Julia Mullin
Julia Mullin
Nov 29, 2016

The result of privatization
Is a loss too great to bear
Government bowing to Industries
Leading us towards despair

Industries teach our children
Whatever whim they choose
While government stands in shackles
It'll happen while we snooze

Gamble with Social Security
Until there is nothing left
The brokers will have the money
While leaving us all bereft

Take elderly off of Medicare
Give them a voucher instead
When the market costs too much
Who'll pay for their hospital bed?

When people remove a government
What will come in its place?
The wealthy, the prideful, the arrogant
Will take charge of the human race

Didn't we fight for our freedom
To break from the monarchy?
Privatization rules through business
For the elite to rule with greed

Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
Oct 26, 2016

Lead, follow, or get out of the way
why do you object?
allowing me, to take the lead
no, you don't deserve respect

Don't pretend you didn't see me
or defend your presence there
on the road of progress
completely unaware

Never in the wildest dreams
seeing the beaten path
blocked by lesser demons
an oblivious aftermath

Fools may come and go
I'm not here to make them stop
I only wish they'd move aside
allowing me, to reach the top

really, Really, REALLY?
10 miles of empty road ahead and behind, and they don't move out of the fast lane to let me by? Seriously? (that's my gripe for today :D)
Sam Hain
Sam Hain
Oct 9, 2016

The clowns will soon rule all the earth,
   Although they play it dumb.
Revenge of the nerds was vengeance for turds
   Compared with what's to come!

The watches have all been synchronized.
   This shit is going down.
And only slaves will delay their graves
   When King Clown comes to town.


#war   #evil   #anarchy   #king   #slavery   #satan   #halloween   #rule   #vengeance   #clowns  
Jul 28, 2016

Laying on the bed, reading your wedding invite.
I recall the day you went silent and I threw my crown.
Stepping down and lost myself.

Today I let you go, my love.
Not because I give up.
I believe you cared and you still do.

Your silence did cut through my flesh,
Your strangeness burnt my heart.
But here I stand today ready to let myself heal.

Years of gathering broken pieces of my heart.
My lost pieces of love, wailing to be found.
Stranded I searched, and I still do.

I held on to you, like a stubborn child.
Your memories engraved, your doings encircling my thoughts.
Strangely never remembering our fights, I was partial.  

My heart wanted more, my soul was thirsty.
I found pleasure in pain.
I kept you alive.

What a splendid journey, my love.
The impeccable high of your addiction.
As I drowned, I found myself.

One day I chose to revisit my past.
Regretting the time lost to stupid fights, blaming myself.
I never felt, keeping you alive.

Stupid were my acts, unreasonable was my anger.
Childish were my demands.
A sinner, at your altar I confess.

Sleepless nights, result of a restless brain.
Blaming you for the love I dreaded I deserved,
For making me feel worthwhile.

Keeping your memories alive,
Redoing my past, for an escape.
As the odds increased, so did my grief.  

For the broken promises, and the endless thoughts.
U left without a word, so did my Tears.
You coward, I pushed myself to oblivion.  

I saved our love when the world sympathised.
I held on to respect, for u and our love.
Wishing you the best, I kept u alive.

My futile attempts to blame you, was a curse.
A part of me found pleasure when they blamed you,
My stupid selfish heart.

But today I let you go my love, I allow myself to heal.
You meant so much, you still do.
But life is more than just you and me.

A part of my soul is still with you, it’s yours now.
Keep it safe my love.
I’ll nurture what is left of it.

As time flies by, I’ll heal.
For a better tomorrow, for a better me.
I’ll strive with a hollow heart and a partial soul.

Thank you love, for the heat.
For never cheating my heart.
For the never ending  euphoria.

I know u cared and you still do.
When you found me, I found myself.
For your breath of life, I’ll keep u alive.

You made me believe in good.
To Love someone more than my being.
Surprised I’m to know my strength.

Entwined souls, living in the moment.
We headed together, Insane and reckless.
Towards our predefined end.  

I’m glad it was you and no one else.
You were the one, my wildest decision.
Oh my wings, my strength.

But today love, I let you go.
I was your princess.
Now it's someone else.

