Jack tierney
Jack tierney
6 hours ago

tomorrow i hate you
tomorrow you make me not want to go to bed
tomorrow you bitch
tomorrow you stole me
tomorrow you take away my today
tomorrow, you come like an unwanted guest
tomorrow when i see you i wish you would just go away
tomorrow you drive me crazy....er
tomorrow goodbye, forever   -today

Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
2 days ago

When we went to university,
There still was a you and me.

Then autumn came.
The leaves,
They changed
Nothing ever stays the same.

All I can think about is how
I never deserved you at all.
The care for you should not have followed
The surplus of pills I swallowed.

It’s my fault…
My heart tends to sink,
When those autumn leaves fall.

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Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
2 days ago

You are
What the world
Sees you as.

Your posture is poor
Neck stooped,
With shoulders hunched.

You are too morose
To see the world
Explode in color behind you

You could be a prince,
Donned in pastel garments,
Yet, you see yourself as a peasant.

And especially lonely.

#love   #self   #depression   #prince   #color   #freestyle   #pastel  
Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
2 days ago

I turned ten two days ago.
You were born today,
Yet you will never draw your first breath.

Your lips,
Inherited the reddest hue of cardinal feathers.
Your skin,
Pale and soft like fresh Pennsylvania snow.

I never knew what your eyes looked like,
They never opened.
Infinite iris colors
That will never be discovered.

When I held you in my arms,
The guiding hand of God drifted away.
I gave the coldest of shoulders I suppose,
Dust drifting in the air conditioned delivery room.

I looked outside the hospital window.
The dead leaves fluttered in the bitter wind,
Time stood still that day,
For me, just a little kid.

Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
2 days ago

Been riding this catastrophic carousel
For too many years.

I remember I was once happy,
Mother said she loved me,
I never believed her.

Crystal meth smells like cotton candy.
Balloon animals are filled with nitrous.

Everyone seems content here,
The horse on the carousel provides
A surplus of serotonin.

Crazed clowns cashing in
On their crooked version of capitalism.
Their ferris wheel of fear and loathing
Never stops spinning.

I used to berate the carnies,
Now the carnival is a part of me.

Andrew Kelly
Andrew Kelly
2 days ago

Beige carpeting,
Red suede seating.
This is the most comfortable
Holding cell that has held me.

Instead of blank white walls,
I see self help books,
‘Inspirational’ quotes.
With no signs of hope.

Wire glasses gleaming,
Clad with a sweater vest
And a smile
Sits opposite of me.

Interrogation methods
Of unorthodox origin.
Containing casual conversation,
And Rorschach cards.

Keep asking me how I reflect myself
On this psychotherapeutic propaganda.
Keep asking questions on how I feel.
This will be my answer.

“Say what you will,
Your prognoses and diagnoses!
You spout your medical mumbo jumbo
Through that faucet of false hope,
you call your mouth.”

“I cannot help that I carry
The carrion of my baby brother.
So no,
I will not just carry on.”

“I cannot help I daydream
Of killing myself casually.
As if it were a minor inconvenience.
Hour after passing hour.”

“I cannot help that I
Am determined to stay depressed.
I see myself as
A port city of demons and distress.”

“I cope with dope
Not with antidepressants or hope.
If there is a cure,
I do not care for it.
That is how I feel.”

These Foggy eyes fight through the blurry
In The thickness Of the mist I was burried
I was Wet, drenched and worried
Where my next step hurried
Into the puddles mud I was dirtied
As the fog thickened surrounding me
I was slowed trapped in its pillory
I saw robots coming
flashing lights blinking and beeping
My sloppiness surrounded  by beastly machinery
I need to find greeny
What the fugg is this scenery
Did someone drop a tab
In my coffee and creamery
Just then I heard a voice say to me
I'm freaking hungry
I realized this was another me
Inside of 3 or four
I wasn't sure
But I heard a few
More before then next one said
They were lost and bored
The first me went beyond Siamese
And tryna figure out why it's so dang foggy
What are these wires doing unplugged and arching
Setting fires sparking like a hookah at hindu party
In that moment I saw budahha
So I smoked a spliff of some God gift
And passed it to some robot duda
I told him I dont mean to be rude uh
But where the hell are we fool
He just bleeped like that robot R2
Then the 3rd me said I understand this jew
Exclaimed I, oh!, How did you know?
What is the nationality of c3p0
He said he was apple mac window
But on his fathers side he was an Epic Squirrel..

Expect nothing but a wasted clock on this write lmao
And a sequel no doubt

What a spectrum of
Excellent selections
Amongst a cue
Eternally messaged
Pain being permissive
Or forget lives
In the minds projected
I shall not live on pain alone
I eat bread and words
consumed in birds
These seeds feed through the breeze
On Soils heard
Unobstructed or obscured
Meaning less
Than meaningless dirt
I convert and blurt
A new new shirt
Not white or pure
But pure white fleur
Beauty and the cure
This garden shall bear more fruit
Without swears or cares lure
I am King
For sure
Through him I rule the jokers jury
Futile laughs and fury
I need not worry
Or vision blurry
I gave my eyes to God
Unworthy of my sights duty
He cleaned and bathed a pupils doing
And recognized a speck amongst many
I was nothing
Givin something
It only gets better
Nature is not a race
She being only a matter
Uncontrollable weather
And laughter
As a Sun setter
The difference is a clock
Running on a treadmill
Losing times lock
We sweat and stop
Catch our breath and heart
He builds and rebuilds muscles smart
I am a part
On a treetops ledge
A Christmas gift
In a carols lift
I am a bird
Without wings
Like a penguin
With wings arm length
Useless to the skys purpose
I want what the sky has perfect

Today im worth it

In the wandering
I weave through out the trees
In and around
About me

A running forest
In a swift breeze chorus
Explicitly boring
Constantly forming
And the Words I'm hoarding
In a honeycomb sorting,

Feel the stings forming
In a bee swarming
Hear the screams pouring
From a dream corny

A whole Queen colony
One King and abundant honeys
Explained in psychopoetry
Meaning something in the nothing
For the thought of provoking
The subconscious idea of zygote-ing

Maybe your not understanding
I'm a flea hatching
On a beast scratching
Dodging teeths knashing
In a dip splashing

I'm a speck happening
In a galaxy expanding
Infinitely planning
Something coming recently
Past futuristicly
Put really simply
With a degree of difficulty

I'm wandering
In a dark ocean
With a black potion
Like a tar potent
Scared of nothing
Not knowing
I'm taking a drink floatin
I see stars motion
In the zodiac ocean  
And the flow of this poem
Ends with the hope of
A super massive black holes
Digestion of the unnamed poet

Many of my freestyle poems take odd unexpected turns. Helter skeltor no doubt!

I'm a firecracker
That's how I rank
Need I be louder
Than the bang
Of the same thing
On a scale of grading
I'm a dynamite m-80
Aluinum potassium tainted
With perchlorate blended
Watched in the distant
By the feared christian
Of my existance questioned
I'm a fireball system
Blown into the winds of victums
I don't know how to fix em
But I burn and listen
and I read all mentioned
The size of me is different
Than a big bang, create
And the disrespect of anim
Meaning life
Souls dusts blooms
In atomic mushrooms
I'm just a speck
In spec of doom
When the fuse is lit
All Plumes
I'm a firecracker dude
Big bangs are what Darwins do
Whichever aftermath  I choose
I'll be the bomb
A fire cracked jewel

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