Scarlet Keiller
Scarlet Keiller
11 hours ago

Run away, my love. Just run away
with me. We are animals, lost
in bite marks and desperate visions
of bleak futures where you are no
longer here to light up my skies
with your starlight. My limbs are lost
to your touch, my mouth empty
as you breathe me in. I am
human only when you observe me.
There are no skull shaped prisons
or cries of terror, only
the sound of laughter ringing
like the songs of lost
birds in the night,
longing and true.

~~ I can sing with the birds if it will make you smile. ~~
#love   #passion   #pain   #happiness   #smile   #animal   #free   #song   #laugh   #bird  
Diána Bósa
Diána Bósa
1 day ago

My heart is about
to leave, ready to ascend
then hover away

on the dusked wings of
her before my woe-hardened
rib cage could shatter

her. An exodus
of the chosen damned is her
new purpose to find

peace in the embrace,
the horizon's snowy clouds.
I would go after

her, but I'm rooted
here; this mandrake soil does not
let me depart, so

I let her set sail
and ask to be the very
sight of me; just to

watch over you while
you're about to blaze the new
path... From here, her bird's-eye view.

#love   #heart   #you   #path   #wings   #choka   #bird   #soil   #blaze  

Love makes an ordinary person to be  an extraordinary
It is a real forceful force which is definitely to endorse
Its stamp is eternal and universal to break chains to free
Through lover's heart being clean and in clear discourse

Love establishes rapport between man to man and to God
It is that sacred verdict which with sheer honesty blooms
Man is but fully protected under all circumstances by Lord
Mercy,  kindness in shape of love can be narrated in volumes

My sweet beloved it is not me who taught you love to glow
But it is inherent in your beautiful heart which I triggered
It is all your charms,style, graces which were bound to show
What all is being carried by unfettered ,innocent magical bird

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2017 Golden Glow

#innocent   #magical   #bird  

Light as the wind,
I'm nestling in
soft, warm
mother's wing.
Resting snug,
starting to dream
My feathers of silk,
fine, yellow wisps,
in soft design.
Silvery hues,
metallic shine.
Violet specks on tips,
arrows in tiny rows.
in two pairs of six.
My reaching neck.
My tiny orange beak
begins to peck
this life I seek.
brown remains,
in mama's kiss,
I ingest.
A maternal exchange,
of love, life, energy,
nature's interchange.
Ah, peaceful bliss!
A day in the life
of a baby bird,
I am living this.
Haven't you heard

1-14-17 (C)

A dear friend challenged me to write 5 poems from others' perspectives. A baby bird is what occurred for poem #1.

Thanks for reading! K:)
#poetry   #baby   #childrens   #bird   #security  

There Was An Old Bird in A Nest,
At dawn,a weaver or nightingale at best;
But age had probably stolen every feather
Till he shivered a trifle under the weather
That sick Old Bird in A Nest

#nature   #age   #bird  

Bird flirting with death.
In a deadly dance on the train line.
Train coming.
Woo woo,
Fly past.
And I find myself musing towards immortal fantasy.
My imagination picks up images that no man shall ever see.
Precious images won't be the death of me, nor the tiny little bird,
Dicing with death on the line that's electric.
He'll live to see another day,

#the   #a   #by   #at   #inspired   #yesterday   #bird   #station   #local  

Darkness was in the tunes
Which the little bird sang
Ignorance, broken hearts, despair and pain
Was all stories which the little bird
Tried to explain
But the stories stayed unheard
Because of a hunter and his aim
He shot down the little bird
And in it's heart
The stories were hidden away

Just something random I wrote the other day
#heart   #pain   #darkness   #despair   #hidden   #little   #bird   #hunter   #tunes  

the bluebird had queries and questions
and thought he should ask the moon,
but the moon was dark that night.
its hood was pulled tight.

the bluebird sighed, and so did the sun.
the sea greeted him with a waving hand.
“bluebird, bluebird up there!
the moon does not speak easy.
having its skin broken too many times.”

the bluebird whistled a sad tune.
“whatever shall i do, when i need the moon?
he will not speak, and i am too weak
to fly to him up there.”

the sea crashed against the rocky shore,
and its response was, “you need not wings,
bluebird, when the moon will come to you.
for when your light falls the moon will rise,
in the darkness it lights the skies.”

the bluebird huffed once again.
“i am not the sun, silly sea.
you mistake my feathers for blue skies,
i am not the stars in the night.”

but the bluebird could not see,
how bright he was to be.
and as he flew away,
the moon began to say,
“your wings are bigger than they seem.
bluebird, do not fret.
our time is to come together yet.

so the bluebird whistled a tune
as his wings expanded and grew,
and lifted him high into the sky,
and to the moon he drew nigh.
he landed among the stars.
bluebird, you will indeed go far.

the love story of the bluebird and the moon - innocence (part one)
#sun   #moon   #stars   #demons   #blue   #angels   #sea   #bird   #bluebird  
Jan 4

Running through your mind
I'm not just one of them
Not that I mind
But we are more than that

Forever you will be etched into my mind
I'll remember the mistake we made
And how many more mistakes I wanted to make with you

But there's things in the way, my pride, your pride, our pride
In a perfect world I would explore you
You would be the world I would spend my entire life experiencing

But we are too different
The timing is wrong
It always is
I know you understand
No matter what we will always love each other

And your mom will always ask about me

And I'll always end up thinking about you

I'll even wonder how you're doing
When I'm pregnant and marrying my love

You'll always be special
You were always kind
I will always love you
You will always be mine
I will always be yours

Soul mates in a different sense
A sense of completion
Not always romantic
But two birds of a feather

A beautiful feather
A beautiful bird
A beautiful love, soaring above them all

#love   #past   #remember   #requiem   #bird  

the flight of nature under its feet
embracing and absorbing the world
floating high above in plain sight
singing its lovely song so sweet
spreading its gentle wings so light
soaring through life's wonderful sky
full of desire sailing so gracefully
through the colors of the rainbow
its destination may be unknown
yet with its determination it will fly

#nature   #thoughts   #sky   #sight   #feet   #float   #bird   #embracing   #gracefully  
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