Counting down the days
until I see her again,
however many.

All I want is to
see her in the light of day,
bask under her sun.

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I would like another chance,
A chance to bid a proper goodbye to my loved ones,
So I can bury their sweet memories, the memories that have been weighing on me so heavily, high up between the white clouds
I want a chance to share their stories with the blue birds,
I want to send my longing tears into the clouds, I pray that the midnight rain will wash this aching pain away.

Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
2 days ago

After Hell and back

to hear your voice

all deep and gravely

on the other end

of the phone receiver

makes all the difference

When my belly's empty

and I'm about to collapse

Oh yeah, I already did!

I called you up

biting my lip

and you answered

on the second ring

enthusiastic about

some new job thing

I'm a foodie, I said

I noticed, you answered

I'm a girl with a BIG

appetite, who cares so much

about other people's well-being

that she burns out quicker than

a single sheet of paper

to a lighter's fine flame

when the going gets rough

her thin skin gets tough

what a shame!

After hell and back

there's no more of

the same

is there…?

What's left is but the ash

stuck to the bottom

of the bin in fine dust

and after hell has burnt me

to a crisp and worry seeps in

I try to not cry

but tears invade the corners

of my eyes

stinging and ringing

a fear so contrite

but if I avoid the things

that scare me

I'll never find freedom

and that's all my charred

feet want--release from

first time jitters--

and you're real

you're actually real

and that's the scariest part of all

it really is time now

to break down my wall

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Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
2 days ago

picture waves and waves

of golden condensation

swimming in this inner world

of velvet contemplation

bubbly quibbly bits

inside throwing fits

tossing and turning

continually yearning

not at all

what was expected

from you

a slurp

a gulp

a saucy stew

this tingly feeling

if only

you knew

resting gently

inside me

if only

you knew

pressing lightly

against me

if only

you knew

but who knows

maybe you do

Sienna Luna
Sienna Luna
2 days ago

You make me so giddy inside

nervous like

a warm runny egg.

You are so quiet and respectful

of boundaries

which has left me

wanting so much more.

You are a conundrum

always thinking thinking thinking.

Sitting in that silence

in the car with you last night

was excruciating because

all I wanted to do

was bone your skinny ass

and make you cum

till kingdom come.

You make me so churlish

all writhing inside with

a heavy licentious

attitude equating to

the silent space

between us where

nothing is said

but words seem to

stick in my

tarnished throat

choking up

on all those internal

sultry soliloquies

trapped tight

in my esophagus

wanting desperately

to venture forth

through tantalizing

whispers of the heart.

You make me anxious

and antsy like string beans

peeling their skins off

to reveal tiny round

little green seeds

not unlike peas.

You make my plant stems

and flowers engorge.

You make the sunlight

within me adored.

You are so different and careful

by the way you carry

yourself and I feel an

inability to express these

physical desires seeming

endless in their tidings.

You are so reserved and practical

by the way you observe me

and I find myself burning

alive inside

my guts all squirming

in loose knots  

trying to unravel

these trivial thoughts.

Still wanting to leap

the distance and smother

you with wet kisses

my body is burdened

by natural urges.

These animal instincts

that venture on purges.

You make me so lascivious

by nothing of your

own accord but

I still deeply wonder if

this is a one way or two way

street and should I behave

boldly and blindly by

taking matters into

my own hands or keep

my bodily fluids to myself

for the time being?

I wish I could open you up

enough to hear your

orgasmic screaming.

Or maybe just your face

aroused and flushed

by something I'm not seeing.

Tommy Randell
Tommy Randell
3 days ago

Ice breaks from the shelf
Some ten thousand miles away
My thoughts drift to you

2016 - January 20th

Kewayne Wadley
Kewayne Wadley
4 days ago

You've crossed my mind many nights.
Sometimes I just lay there, holding you tight in mind.
Wandering your body with my hands.
Filling my fingers with the skin I've dreamt so much about.
The things you keep hidden. unraveled in empty sheets, blankets.
Your warmth becoming the only comforter that dictates whether or not I'll have sweet dreams.
What justifies the stain our breath has left on one another's.
The press of your face against my neck.
The marks left on each other in anticipation. Refusing to pull ourselves away.
Clinging tight to the climax of being beside ourselves.
Deliberately keeping each other awake in the promise of sleeping wild moments later.
To watch your face scrunch up as it breaks your gasp. Bringing a halt to anticipation,
The comfort of bodies becoming pillows harboring us into a deep sleep. Soft, still.
My head laying on your shoulder.
As we ourselves become lost in the sheets

I never knew I could feel so shattered,
simply by leaving your room,
by hanging up a call too soon,
having my throat burning and clogged with a vigorous pain,
something that boils inside me
every time we have to walk away,
and I never knew I could miss someone while being just a foot astray,
a step too far has me clenching my hands together,
biting my lip,
trying to understand why I feel so strained;
why did no one tell me I could miss you like this?

I wish so badly I could never leave, that I could somehow manifest more time from the very little we get to share, because hell, I can't stand this.
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Dec 29, 2016

Come see me
on the yellow brick road.
I'll take you home, my baby,
wrap you up in pure blue gold.
The one, the one foretold
brings the chaos, brings the clear
blue green sets me free
my peace, my baba,
my future to be
in a rainbow dream.

Take me home sweet one,
hold me close, rub my head
when the rain comes.
I want you so bad
out of my mind and in my bed.
Fuck me, my pretty blue
I want to kiss you, I do
spoon fuck you too.
Move with me,
dance to my beat
I'll do you complete.
I want to look inside,
connect when you peak,
touch you deep,
wash your feet,
hold your hand
when you're beneath.

The way I feel inside,
a tornado surrounds and
in the eye of the storm
is the safe place to be
with you and you with me.
I'm not afraid, I'm open,
open complete
to the dream inside my mind
of you and I, stars at night,
the moon undone.
I write, I write
until fuck I come.
Intimacy is the key
in the songs
but two were wrong,
others do reveal me.

Come spoon my dear,
I like to be near,
I like to watch, I like to hear.
I want to be the one
doesn’t leave you undone
the one
to put a ring on your finger
and show you
beauty in colour
lies in the cracks of light
echoing in through the sun,
a blue star we dream on
a diamond in the snow,
my beautiful one.

Marry me eh...
come be my wife in sin,
decorate my vacant space
with purple grace,
pretty daisies, the tree of life
green gold blue,
silver captures you.

My heart,
I swear it true,
echo of my soul,
my pretty blue green,
I love you, I do

©J Cole
#love   #word   #desire   #passion   #longing   #spoken  

I reached for you in the night,
but you weren't there,
just the memory of the shape of you,
and the imaginary tickle of your hair.

I wanted you there to hold me,
to pull you in tight,
but instead I grabbed my pillow,
but the feel, it's not right.

I thought I smelt you,
it drifted over my dreams,
I thought I felt your hands,
slipping off my seams.

I thought you were near,
here in my bed,
but when I woke you weren't there,
and darling, the tears, how they shed.

For Myles, forever missing you
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