disheartened by cruelty
unfamiliar reflections,
resigned to naked truth.
Or can't

Do we accept,
or will we refuse?
Inhaling why,
exhaling when.
Blooming breaths
Horizons anew
Warmth of sun,
serenity of shade.
First poem I've put on here in years. Enjoy.
May 2019 · 642
Making Love To Darkness
BarelyABard May 2019
Seductive little lies
escape your lips
like lullabies.

Truth is but daydream
when I dance between
your thighs.

If morning comes,
I'll greet the sun
and wake
from toxic
but until then
I'll say amen
and worship
every second
with a lustful
Feb 2019 · 266
Dispel the Madness
BarelyABard Feb 2019
Observe and absorb
             that which
         forges strength of heart.
                 Acknowledge and relinquish
                       toxic shackles
               of your soul.

                          Be aware
                  of what you bear;
              and immerse yourself
                        in honesty.

                                               Gaze into
                                        the parts of you
                                 where fearless men
                       still quake with dread.

      what will nourish
          tales and pathways
    yet to tread,
                and cast aside
        the demons
              planting venom
                        in your head.
Feb 2019 · 325
BarelyABard Feb 2019
What can you hold,
with hands made of fire?
Attempting to warm
those lost in the cold;
pining to dispel
the darkest hallways.
Do I help,
or do I harm?
While intending
to inspire...
am I setting lives
on fire..?
Lonesome embers
leaping from my lips
and fingertips
of flint and steel...
should I keep them
to myself?

Passion spreads
like a forest fire,
Forgive me
if it burns,
I have so much
left to learn.
Dec 2018 · 287
BarelyABard Dec 2018
Lovely paths
aren't meant
to last.

The splendor
of a lily
will always
wilt away,


you'd prefer
a plastic one?

A forgery
of sincerity?

Meant to last
on a shelf
collecting dust.

Tell me,
do you want to feel,
or lapse
into illusion,
imitating something
Dec 2018 · 227
BarelyABard Dec 2018
How do you lay flowers
on a grave
of something still alive?
Haunted by
the amogheist,
do we mourn
should we rage?

To be aflame
in the throes
of passion,
warm and comfortable
only to remember
how cold
the world can seem
when fires
are extinguished.

Memory can be
a blessing,
or a curse.
Do we haunt
or are we haunted?
Left with words unsaid
and eyes
bathed of
fading moonlight.

Grateful to be reminded
of a flame
thought dead,
but lamenting
the knowledge
of how fleeting
it can
Love *****, sometimes.
Nov 2018 · 434
Whispers of the Wood
BarelyABard Nov 2018
Silence of the forest,
             enchant my soul.

                           Halt the gears
         of want and worry.
                     Muffle the
                 machinery of man.

Fill my ears
         with bubbling brooks,
my eyes of
         saplings in the shade,
                        instead of
                plastic devastation,
                         a toxic counterfeit
           of perennial progression
Nov 2018 · 390
There are Dreamers
BarelyABard Nov 2018
There are dreamers
in the sunlight,
away from
beds of warmth.
Images and wonders,
a theater
of possibility,
performing behind
the eyelids
of modern

Poets in
but actors
by day,
of color
in an age
Sep 2018 · 694
I will die, but what am I?
BarelyABard Sep 2018
I will die,
but what am I?

There are footprints in the dust
behind me,
for a breath of seconds,
the span of decades.
They fade to breeze,
like echoes of a nameless lullaby.

I gaze at my hands.
The veins shrivel,
muscles deteriorate,
bones crumble.
In the minute vastness,
I see a reflection,
distorted by mortal

I push forward.
Daunting truths
like hymnals.
My steps will,
one day,
cease leaving marks and
become part of
the dirt.

In a space of unlimited
light and sound,
What am I?

“Your existence is a burgeoning leaf,
growing and breathing
to change with the passing of seasons
and one day…
Let go.
Carried by the wind
to destinations unknown."

In a sea of vibrations and
what am I?

