6 hours ago


I wanted to get it
I knew I shouldn’t
I went ahead anyway and got it
I have no problems with it

Yet, sometimes I wonder
Would things be any different
If I hadn't got it

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10 hours ago

Imagination Land

Witches, warlocks, fairies and gnomes
Unicorns, rainbows and pots of gold

Mystical beast of every shape and size
Some breath fire and some of them fly

Castles, dragons and magic beans
Even peter pan makes the scene

All the creatures talk, even the ants
They talk with nature and all her plants

Laughing, playing stories of wonder
There’s a melody in the rain and thunder

All the streets are paved in gold and glitter
They even have a chocolate sauce river

If you wish to believe, then take my hand
Off we go to imagination land

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what chance
meeting in a locked door
two kinds of fortune

Coming to the door late, after a nights work, I found it locked. Before entering the other way, I looked up, and all the stars were burning, marvelous in their number, and in their light.
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2 days ago

Self-expression's not me.

I have sunk
under the snow-drift of this chaste.

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Jacco krom
Jacco krom
4 days ago

You wonder and wonder, but never discover.
Go find out for yourself, that which this world has to offer.

Oh foolish child, stop being so scared.
Do the things no other before you ever even dared.

#life   #scared   #wonder   #discover  
Pernille Augustson
Pernille Augustson
Nov 14, 2016

Does love even exist?
I wonder...
Betrayal, lies, romance that never lasts,
and when it does...
Is it real or is it just convenience?
I question love's existence.

Jim Davis
Jim Davis
6 days ago

Under spring blossom
Wonder is there life still left
For loved living

©  2017 Jim Davis

Another haiku please
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"Senpai, are you okay?" you ask as I stare once again. Your steel pools look into my purple orbs, full of worry.
'God, how I wish you'd look at me the same way you look at cheesecake.' is what I wish to say, but all that comes out is a harsh "Fine.".
'Why can't I just say what I feel with ease?'

"Senpai, look at the birdies!!" you squeal like a child, even though you're seventeen. The birds fly in the garden, just like the butterflies in my stomach. And I almost smile...  
'How do you manage to make me smile when all I want to do is cry?' is what I wish to ask, but all that is said is a cold "Be quite, brat.".    
'Why is it so hard to express my mind?'

"Senpai, look at my new dress!" I look up only to blush, it goes unnoticed by you. But not by our friend of music, who stands with a smirk behind you. The blood red dress reaches your mid thighs and flows like a river. Long sleeves just the way you like it, to hide the scars. A white ribbon tied around your waist defines your curve.
'You look gorgeous as always.' is the complement I wish to give, but all that comes out is a sharp "What's the point?".
'Why is it so hard to complement you?'

"Senpai, I got you a present!" you hold a black and purple box in front of me, while dressed in a Santa dress and gray tights. Something our friends probably made you wear...
'You shouldn't have bought me something, being with you is enough.' is what I wish to preach, but all that is spoken is a bored "What is it?". And you pull out a silver chain with a silver snowflake that holds a red jewel in the center. You hook it around my neck with a giggle. And I fall in love with you more...
'Why do you still stay with me despite knowing what i'm capable of?'    

"Senpai, you're bleeding!" I look down and see blood seeping through my sleeve. My eyes widen, as I hold my wrist and swiftly walk out of the room. "Senpai, are you okay?!" you ask in a panic as you follow, but I stop you.
'I need help, I cut.' is the truth I wish to spill but all that comes out is the acidic "Go away!". That night you stayed by my side, despite my pleas to leave.
'Why do you still care about me when all I do is speak harshly?'

"Senpai, do you hate me?" the question I've always dreaded hearing.
'No, Scarlet I don't hate you. I love you.' is the confession I wish to voice, but all that comes out is a simple "No.".
'Why do you make me so nervous with a single word?'

"Senpai, have you drank tonight?" you ask looking at me as we dance to the slow song. Your dress fanning out as I spin you.
'No, i'm trying to stop like you've asked me to.' is the gospel I wish to share, but all that comes out is a single "No.".
'Why do you still have faith in me after I've let you down so many times?'

Every question in my mind starts with a Why or a How, and are directed to you. You're all I think about day and night, trying to figure out how to tell you how I feel. Yet, I can't even speak my mind!

When I fell, you helped me up.
When I was lost, you led the way.
When I yelled, you remained soft spoken.
When I became violent, you became the voice of peace.
When I was harsh, you were kind.
When I was hateful, you were joyful.

Complete opposites.
The Sun and the Moon
Light and Dark
Water and Fire
Yet you stay by my side, but why?!

I'm the monster and you're the little girl.
I'm the hunter and you're the hunted.
I'm the demon and you're the *angel.
All I do is corrupt you, so why stay?!

not yet finished. still in the process of being written.

update #1: still in the making but getting close to done. - 3/23/2017 12:30
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Rick Warr
Rick Warr
5 days ago

What is it about water
so calming and meditative?

Spent most of my life looking at it
bringing on muse and contemplation

Watching the flow lines
of surfers at wave play or

Gazing at
the ancient river red gums
bowing to the muddy Murrumbidgee
in reverent silence

And now watching
the flowing gutters
and umbrella parade
over a beer
in a Newtown bar

Water makes me Wonder
in a peaceful way
of the beauty in the world
like the dancing air-borne plastic bag
in American Beauty

Muse while the rain came down
#peace   #water   #wonder   #flow   #meditative  
Edward Jones
Edward Jones
7 days ago

I look at you,
With the eyes of Love and Passion,
A heart that emits Hope,
I look at you,
For long,
I yearn for you,
For the Joy and Love that you bring me,
I look at you,
You, I

for a special girl in my life
#love   #passion   #hope   #happiness   #joy   #thought   #wonder  
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