It’s time to put back my crown to rule.
U won't be forgotten my love,
but like any life chapter ours has come to an end.

#love   #pain   #sadness   #her   #him   #journey   #crown   #lettinggo   #rule  
Julie Grenness
May 7, 2016

We work-to-rule, we're molls,
We are not unfeeling dolls,
Molls don't make extra cuppas for you,
We write our own rules to suit,
It's up to you to not be rude,
I say, "Pappa don't preach!" to you,
Molls write lots of rules,
They've got their own cooking school,
We cook when we want to,
The world is not run for you,
Yes, molls now have  work-to-rules.

#and   #own   #to   #work   #rules   #their   #rule   #molls  

I want to be a king,
just for one day.
I want to know what it feels like
to have all power
limitless power
I would force this thing you call abuse
into the corner it originated from.
I wish I could be the man of the hour
for one day
This time will be mine.
I will sit, finally being able to show my face.
I want to emerge from depression,
rise from the black water,
and come re-done,
not undone
I wish I could lead.
I would give the peasants a life worth living,
tyranny would be nowhere seen.
In my rule,
everyone is loved,
and all are happy.
If I was a king for a day,
I would do my best
to make this world
a better place
I feel so afraid,
to be small all my life.
I want to be king,
Because I am nothing now.
I don't know what this life
has to offer  
I want this world under fire.
But not by my rule.
The leaders have brought us down.
i see the people
they Are hurting.
I want to end pain.
I see the pain.
I want to end poverty
I see the poverty.
I want to stop the people who want to kill themselves,
I want to be the all protector.
Is this bad?
No more will I be a helpless kid,
but a fearless leader.
If only I was king
just for one day

#dream   #suicide   #pain   #abuse   #king   #poverty   #fix   #justice   #rule   #advocate  
Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
Apr 19, 2016

If I ruled the world, I would be,
Not a benevolent leader, nor,
Would I be a tyrannical leader.

I would be something much unexpected and, hopefully, humble.

You see, I would be a quilt maker. Not of fabric and thread, though.
I would stitch the different cultures together, leaving each individual one unique, yet united by a common thread.

I would sit with my diplomatic needle and peaceful stitching and lead those whom hold contempt for one another see the other's perspective.

I would show them that,
The world isn't in black and white,
It's in full, high-definition color.
So let's celebrate unity,
And uniqueness.

Because in the final chapter,
We all already rule the world.
It's up to us to thread ourselves to each other,
Or pull ourselves apart by the seams.

This poem got me a tie for first place in a poetry contest I entered. :)
Mar 19, 2016

What's a palm
Sweating in panic
Or a stomach
Whining as the whistle of alert
To someone like you?

What's a voice
Too clenched,
Or a word
To you?

What's a sentence
Or a song
Sung drunker than a foul man,
To yourself, long-lashes?

Architected smile.
Ancient-Greek eyebrow,
In a musing love.

You found a little else,
Didn't you, a
Little chick to
Perch with you?

Let's jump and find our wings
Let's take feathers for what they're worth
And leave those flightless birds
To the foxes,
With a taste
For emus.

It's no one's fault really
Just slavery
And I'm free when I know you
Popping like sparks onto my knockout vision.

A comment on social standards and truer affection.
#love   #social   #happy   #people   #rule  
Feb 12, 2016

Last night I was shivering
I owned sorrow as mine
You came forward filling the night
Within unseen kisses and hugs

The silence mocked
The pain knocked
What seemed so right turned wrong
What has provoked slowly revoked

You once told me to be brave
Just to obey what has taught me
And what has ruled and created me
I'm no one to be, no one to be

Darling, I've seen tiredness in your eyes
And the hiding grim behind your smiles
Let me wound the sadness for you
So will I weep the scars that gnaw you

We afford too much sore to cope
And wandering too much for home
We've forgotten, we've been untold
That we have each other to hold.

My love, we should've known to whom we belong.

Feb, 12 2016.
09:51 pm
I'm quite insane.

#love   #home   #tired   #darling   #grim   #rule   #mock   #obey   #revoke   #provoke  
Jan 31, 2016

She came
I saw
She Conquered

#love   #heart   #her   #she   #queen   #conquer   #rule  
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