"Moonlight in a shadowed forest.
Tenacious wind, unfurling sails.
A bird building nests
through a storm.
Impassioned tears, of a lost love.
The distorted reflection
staring back
at you.”

Through all the screams
of arrogance
and shame,
An ethereal voice
continues to
What are we,
in a land of eternity?

"You are more and less than egos know.
Countless footprints
are left to dust,
but each one in the same.
Every step
and grain of sand is

What are we
in such a fragment of the
What are we,
in such fleeting of moments?

“I am everything.
You are everything.”

One day I will die
…but what am I?
Apr 2018 · 674
Coziness Of Loneliness
BarelyABard Apr 2018
Leave me be,
enveloped and enraptured
by the poetry of silence.
A private island
in a sea of faces.
Wistful but aware,
elation and despair.

Please forgive my
love of solitude.

The people of this world,
too beautiful for words,
are better from a distance.
Their voices,
a far off fanfare.

I feel safer here,
beneath a shield of
tranquil secrecy;
keeping a heart slowly healing
from wounds of long ago.

I have no shame
to hide from pain.
Would you deny me solace,
nestled in a home
of loneliness?
Apr 2018 · 429
Romantic Absence
BarelyABard Apr 2018
She used unspoken parts of me
as if they were discount treasures
in a thrift store,
tossing them away just as casually.
The violet version of me
waiting for a dance,
in the corners of my mind.

"Time heals all wounds."

years have passed,
and I can't find them anymore,
the loving whispers and tender fingers.

I built walls without a door,
for romantic ghosts
to haunt a lonely king
in an empty castle.
Jan 2018 · 473
Today is New.
BarelyABard Jan 2018
You've been drowning too long.

Break the surface,
fight for air.

Your burdens aren't too much to bear.

You're all alone,
but so am I.

Expand your soul
and learn to fly.

The world may never love you
but you can love yourself.

There may not be a helping hand
but you can heal yourself.

Awake, my child.
There's hope ahead.

Stand up, my child.
You're far from dead.
Nov 2017 · 374
The World Is On Fire
BarelyABard Nov 2017
The world is on fire,
and we are the flame.

Ignoring reflections
when we are to blame.

Pointing our fingers
while causing the pain.

Battling evil,
though spreading its name

Our lives are on fire,
with no king to reign.

Just hearts in a graveyard,
avoiding the shame.
Sep 2017 · 731
BarelyABard Sep 2017
Into the woods my path may go,
where flora whispers to shadow below
Lose your feet then you might see
my phantom in the willow tree.

Perhaps the mountains call my name
to catch a beast no storm can tame.
With every precipice I'd know
an answer hidden in the snow.

But every stream heads to the sea,
where depths are raging, wild and free.
Endless waves, a soul of blue,
the water sings for me and you.

The sky may be a road as well,
far beyond the gates of hell.
May clouds and starlight fill my eyes
until my "wandering" finally dies.

Paths to travel, roads to meet.
I feel the world beneath my feet.
The universe has opened wide,
for heart and mind to step inside.
Jul 2017 · 490
Finding Worth
BarelyABard Jul 2017
There is salt within these bones,  
akin to carvings on a stone,
made by ancient men
who left a mark,
to lead lead their weary feet
back home.

I've dug among the dirt
and I've sailed along the seas,
searching for the answers asked by questions inside me.

The salt,
the sand,
the sunshine,
took my body for its own.
With memories of my travels,
I can know,  
at least,  
I'm not alone.

