She could have released me
But I wouldn't die
And she knew this well
Her crimson eyes

I could snap her olive branch
And perhaps I will
Our last pleasant day
The end, distilled

She was wearing my ring
And it stung my face
Slashed across my cheek
With practised grace

When I took everything
And made for the door
She swallowed my smile
She spat fiction on the floor

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14 hours ago
naive. used to think that the world meant well and that everyone deserves a second chance. i no longer think this but i would still give you a second- no. i don't know how i feel. i'm falling in love with he who is not you and there's only one thing holding me back. it's the thought of you as i am caught on reverse constantly falling when i'm trying to soar out of this place. i wanted to be ejected into outer space, and i was holding on to my tongue in cheek. oh the irony.
      seconds last lifetimes.
      i'm trying so very hard.
      at last, you will mourn.
2. certain. i'm with someone new, and now i'm so scared. afraid. wary. trust and love and lust are all dangerous i've learned. you grew daisies in my brain and then, you watched them wither. he grows roses where our flowers had died. but now i know nothing. i am unsure of anything but the fact that i am leaveable.
      how easy you changed.
      poisoned. a broken promise.
      twisting in the dark.
3. bold. i remember when i told you that i loved you. or something like that anyway. i threw up the butterflies in my stomach when you called me beautiful, and i couldn't believe you were (almost) mine. i talked to you like you were my everything because you were, now there's someone else and he's almost got me to want to be brave again. i wish i was brave again. for me. for him. but not for you.
      i'll light the candles.
      the glow is surreal and bright.
      blessed be this lady.
#love   #ex   #sad   #anger   #pain   #hope   #teen   #heartache   #salt  

It burns no one but smothers your psyche in flames.


I miss you once, twice and thrice as you remain away.
I know I am difficult and won't tell you to understand..
I wish I could let you inside my mind that
how much it has been through..
I can't blame you for treating me too well
But understand that I hardly get treated well.
I am accustomed to roughness, quite opposite to my nature.
Sweetness makes me doubt,
I was once tender but now I have lost of all me to depart.
I won't tell you to understand,
As I too can't understand myself too well!
You remain away, that's okay but come back once you are calm..
Its been a while that I have spoken with you well.
Hoping that you will bury your anger beneath the land,
And be back with your ever cherishing smile.

A friend of mine, treats me too well which I'm unable to digest. In this rough world sweetness becomes a matter of doubt. somehow I stay away from them not knowing what to do.
#anger   #doubt   #friendship   #away   #smile   #understand   #calm  

Back off, motherfucker!
Do you think you can treat me like a field nigger, bitch?!
I ain't your ho' and I ain't your slave.
So, why don't you just PACK YOUR BAGS
And leave?!

#anger   #black   #woman   #rage   #ebonics  
1 day ago

Rage, a blaze building in my gullet.
Reality placing things akin to gasoline upon the pyre.
Only serving to increase the raging fire.
Reaching higher, to the ceiling of my sanity,
The flames lick the threshold,
The human throws the match upon the gasoline.
Igniting it fully in a boastful manner,
The flames of anger now raging,
consuming all surrounding them.
Turning love to ashes, and structures to dust.
Rendering relations defunct,
And times now wasted.

#love   #anger   #hate   #fire   #please   #her   #she   #rage   #pyre   #blaze  
Cat Wilson
2 days ago

She’s hurting. No one can tell.
She hides it very naturally.
Makeup, hair, and clothes all in place.
Clothes that catches people’s eyes, puts a thought in heads.
“She's happy, she has everything or she must live a pretty great life”
She walks with her high, ready to greet people when needed.
Never a long conversation, just a short and sweet one to leave a good impression.
Walks down the street confidently; someone hollers at her… no turn of her.
Helps the old lady across the street.
Grabs a cup of coffee before going home.
But when the door shuts, she shuts down.
Everything you saw of her is now put away ready for the next day.
The real her is behind the door.
Real pain, sorrow digging deep inside of her.
Sinking deep into her bath soaking in the day.
No ordinary day; just a repeat like a skip in an old record player.
Feels as if nothing will ever change.
Something is growing inside of her… anger.
Anger that is coming to the surface telling her something.
She turns off the water and cries.
The level of the water goes up from all the tears running down her face.
“Whats a girl like her crying for, she has everything”
Sooner or later she’s floating with all her tears, pain and sorrow.
Sooner or later no one will see that girl who walks confidently down the streets.
Smile plastered on her face with a welcoming hand.
Soon you’ll see head lines of who you always thought was happy.
But was dying inside.

#anger   #pain   #lost   #hurt   #gone  
Nov 8, 2016

"The American Dream"
What a let down
Gotta have a thousand dollars to eat for 2 days
...and that's on a budget?
We buy into fast food and occupy the pills
We upload our status and beg for attention
We pray to people who are selfish and lie on the screen
They're all eating cake up on Capitol Hills

Murder is free in Hollywood kills

We live in a world where girls have to take off there clothes to pay the bills.

I hate this country its so fucked up
#anger   #america   #screwed  
3 days ago

Eso es el dia
en que no puedo parar de decirla
La digo como esa para que
no me puedes comprender
No importa
No importa en que idoma la digo
Tu no me vas a entender
Es la misma que el grito del viento
en mi pecho que me duele
cuando la luz me despierta
Como la furiosa y fuerte
pero futil
Nadie puede sentir
Eso es lo que ella me dice
La bruja me hace

This is the rare moment when I think it's worth something
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She was a whistling witch
Living beneath the lake
And she turned her boys
To water snakes

And I wasn't a man
Just a little baby
When I took her hand
And took her keys  

I let myself inside
And just slept it all off
The hideous bed
Her clothes aloft

I want to steal her ring.

#ex   #anger   #snake   #nostalgia   #breakup   #girlfriend   #ring   #jewelry   #witch   #regression  
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