Emma Griffin
Emma Griffin
15 hours ago

Lion and antelope, we brawled as predator and prey.
You were animalistic, I was weightless.
Carnal, instinctoid, this was base; there was nothing more
to drag it into the fiction we write ourselves
to make the act seem less debauched. Unfazed,
by my predatory friend-or-foe, I did not try to run,
did not play dead, but played the game that nature
wrote, and acted out my part,
as you devoured me from the inside out.

#abuse   #power   #sex  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
1 day ago

There will be a time when you need me,
But I'll already be gone.

Flesh may be a measure of mortality,
However these words cut deep.

They carve themselves into infinity,
Scribing the rise, climax and fall.

Each piece is a violent declaration,
Against the tides of hate.

While I could not wade in the water,
The storm of truth rains down.

Falling victim to fate and telling times,
All exits are crafted by these hands.

#words   #life   #death   #art   #power   #violence   #mortality   #protest  

I burnt down the metal cage
that confined me

I have broken up with God
and I am blossoming

without his hand pushing
my head down

I eat blackberries straight from
the bush

tasting the dirt where they grew
the tightest bud bursting

into fruit that nurtures me
that sustains me

I am Godless and cageless
I am a woman of

flames, starting fires
wherever I go

burning, burning, turning
into ash

into the very dirt I courted
with my purple stained


#god   #power   #woman  
Arcassin B
Arcassin B
2 days ago

By Arcassin Burnham

When It rains and it pours , is it God crying?
Or does he make mistakes too by dropping
Glasses of water on some parts of the planet,
sometimes i cant stand it,
Its too hard to manage
With all the decorative seasons and foreign
Following their footsteps and letting all of their
Friends go,
I wish everything was in slow motion so I could
Move through this crowd of asshole and jerks,
Its more than I deserve,
And when the wind blows I'll be sitting in the
Rose garden full of sin while thick and bold and
Replace the new past with the old,
I think I struck a nerve,
The Power was within is all along,
are you man? or do you claim your strong?
If you pick confrontations left and right then
something will go wrong.

#words   #life   #faith   #wrong   #garden   #power   #planet   #blow   #nerve   #hellopoetry107  

Oh yes we know how it started
Unfortunate times it was
Unwise I’d say also
And yet it was.

There you became, to stand in opposition
The paradigm of “no”
That everything was attack and ill intended so

And it gave you power, for what you perceived as danger
Standing divided all those years
I was not aware to the degree
power over me.

And to this day
Whatever I say
Will be placed against the paradigm of oppose
These patterns are hard to see I suppose

But light of day
Has its way
And all the paradigm i thought was me
I now see it didn’t have to be

© All Rights Reserved Ruth Meyer 2017
#love   #past   #power   #paradigm  

In the realm of the now
I find you all false
Posting and hosting lies
Don't bother to check
What the heck
Infinite alabis

The frightening fiction
Compounded and stacked
If even a few believe
So many, our youth
Mistook as the truth
And so thousands have been decieved

The internet is power
Through fact and fiction
So be careful what you say
History written
Stupidity smitten
Even the brightest minds are clay

#lies   #lost   #power   #now   #deception   #information   #arcane  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
4 days ago

The procrastinating diminutive dog
had a gait so lacking in power
every walk took 120 minutes
for this dour two hour chihuahua

#power   #hour   #diminutive   #chihuahua   #dour  
Katelyn Rew
7 days ago

To all the lovers who’ve been lost, abandoned, or left behind,
a word of wisdom, yourself you must find,
let the tears become warpaint as they streak your face,
let the silence of loneliness be your most powerful embrace,
so remember as you fall asleep at night,
you are courageous, you are strong, and everything will be alright.

It's not what you have ..
But  who  you  are..

#power   #politics   #money   #fame  
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