But perhaps,
in time,
instead of being tattooed by the Earth,
I can leave a lasting fable
of a boy who found his worth
Jun 2017 · 517
Toppling K(I)ngs
BarelyABard Jun 2017
I wish to topple wicked kings.
Rage and slice the hidden strings.
Watch the temples burn and fall,
lead revolts and breach the wall.
I have no wish to take control.
There is no "greater" noble goal.
I have no plans to own the land
I want no people to command.
The only thing my heart desires,
is truth unbound, unyielding fires.
To see the world without the veils,
as evil dies and good prevails.
The kings of man who lie and scheme
to spread their fear and vicious dream
will watch their statues disappear
entombed against a new frontier.
I wish to topple wicked kings
rage and slice the hidden strings.
I'd gaze upon an empty throne
if I could just defeat my own.
You can't make a difference in the world without controlling your own egocentric nature.
May 2017 · 903
Treacherous Waters
BarelyABard May 2017
I barely dipped my feet
while you dove head first,
into treacherous waters,
seeking enlightenment
only to find each euphoric second
drip away
draining your sea.

Ten dollars a hit,
five dollars a hit.
"I promise I'm finished,
I promise I'll quit."

A cost higher than you imagined, unfortunately.
Not just for you,
but me as well.

We got high in the mountains,
dilated eyes gazing up to the stars,
seeing God masterfully paint the universe.
It was beyond description.
it ended.
I treasured the memory like a secret lover
you chased it in fervor,
one after another.

****** powder dripping from your nostrils,
hiding holes in your skin,
you stared in my eyes claiming you saw the heavens,
opening your palm,
as if you held the key to paradise.
I closed it and offered mine,
a key to escape the unseen prison
you've bound yourself in.
You frowned and turned away.

I wanted to scream,
but I said nothing.
I let you sink farther and deeper into chasms of the deep.
Merely, watching.

Now I sit here at the edge,
with the waves around my feet,
watching your figure disappear
into the foam
and the unforgiving jaws
of choices you've made.
Forgive me.
I gazed into the abyss while it swallowed you whole,
I could have done more to save you.
I should have tried to save your soul.

**...but I didn't...
Drugs will steal you. Save yourself and those around you, when you can.
May 2017 · 379
Let me be your Solomon
BarelyABard May 2017
Welcome to the world of no direction.
Just paved roads and dirt paths leading to...
nowhere in particular.
A job you despise.
A family you never wanted.
The land where you don't even step forward anymore,
because you're used to ten steps back.

Southern in creed but envious in nature
Chasing the silver screened gods
who tell you,
"Anything is possible"
I guess I can't disagree,
but I want to **** the messenger.
I guess I can't complain.
But I never feel spectacular.
Young in spirit,
but my body feels the weight.
Generations of turmoil passed
down, and down, and down...

I want more than this.

Dear God,
let me be your Solomon.
Ask me what my heart desires.
I will not tell you a limitless bank account.
I will not ask for a beautiful reflection.
I only want peace,
an placid heart.
Wash away this electrified rage within my soul,
and let it spread into the ground I tread, Oh Lord.
Give me peace.

I will work until my fingers bleed and push until my lungs are empty.
Just let me see something else than this,
other than my destructive apathy.

If the clouds give no answer, and the sweat reveals no treaure,
what else is left?

The last bit of strength that says,
"No, I will not give up. Not yet."
Keep driving around these empty roads.
That one day we can find what you need,
and if it never does,
give me the wisdom to see our existence
with brand new eyes.

Whisper into my ear, oh southern bards in the setting sun,
*"There's always room for a second sight
when you reassess the world
and take a path around the red light."
Apr 2017 · 950
An Ode To Springtime
BarelyABard Apr 2017
The honeysuckle blooms,
emitting fumes,
of blissful change
and sweet delight.

The dripping of nectar
through colorful rays,
soothe and sway
an endless day.

A season to die,
a season to grow,
an ocean of time,
the ebb and flow.

Winter is waiting with songs left unsung,
but now it is winter and life is still young.
Apr 2017 · 1.8k
BarelyABard Apr 2017
Have patience with us.
Have patience with me.
I am,
like my species,
Naive in mind,
Reckless in heart.
Wild in thought.
Spontaneous in action.
Good and evil are not born from sunlight.
They did not emerge from the soil.
Whether through confusion or fear,
we created it.

