Brian Nutsch
Brian Nutsch
9 hours ago

Oh my king, Oh perfect majesty
The rain feeds my soul
Drips through the cracks
Till I am deeply full
Spring is here I am told
Draw me closer into the fold
Bury me with my selfishness
So I may grow

Are you aware of your creator?
#peace   #rain   #joy  
Dhaara T
Dhaara T
10 hours ago

The shimmying shrubs
The gliding winds
The arm wave of the saline waters
The b-boying frogs
The popping, locking, ducking birds...à terre
Them, breaking into an allegro
The nature was a symphonic metaphor today
A dance lesson, that I did let lose and learn

#dance   #nature   #sky   #joy   #birds  
Jamil Hussain
Jamil Hussain
1 day ago

Come close and
Lend me your lofty ear
I have something so adoring
To tell you O' my

Your moments
Dance in divine hue
And may your nights
Become filled with
Gripping magic so

Aura of
Your magnificence
So charming and so pure
May every soul drown
And forever

Of your majesty
And struck with deep joy
The stars gather in a

You are a queen of
Glory and the moments
Of life are merely
Droplets of

— Jamil Hussain

#love   #feelings   #heart   #soul   #joy   #bliss   #magical   #unity   #loving   #heavenly  
Chloe Verdun
Chloe Verdun
1 day ago

When I become aware of my first breath in the morning
I Know He Loves Me
When the first ray of sun rests itself upon my cheek
I Know He Loves Me
When I hear my mother's voice on the other end of the phone
I Know He Loves Me
When I see my sister's nose scrunch up from laughter
I Know He Loves Me
When I feel the air fill up my body with His love
There is no doubt I live a blessed life

Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
2 days ago

You make me so giddy inside
nervous like
a warm runny egg.
You are so respectful
of boundaries
which has left me
wanting so much more.
You are a conundrum
always looking, looking, looking
at me causing blood to
flush my round cheeks.
I want to bone your firm ass
and make you cum
till kingdom come.
Cream your pants
and come undone.
You make me so churlish
all writhing inside with
a heavy licentious
attitude equating to
the silent space
between us where
nothing is said
and our eyes meet
but words seem to
stick in my
tarnished throat
choking up
on all those internal
sultry soliloquies
trapped tight
in my esophagus
wanting desperately
to venture forth
through tantalizing
whispers of the heart.
And somehow
I break through
that anxiety
and pour my soul
into your open arms
and you release me
making my fears dribble
out all over my pants and
all over my cheeks
in tears of joy.
You make me anxious
when I'm butt naked
and antsy like string beans
peeling their skins off
to reveal tiny round
little green seeds
not unlike peas.
You make my plant stems
and flowers engorge.
You make the sunlight
within me adored.
You are so kind and careful
by the way you carry
yourself full of warmth
and confidence and balance
and I feel an inability to express these physical desires seeming
endless in their tidings.
I always seem to keep my
sexual secrets to myself
because they are bottomless
and embarrassing beyond belief.
But your words seem to
release me and so finally
I can speak.
You are so open and sensual
by the way you observe me
and I find myself burning
alive inside
my guts all squirming
in loose knots  
trying to unravel
these trivial thoughts.
Still wanting to leap
the distance and smother
you with wet kisses
my body is burdened
by natural urges.
These animal instincts
that venture on purges.
You make me so lascivious
by nothing of your
own accord
by the way you look and gaze
deeply into my eyes
for moments at a time
never ending
this joy is never ending
but secretly
I wish I could open you up
enough to hear your
orgasmic screaming.
I wish I could satisfy
your insatiable need
and be able to pleasure you
instead of you pleasuring me.
This relief is somehow firm
and I've done a lot of freeing.
I ache to see your face
aroused and flushed
by something I'm not seeing.

#love   #heart   #lust   #flower   #soul   #joy   #sex   #nerves   #fears   #release  
2 days ago

Imagination Land

Witches, warlocks, fairies and gnomes
Unicorns, rainbows and pots of gold

Mystical beast of every shape and size
Some breath fire and some of them fly

Castles, dragons and magic beans
Even peter pan makes the scene

All the creatures talk, even the ants
They talk with nature and all her plants

Laughing, playing stories of wonder
There’s a melody in the rain and thunder

All the streets are paved in gold and glitter
They even have a chocolate sauce river

If you wish to believe, then take my hand
Off we go to imagination land

#imagination   #fun   #joy   #wonder   #magic  

for nine days
dust has smoothed it
this worn cup

sometimes through disuse, for a little while, those things we thought familiar and essential are shown to us, perhaps and perhaps not so; and in either case in a new and unexpected light.
#love   #peace   #joy   #understanding   #care  

for nine days
this worn cup has lain untouched
wake-up call

I have not written or given much thought to poetry for about nine days, or near enough, as far as I can reckon it. It is time to put away the dreams of the past, and of the future, and to live in truth, in the present.
#love   #poetry   #peace   #joy   #awareness  

Perfection glided down the aisle: Tears streamed my beaming face.

This is basically how my brother described the moment he saw his fiance (now wife) walking towards him in her wedding gown. I want this for me and my wife one day... when I meet her that is.
#love   #tears   #happy   #wedding   #joy   #marriage   #moment   #perfection   #groom   #10ws  
Margo May
Margo May
3 days ago

steadily he leads her
through intimate waters
drawing her into stormy seas

he is composed
of the rarest gem
pure grace flowing
through every vein

with great ease
he navigates
the slight curves
of her body

marks of love
add to the beauty
of her tanned skin

his comforting warmth
sends pleasant chills
up her spine

her movements are met
with a strength which pulls
her ever closer
with a strength which holds
her ever firmer

he subsides to gaze
at his breathless forever

longing is evident
in their undeniable joy
knowing someday
will finally be theirs

#love   #grace   #joy   #forever   #intimacy  
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