when those we have elected tell us blatant lies
     and call them “alternative facts”
we should not wait too long to call them liars
make them aware that we don’t share
their newspeak fantasies and visions
     removed from everyday reality

nor do we treasure their maneuvers
     that keep the media all hyped up
reporting every tweet as if it were
     one of the ten commandments
     Moses once held up in stone

behind quite secret White House doors
the leader’s relatives and cronies
    incompetent but greedy
are nominated for positions of whose duties
    they do not really have a clue

a friend of oil & coal & fracking
supposedly protects our environment

an ignorant billionairess
     who never really saw a public school
is now in charge of education

a business man with heavy ties to Russia
is asked to steer our foreign policy

a judge well known for his quite racist bias
is thought to fit into the supreme court

and many of the Wall Street’s alligators
     whose swamps the current leader
     has kept promising to drain
     all through his great campaign
are happily assembled ‘round the trough
of power  influence  and money

facts quite ‘alternative’ indeed
     from those that had been promised
          for over more than a whole year
by that self-styled
‘candidate against the establishment’
     with not so secret Russian ties

simply unbelievable

I though I was done with political verse, but I simply can't help it in view of what's happening!!!
3 days ago

noble sycophants, so worthy of these deeds of earldom and fame
troubled wives of melancholy, won't you please save yourself?
oh holy mother of my sin, do please stop that bickering
these children are much too rowdy to be around here
what, thou art a traitor? have some cake, lad.
poor, innocent strawberries fallen from the daughters of sin
look not upon my deformity but rather my kingdom's enormity
a fine bride this young one will make so soon
fear not, my young ones, for there is a reason for the name
of meat products made for consumption under the name

boar's head

Hi, I'm Richard III, Duke of Gloucester, and you're watching the fall of King Edward IV's reign.
#power   #history   #corruption   #richard   #iii  
Michael Ryan
Michael Ryan
4 days ago

Instead of being sick
I've chosen to be honest
and it's a simple exchange of words.

To take my mind and body
hand in hand or thought for thought
to bring them together
and understand
that I need to be healthy.

To speak philosophy and psychology
I will need to be an example
of health and a preacher
of true self respect--
that does not let sugary foods
and media persuade me
from my identity.

It is not by the grace
of a supernatural deity
that I come to improve,
or the supreme control of ulterior  motives,
nor world justice.

But the illusion of self control itself
that begets me to strengthen my core
to show--
that we are all beyond:
our basic habits,
worthy of salvation,
that all animals
if desired can become
more than our de-faults.

We should take responsibility for ours and others actions.  We may be bred one way, but we can always become more than our surroundings.
#society   #strength   #people   #mind   #power   #humanity   #courage   #human   #habit   #instinct  
4 days ago

does not
grief and sorrow

a blackout poem
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
5 days ago

From out of the smoke we will rise
The weight of these chains we will break
From his face we will rip the deceitful guise
The spirit of our brothers and sisters we will wake

My blood flows free yet I do not weaken
My feet clothed in blisters yet I feel no pain
For my children’s lives I will not bargain
Though my anger burns my calm will remain

From beneath his foot our people we will remove
The hate he has implanted we will unbind with fire
The lies he feeds the blind we will disprove
We will watch him drown in desperation’s mire

With only a stance we will shake every plain
With only a look we shine with the force of the sun
My feet clothed in blisters yet I feel no pain
My blood flowing free yet I will not weaken

~FJ Thomas

….we are not of only one race in this family
FJ Thomas
FJ Thomas
5 days ago

Set me free
Let me breathe
Break these chains
Release my soul

Let me go
Unbind my heart
Sever the lines that cut
The words that break bones

Set me free
Let me breathe
My soul bound in barbed wire
My spirit shackled with blades

My power I will find
My soul I will reclaim
These barbs may stab
These blades may slice

But those I will burn
The chains I will melt
I will breathe
I will be free

Watching you wither
I will blaze
The scent of you scorching
My spirit will shine

As my flame continues
In your ashes I will stand
I will be free!
I will breathe!

~FJ Thomas

#freedom   #fire   #abuse   #power   #burn   #breathe   #uplifting   #phoenix   #bound   #empower  

Sometimes the balance is best served by removing the most insignificant weights from the scales of your life! In trying to put your life back together you may break your world into a thousand pieces, if you have that power, resist using it. It will not matter who or what tries to undo what you have done, only you can fix your life, if not in this would then in the next. The balance will be swift and served in your life!

#life   #world   #balance   #power  
Alva Cardona
Alva Cardona
7 days ago

Any spy can tell you the value of secrets,

what some people and even countries
would do to have one safely tucked
and hidden under their sleeves;

who they would cheat,
who they would kill

to keep one close, like a friend,
in order to keep their
enemies closer,

like the right card
at the right moment
in a game of poker

while making everyone else
think you’ve been dealt just
another blank with no value,

so no one can tell if
you’ve got a bad hand
or one full of aces,

or if the deck is rigged with
only wild cards: with deuces,
one-eyed jacks, and jokers.

President Nixon’s scandal
had its “Deep Throat”
(its star whistleblower),

its Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein,
its missing 18 minutes
of the Watergate tape.

And then, you have, on the other side,
the shady players with mob connections
and Russian accents;

the scary people that want
to keep the secrets
in the dark,

the ghouls and doppelgängers
that walk side by side
with the shadows

in the realm where true power
lies, ruling the world like
an invisible government.

They’re all watching from the sidelines
and they’ve got their own
pools and schemes going

while the rest of us are trying to learn
how to play these Patriot Games
and the rules of our Democracy.

But it’s clear that it has devolved
into this underground and illegal
gambling den where all bets are off

and where the House always wins
in the end, as we keep underestimating
the importance of the wild card;

as we ignore the quiet ones
on the poker table that are
secretly holding on to it.

This last week, we've seen the development of an unprecedented situation where the US President's national security adviser, Michael Flynn, resigned over the fact that he lied to other top White House officials about his phone calls with a Russian ambassador. These unexpected dealings that have been happening under the table and behind the curtain have led me to ponder the importance of transparency in political matters and to question what other secrets might be affecting the state of affairs of the country and could potentially be threatening world peace and the American way of life.
#power   #politics   #games   #secrets   #poker   #cards  
Kavya Casshyap
Kavya Casshyap
7 days ago

All those people,
          I used to run after,
                  are now running after me.

Oh, look how the tables have turned,
         I don't even recognise the faces
             of these people,
                 who are today admiring me


Boo you, first crush.
#love   #life   #girl   #power   #confidence   #positivity   #karma   #appreciate  
Amber C
Amber C
7 days ago

a boy with seven hearts

they gave him seven hearts
the first for dreaming
the second for running
the third for crawling
the fourth for laughing
the fifth for crying
the sixth for loving
the seventh for fighting

in each heart waged a war
the sound of blowing horns not very far
in each heart grew a tree
taller than the depth of the sea

in one boy sang seven hearts
they sang a song that lasted til night
a song that took away all the fright
the fear that spun around like a kite

in two hands he grasped one heart and asked
“what do you do?”
it said “i fight for one important thing
and, boy, that thing is you.”

in one palm he held a small heart and whispered
“what can you do?”
the heart replied, “i may be small but my dreams are big
and that’s what makes me you.”

each heart was crafted differently
each one had a unique design
but together they were stronger
and together they could shine

#strength   #power   #hearts   #unity   #bts   #bangtan   #sonyeondan  
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