Have patience with us.
Have patience with me.
We build and oppress ourselves.
Constantly raging violent wars.
Closing and opening wonderful doors.
Heaven and hell
inside of us.
It's our choice which one
into the universe.
Though our history seems so vast  
so countless,
we are still

Have patience with us.
Have patience with me.
Singing and screaming into a sky full of stars,
hoping that someone will take pity on us,
will understand us.
will guide us.
So far no one has.
So we build our own towers.
Fabricate our own explanations.
Dig our feet in the dirt and defiantly say,
"We know the truth!"

Forgive us.
We are young.
We know nothing but think we know it all.
I think I know it all, but I know nothing.
I am young.
Forgive me.

Have patience with us.
Have patience with me.
In the quiet vastness,
our planet was born.
We crawled from the sea.
Filled our lungs with oxygen.
Molded our bodies to the craft.
Forged our minds to the art.
Millenias of trial and error,
leading us to this moment.
Never forget.
We are young.
Though cruelty persists,
virtue exists.
Always remember.
We will survive.
We will overcome.
We still have a hopeful spark
in our dying world.
A species of dreamers
whispering into the unknown,
"Have patience with us.
Have patience me."
BarelyABard Mar 2017
Cheap whiskey and rock stars.
Violent people in dive bars.
"What has become of me?"

Nightfall brings my life to weirdness,
giving reason to be fearless.
"Which path should I take?"

I just shrug and say "Oh well."
while reading in the carousel.
"Let me tell you a story"

Daylight brings the falling rain.
I smile and nudge away the pain.
**"Rest your head and let it go"
Mar 2017 · 652
Vanish In The Ecstasy
BarelyABard Mar 2017
Turn the lights off and let me see you bare.
Even in the darkness,
all I want to do is stare.

Fall into the sheets
and tell me what you crave,
I'll let you whisper secrets,
if you let me misbehave.

The words are softly spilling
from your breathless wicked lips,
they make me grin in pleasure,
with my hands upon your hips.

The time for talk is over,
with my face between your thighs.
You come across an angel,
but the devil's in your eyes.

We both can drown in ecstasy
while the world ends in our kiss.
Climb on top of me and moan,
as we meld
into the
Mar 2017 · 647
BarelyABard Mar 2017
I want a life of quiet wildness.
A soul roaming free
in a forest
made for me.
The steady
of rain landing on each leaf.

Ive been running through the green in my mind,
while walking through the day to day.

A safe haven of feral peace where I listen to a loud world through the ears of a quiet spirit is what I require.

The world seems to be getting noisier,
but the untamed parts seem to be vanishing.

Like entropy,  
is the beautiful chaos seeping out of the world...

...or out of me?
Mar 2017 · 658
Choose Your Fate
BarelyABard Mar 2017
It's our choice to gaze into the crushing weight of hell and howl the word
It is not our job.
Not our duty.
Of this we are not required.
With ease can we close our eyes and allow despair and time to rot our bones, decay our souls;
gently allowing ourselves to become a
fractured stranger.

This is our choice,
no matter where the fingers may point.
Though death may take us
and pain may shape us,
by our own volition do we decide the internal outcry against malevolent depths.

Find the strength of a mountain fighting the year.
or silently hoard through bank vaults of fear.
Persevere or surrender yourself.
Against the weight.

Choose your fate.
Mar 2017 · 698
Promised Lands
BarelyABard Mar 2017
I'm don't think I'm a diamond,
but I'm certainly the rough.
The bits of me you chew on might be tender, might be tough.
My wants and needs are simple,
but I'm not a simple man,

If only you could step inside,
I'd show you hope and promised lands.

They won't be filled with milk and honey,
but maple syrup should do;
as I cook some love and pancakes,  
then I'll lay it out for you.
Lay with me in moonlight,
and I'll take your breath and moan.
Come morning we'll be laughing at the future times unknown.

My wants and needs are simple,
but I'm not a simple man.

