Oct 19, 2013

Come closer.
I won't bite.
Take that back.
Yes I will.
If you want me to.

Apr 28, 2013

All this time I thought I was the one with the issues.
I guess not.

Jul 24, 2014

it's in the way your smile is reserved for only the things you find stomach achingly funny
it's in the way you twitch your lips when you'd rather not decide
its in the way you are never a yes or a no, but a solid maybe
its in the way you read the words off of a paper more gracefully and confidently than when conversing
its in the way you push your glasses up the bridge of your nose as if trying to put less space between you and the world, but just enough for comfort
its in the way you smile like you know something the world does not and you carry that knowledge around on your slumped over shoulders

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Oct 19, 2013

I have no dance partner.
It's just me and the mirror.
My rhythm is a little off.
My towel dropped.
The air is hitting my naked body.
The music is slow.
My hair is wet.
It's just me.

This was never a joke
this was no mistake
and at the end
when he does the trial
he'll laugh
at the sight of your blood splatered face
because at the end;
          you got what you deserve.

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She is the messenger of God
and she is also the definition of sin.
She wears red underneath the black and her  lips are still warm with yesterday's prayers.
And while he was touching her skin and they were both close the light broke and from her lips the dirtiest little sentence came out in a white puff of pure extacy;

                       "Oh God save us!"

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