1 day ago

Just by having a look at your face makes me feel better,
It is like a magic spell,
Which can heals wounds up,
Can not help it but to smile.
That how effective you can be,
When it comes to me

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Maria Imran
Maria Imran
2 days ago

Bared in front of you,
Admitted you had, after all, some power over me
And lost all.

Julie Grenness
2 days ago

I touch your skin,
It keeps your insides in,
I touch your face,
Your smile of grace,
A touch of love,
Your blessing as a dove,
I touch your hand,
You're a pearl of a man,
You touch my heart,
I hope we never part,
The power of touch,
Can we ever love enough?

Feedback welcome.
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Meg Howell
Meg Howell
2 days ago

His voice was muffled

He rang,
I answered

Each word he said came with a crackle and the loss of a letter

To me, it didn't matter that I couldn't hear every word he said

To me, he spoke so I would I understand

And I did,
even through the distortion

And every time he spoke,
he meant 'I love you'

#love   #words   #listen   #hear   #power   #spoke   #speaking   #understand   #phone   #distortion  

I am a lot of sensations in one,
a lot of taste, of storms.
of colors you've never seen before.

I am the myth you've never heard,
and the ode you never wrote.
I am the song that you don't know the lyrics of,
but you keep on singing anyway.

I was born to be the impossible,
out of the millions of possibilities.

And no,
I won't change for you.

#love   #girl   #power   #women  

If you want to make a killing;
invest in war.
Seems to work,
for Blair, Bush et al.
Those that follow
the hunger of their self aggrandised,
destiny's lore.
So, roll out the blood red carpet,
leading to the future's hungry jaw.

#war   #world   #power   #cruelty   #fate   #greed   #injustice   #vile   #domination   #pathology  
Peter Balkus
Peter Balkus
7 days ago

Whatever I'd say
you won't listen, you nut.
You do the opposite
of what you are asked.

Like with child discourse with you:
tell a boy not to touch
chocolate, he will eat all.
Allow it - won't be fussed.

If I urge you to not to
press the button, you will.
So I'm urging to do it!
(to stop you from doing it).

#power   #red   #politics   #child   #north   #nuclear   #korea   #button   #kim   #jong-un  

People just want to be the Winners
Even if their Victory
Will, ultimately,
Destroy the Game.

The White Supremacists maintained Power and Control
By disempowering others and destroying the Educational System
For everyone else.
The only side effect of these policies
Is that they became a Bunch of Morons themselves.

Mar 15

Tightly wound,
Strung around her fingers
Tense like your muscles
When she climbs atop you

Tongue-tied and transfixed,
Tender kisses and cracking whips
The ground shakes beneath you
As your life begins to slip

She’s hollow and wicked,
But conniving and fair
In her clutch you falter
Smiling while gasping for air

so many messages to take away from Network (1976_ and yet all I can write about is Faye Dunaway's character.
#love   #poem   #poetry   #power   #inspiration   #cinema   #network   #sordid  
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