I only want to show you warmth,
so discard fear and take my hand.
Mar 2017 · 645
A Dying Phoenix
BarelyABard Mar 2017
I've been living as a flame without oxygen, warmth and fury underneath the skin without a means to breathe.
Attached to that which gives me life,
or at least the illusion of it.
Fire needs fuel
A spark remains
This world is cruel.
Oh please explain
Why do I feel my spirit growing weaker every day?

The energy from within is not what it used to be,
and I am the only one to blame.
Relying on fleeting sustenance
while the true hunger
wears and tears
my cares and prayers
making me think I'm beyond repair.
I've been searching for nourishment in all the wrong places,
while my soul accepts defeat
and my embers all deplete.

that voice has never silenced.
"It's not too late to change.
It's never too late to change.
Stop your life and rearrange,
the puzzle of existence that seems so concrete."

If my essence is fire,
then let it become
Give me strength to burn away the artificial reality I have created;
become a creature beyond reason.
**A dying phoenix on a path to be reborn.
BarelyABard Feb 2017
Before my birth, I had no name.
Cities born out of
straight lines and
mathematical perfection
became the law.
It taught me what it means to walk.
Child becomes man
and man becomes confused.
Confusion turns to fear
and the man becomes abused.

I asked myself.
The mountains don't grow in straight lines. The ocean follows no law.
The clouds do not need a guiding hand
The beasts do not fear tomorrow.
Why do I?

When I looked into the heavens with a solemn cry for truth.
I did not see an ancient god,
but came upon a laughing youth...

Playing hide and seek.
That is when I understood.

In the end, I'll have no name.
Just embers in an endless flame.
Jan 2017 · 746
An Honest Muse
BarelyABard Jan 2017
Etches in the ***** mirror, like ghost across the skies.
draw hopeful words in steam from all my weakened sighs
The morning brings bravery to meet the darkness with defiance
but night fills my heart with longing and the slightest stroke of violence.
The eyes in front of me,
reflections of what I want to be
aren't the eyes I actually see
the purest form of what is me.
Wrinkles pouring 'cross my face
meet the stretch marks of wasted space.
I check the clock.
My bank account.
The scale.
Numerical definitions of what I have and what I don't.
But I cannot check my happiness to see if I am overdue.
No check on Friday will fill my heart... which has been overdrawn.
How to measure the strength of soul, before the vault is all but gone...
The etches in the mirror say
"Tomorrow is another day." while advertisements of existence blur my vision.
They tell me this is life.
They tell me work your job. Pay your bills. Accept your place.
But I have slowly learned that I will never agree.  
What will I do when words run out and I am left with an empty wallet, an empty mind, an empty heart?
Let me body decay before my strength does.
Let the words stay etched in my mind.
Tomorrow is another day
Dec 2016 · 669
BarelyABard Dec 2016
I want to fall into the arms of nothing
before the cold enters my bones
and freezes my spirit.

I want to laugh in the face of darkness before becoming the punchline.

I'd rather die with my boots on,
full of life
and a warm roaring flame,
than stumble into the snow
and collapse;
the blizzard of time stealing  
my hope for a better tomorrow.

I pray to you, soul of the colors, and Lord of the stars.

Give me strength to never surrender the aroha coursing through my veins.
If the laughter and music fades,  
allow the shadow to clasp my hand
and lead me away from the temptation of deterioration and apathy.
Allow me to be free.
Nov 2016 · 488
The Last One For You
BarelyABard Nov 2016
I was adrift at sea.
Every wave a thought of you.
Every star a hopeful future.
You were the lighthouse in the distance beckoning me to a a warm morning.

Storms raged the water and through the torrential anguish,
I watched the light in the distance.
I watched as it began to fade.
I screamed through the chaos and the fury, reaching out to you.
I grew silent as it vanished from view.

All of the beautiful plans and hopeful might have beens transformed into the torment of what was never meant to be.

