2 days ago

That stoic, elderly house
that sits beneath the sun
has it’s door hinged open
just waiting for someone

All day in the Virginian countryside
the waves of wind pass by
Yet the door remains open
‘till the sky begins to cry

A table set for two
venetian blinds on the floor
A stool, a record, a painting
All watching through that door

The night falls for the day
and the house falls for sleep
and through the unhinged door
A small songbird must creep

The sun forgets to wake the house
But the songbird pays her fee
To room with the house that night
and sings from the walnut tree

The house door swings shut
afraid to listen and hear
For the house is afraid
Of the musical musketeer

Careful to know each other
But their minds begin to roam
All while, the songbird brings him music
and the house brings her home

Sediments of memory build the Virginian countryside
Slate stepping stones on the green, gravel walkway
fall away from the city outside
and deep into the forgotten hours of today
#love   #home   #bird   #virginia  
Luka D
Luka D
2 days ago

in city park a crow laughs,
while a girl scatters
rhinestones and crumbs.

the bird hops childlike
over the warm cement,
offering coins
from his beak.

a frowning man
at the bus stop
probes the folds
of his wallet
for a bus token.

deft fingers
meet softness-
pinches of
and crumbs.

he smiles,

"fair trade
for some,"
he says.

#freedom   #nature   #equality   #memory   #childhood   #money   #park   #bird   #crow   #fairness  

You may think

I’m free as a bird.

Perfect all the way

you see no scars.

They don’t show

on my outside,

but my heart

has been torn

more than it can heal.

#heart   #perfect   #free   #outside   #scars   #torn   #bird   #heal  
Renée Brookes
Renée Brookes
6 days ago

The color of royalty claims her,
a purple pool of shadow.
She is majestic,
her wings spread to be the size of the earth.
Her unique display captivates
as she sits and as in motion.
She is limitless.

I think I can love her.

The color of the skies cloak her,
the stars her favorite.
She is free,
unbound to soar every inch of this world.
Her eyes pierce into my very existence
seeing all that I am.
She is timeless.

I AM in love with her..

I want her all to myself.
I NEED her all to myself,
to love the only way I know how.
I cut off her wings and throw her in a cage.

Now she can be, MY Queen.

I wrote this in the perspective of my boyfriend.
#love   #relationship   #bird   #taken  

When a petal was a rouse
weighted a ruffed grouse
only this accusation
arose their superstition
today my summation grew
with rust nestled wing
that alighted by a house
as wood in a broom
let in the ravine
a newness in Celtic
and at their word again
upon this knoll in
soon grazed on brome
ignited their noble cavil.

#game   #high   #bird   #heavencluck  


A fish could love a bird, where would they live?
They will thither and ponder till they get yonder.
They will hover, perch, swim, fly, frolicking
Savoring every moment.
The bird will hover the river and the fish would show its tail, constantly swimming towards the edge of the river to see the bird
They will find a way.

There are no milestones too great for love to conquer
There are no mountains too high for love to climb.
Love is the air that flows from cosmic beyond
The endlessness of time is love
The reason the sparrow flies and soars in rhythms
The strength of a man
The weakness of his heart
The frolicking and intertwining of two hearts into one
The song the heart sings
The tune the soul hears
If love is a sea
Let me drown in it
Spreading and leaping far and wide
Let it swallow me
Kill me
Kill me with love

Feb, 14th, 2017. All right reserved

For valentine and lovers
#love   #valentine   #fish   #bird  

there once was a little bird

who wanted to fly

and be free

and love

but it was trapped in a rib cage

this cage was broken and hurt

and only held together with hate

so the poor little bird

never got to fly

or be free

or love

#love   #broken   #hearts   #bird   #ribcage   #cages  

Hello, little black bird, perched on my shoulder.
Back again, pecking my mind for answers.
Searching for worms in my head is like
looking for water in a sun soaked wasteland.

Some people love to run and then come back, and then have no idea what to do next, so they repeat the process.
#black   #water   #answers   #bird   #shoulder   #wasteland  
Feb 12

End this pain
curled in disdain

Breathing has become a burden
tired of this ritual all sudden

Can't you see I'm torn
human, not a pawn

Life, clearly not my domain
Darkness here, sleep it feign

#life   #bird   #caged  

Spring is in its prime again
each leaf beautiful
much is edible
birds and peepers are musical at dawn.

The days walk slowly
toward Utah and Italy.
My left nut hurts.
Joy overwrites death.

Well, well. You're well
alone in your brain
only a negligible fraction
escaping as words and actions.

Every leaf that's coming out
is out. Including the self
to the west and south
a golem, mandragon, an elf.

Aaron was stacking
the last of last year's
firewood. He found
a spotted salamander--

Ambystoma maculatum--
Big mouth--hidden
under the final log
with a worm and centipede for a meal.

I exclaimed Rare species!
but it's common, fossorial
lives in moist woods
under cemetery stones and memorials.

Eats earthworms,
snails, slugs
insect larvae
and adult beetles.

One more season and one more after that.
Your last words will be reticent or reckless
as your earliest efforts
at divination and the scientific method.
#self   #words   #fire   #death   #beautiful   #brain   #music   #joy   #spring   #bird  
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