The beautiful filth of you will not easily spew from my lungs,
but still I crawl back on a shore
distant from you.
Hopefully time will turn this memory of a lighthouse
into the faintest of ghosts,
one which only haunts in the blackest of nights and the loneliest of paths.
Nov 2016 · 716
Healing Yourself
BarelyABard Nov 2016
I drink too much and love too fast.
This life of mine's not meant to last.
The world I seem to occupy
will never see me eye to eye,
when rules which bound our fragile lives
will leave us fractured,
in disguise.
But if I went a differently path,
and found some peace in all my wrath,
could I escape into a realm
where'd I'd be captain at the helm?
Rid my soul of all the fear
that there is only order here.

Do not follow what they say.
Don't just live from day to day
Fight away the "nine to five"
and find what makes you feel alive.
Be strange.
Be weird.
Go search for you.
Climb the peaks and sail the blue.
The high you'll feel is not unreal
just emptiness you wish to heal.
Oct 2016 · 878
You Will Remember Me
BarelyABard Oct 2016
In places where my feet have tread,
I never fail to leave a mark.
Remnants of a pensive light,
or wreckage from a noxious dark.

I will walk away a failure
if behind me doesn't yield,
the tattoo of a memory
or a scar that never heals.
Oct 2016 · 856
Find Yourself, Then Escape
BarelyABard Oct 2016
I drink too much and love too fast.
This life of mine's not meant to last.
The world I seem to occupy
will never see me eye to eye
when rules which bound our fragile lives,
leave us fractured,
in disguise.
But if I went a different path,
and found some peace in all my wrath,
could I escape into a realm
where'd I'd be captain at the helm?
Rid my soul of all the fear,
that there is only order here.

Do not follow what they say
and don't just live from day to day
Fight away the nine to five
and find what makes you feel alive.
Be strange.
Be weird.
Go search for you.
Climb the peaks and sail the blue.
The high you'll feel is not unreal
just emptiness you wish to heal.
Oct 2016 · 536
I Hope You Can Run
BarelyABard Oct 2016
Warden, I have a question, answer if you will.
You think you'll ever tame the beast inside who's always hungry for the ****?
Do you believe these chains will save you when I sneak off in the night?
Or will you lock the door and cower by the bed in shameful fright?
Oh do come closer, don't be shy.
I want to look you in the eye.
Do not blink, or you may miss
the deepest parts of my abyss.
Feel the rage and look for aid,
go through pages on the shelf,
The only truth which you may find is that you brought this on yourself.
So keep me here, starve my soul, fracture the walls that keep me sane.
I'll howl and gnaw against the bars.
Deafeat the fear, embrace the pain.
Just do yourself a favor...

Pray the damage that's  been done is something I can overcome,
because, if not,
I'll  never stop
until the world around you rains with ash
and smells like putrid rot.
BarelyABard Jul 2016
The good die young,
or so I'm told.
I can't help but agree.
If I whispered this in your ear,
would you mistake my words as a cry for help?
I promise you, It's not.
Let me tell you what I fear.

I don't want to grow old
and watch my body decay,
wave as the child within sails away.
Turn into another taxpayer
trimming the hedges of my perfect little transparent existence,
desperately searching
for the moment when I
gave up.

One day I will become the soil,
this I know,
but must I first become a rusting foundation;
the remnants of a castle long after wonder love and freedom have been stripped away?

If the flame of my anatomy has an inevitable destiny
of being smothered by the weight of torment and time,
than I'd rather my soul depart
while shining at its brightest,
so I can find my way through the darkest of mysteries and discover a place in the
loudest kingdom of silence.
Jul 2016 · 364
Waiting 'Round To Die
BarelyABard Jul 2016
We’ve seen the kings and queens
in a thought or in a dream;
the better selves we wish to be
in silken cloaks of red and green.

They proudly stand against the sky,
without the doubt,
without the why,
while living breathing versions of us
Jul 2016 · 380
The Decay of Your Soul
BarelyABard Jul 2016
No, dear.

You did not leave a hole in my heart.

                                              The hole was there, long before you
                                                   stumbled into my life.

                             ­  It will be there long after you turn to memory.

Tearing it a little wider is the only thing
                                                           ­   **you

                                                      ­                  managed to achieve.

                                                    A couple more inches of
                                                                ­        scarring
                                                ­                 and the repulsive stench
                                                     of your rotting soul.
Jul 2016 · 529
Burning Our Bridges
BarelyABard Jul 2016
Burn a bridge between you and I,
if that's truly what you want.

Let's hope,
for your sake,
I do not survive.

'Cause if I do,
I'll come back stronger.

I'll build it once more,
frame by frame,
for the sole purpose
of walking across,
to drag you to your knees.
in front of

...before burning it back down myself...
Jul 2016 · 1.7k
My Gratitude to Demons
BarelyABard Jul 2016
I needed you to tear me apart.

In your hands,
I built a caricature of what I thought
wanted to be.

Then I stood back and watched you burn it to the ground.

I needed you to break my heart.
I needed you to set me free,
so I could find myself once more.

even while I love
and despise
your hideously radiant

I guess I should thank you.
BarelyABard Jul 2016
I was walking through a dream.

I fell asleep and shoes not meant for me appeared.
I put them on and stepped out the door.
Men and women passed and smiled, greeting as if I were one of their own.
They ushered along and I followed.

We entered a home and they showed me new furniture
and kitchen appliances;
speaking in a language I did not understand.
I smiled and answered in words also unknown.
We ate and danced for hours,
looking through magazines of dinner parties and picket fences.

A woman, fair and beautiful, took my hand
and we walked in the garden.
We kissed under the moonlight and she whispered something soft,
which I feigned to understand.

We returned.
The men and women were smiling,
holding a cradle and a wedding gown.
She looked up at me with hopeful eyes,
and I lowered my head in sadness.
When my eyes found hers, they were wet with tears.

The men and women began to slowly fade
and she briefly grasped my hand,
Before vanishing into the silence.
Two worlds departing,
which may hold hands,
but only for a moment.

I opened my eyes, with a heavy heart,
into the reality of me.
Waking from the dream, which can never be,
the tragic reality I see.
I am not sure which version I like more.
BarelyABard Jul 2016
Your world is merely a dream to mine,
and mine is merely yours.

We may hold hands for a moment.
but eventually,
we will both need to wake up.

For that,

I am truly sorry…
Sometimes lives are never meant to belong to each other.
Jul 2016 · 502
I Guess You Needed More.
BarelyABard Jul 2016
I look inside your fragile head
and saw the terrors which you dread
I whispered, "You don't need your meds.
I'll hold your hand on paths we'll tread."

I guess it didn't matter what I said
when you just let him in your bed.

So now you'll be alone instead.
BarelyABard Jul 2016
I have to fill my lungs with cigar smoke.
                                            There can't be a drop left in the bottle at my feet.

                                      I just want to be...

Though, in time,
                   I know everything
                                           will be alright
                                                          and I will smile
                                                                            at the universe,

I still taste the good parts of you on my tongue.

                                   I still feel your venom coursing through my veins.

                                            ...and I want you out.

I need to flush my body
until no trace
of your
The hardest part of letting go of someone horrible,
is that you always had such hopes for them.
BarelyABard Jul 2016
I’m the man humming to himself in the corner.
The one you will not notice,
until ten years down the road
when it’s last call,
and the dance floor has begun to clear.

When you are left all alone.

                                But that is fine,
                                                           I honestly don’t mind.

   I have a flask in my pocket and the taste of trouble on my lips.

I do enjoy dancing now and then, but never mind going home alone.
Sometimes it is preferred.

You will walk up to me
    and timidly ask
                              through drunken words
            for my hand to dance.

I will smile and answer,


Then I will softly brush away the tear running down your cheek
and leave you to drown
under all the bridges you have burned.
Sorry everyone, but I am really ******* lately.
BarelyABard Jul 2016
Paradise with no sun,
looking for it on the run.
Ain't no time to stop and look,
put another in the book,
put a new bait on the hook,
hoping for one that can cook.

******* reasons strong appeal,
telling me you're missin meals.
I dont wanna hear that stuff.
I dont wanna hear you bluff.
All these problems
I dont care,
long as i can see you there.
Droppin bombs for ****** up reasons,
guess its just that time of season.
Truth is you should know me better,
feelings changing like the weather
Truth is you should know ill stay.
Truth is please dont go away,
you dont know what id go through,
**** id prolly die for you, thick and thin better or worse, already been deemed my curse.
A friend of my wrote this and I just wanted to share it with all you.
Jul 2016 · 1.2k
I Deserve Better Than You
BarelyABard Jul 2016
I saw you.
I was intrigued by you.
I kissed you.
I wanted you.
I wanted to be there for you.
I love you.
I want to spend my life with you.
I promised I'd return to you.
I have been so far away from you.
I miss you.
I haven't heard from you.
Do I even trust you?
I have been ignored by you.
These open wounds were made by you.
Still I miss you.
I still lay awake thinking of you.
I don't want to know who's sleeping with you.
I pity those who fall for you.
Thank god I finally see you.
I cannot stand the sight of you.
I love you but I will learn to hate you.
I deserve better than you.
It really ***** when you have been deployed for seven months and the woman you love cheats on you.

Women, how I hate your kind sometimes.
Jul 2016 · 648
The Four Horsemen
BarelyABard Jul 2016
This world didn't abandon war, we just made it greedy and taught it to answer to the highest bidder.
We didn't destroy famine, we just pushed it far enough away to distract everyone else with neon lights.
We didn't conquer pestilence, it just grew tired of infecting our bodies, and grew hungry for our souls.
If the last enemy to be destroyed is death, then he will be waiting a long time because our enemies weren't defeated, just painted a different color and labeled "Buy one, get one free."
BarelyABard Jan 2016
I'm not trying to defy the light,
just struggling to grasp the chasms where it cannot shine.
I'm not attempting to quell the darkness,
just fighting to keep a candle awake while wandering through it.
BarelyABard Jan 2016
No other task have I witnessed more arduous,
than crawling out of the filth of our souls.
Black stain of self destruction,
the cynical hatred of life clinging to each heartbeat like weeds on a home
once majestic,
but abandoned to ruin.
Such frustrated sadness in the hindered steps of a man retreading the same path,
searching for confidence which waits off the beaten trail.
You can teach the tools of self discovery,
but cannot force hands to wield
while they fumble over unnecessary burdens still being held.
The world does not corrupt us,
we corrupt ourselves.
We build the walls around us that become a sanctuary or a prison,
but no wall is strong enough to withstand the will of a determined man.
Find your courage and I'll do the same.
We can crawl away from the putrefied ruins and be reminded of who we once dreamed to be.
Destroy yourself and rebuild again and again until you are monumental once more.
Dec 2015 · 783
Expecto Patronum
BarelyABard Dec 2015
"I await a guardian."
Shrouded forms who wrench and weave the hidden things I can't percieve,
into twisted thoughts of rage and woe
which drag me through the flames below.
"I await a guardian."
Bony fingers who clench.
Macabre lips who **** to kiss.
Weapons of hunger, instruments of fear...
"I await a guardian."
Joy becomes a distant memory,
replaced with bells that clang and roar.
The light has passed the spectrum,
fading to a shade of emptiness.
Kneeling in the dirt with
hands across my face; demons mistlike in their flight embrace my sorrow,
their sweet delight.
"I await a guardian."
All I need, is hopelessly gone.
All I need is hope... gone.
All I need is hope.
All I need... hope.
I need hope.
What brightness in brilliance through such confines of the black. Shadows cannot hide when you shine like the sun.
The brazen bells have silenced and the mist is all but clear, scattered in the lucent are abandoned tools of fear.
"I await a guardian?"
I have become the guardian.
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