Jim Davis
Jim Davis
11 hours ago

I have a small framed
Branching tree made
Of mother's shiny buttons
On the wall hanging
In my room of long dreams

Made by one sister with love
Similar one given to another
Hung as reminders
That life can live on
As an unforgotten tree

Different makes and hues
Varied shapes and sizes
All laced intertwined to a
Strong main trunk
By colored slim threads

Each button someone
I can always quickly name
Someone with some
Of my given red hot blood
In their pulsing veins

I never hope the days
When each button
Begins fading away
With the shine gone now
To grace heaven's dreams

©  2017 Jim Davis

#heaven   #tree   #family   #shine   #dreans   #buttons  
Chloe Verdun
Chloe Verdun
21 hours ago

Slithery serpent
He did sneak up to my ear
Questioning my worth
That i had held so dear

His secret servants
Up close and near
Whispered for my soul
"Oh look what we have here"

A sweet, sweet kiss
Death's gift to me
He nudged my shoulder
Promising everything he could bring

We fought long and hard
I thought hard and long

When i wasn't thinking
He used this against me
Catching me off guard

All those years i ceased to slit my throat
Death was waiting to tip my boat

An angel on Earth caught me though
Before i went into the light
My mother held my soul

#love   #depression   #death   #heaven   #earth   #light   #angels  
1 day ago

Open the door to your heart
A world without war
A new start
Where love and oneness are accepted more
Turn the page on your rage
Free us from the cage
Of the minds programming
Which is a failed system
Snatch utopia from the ashes
Of heart shaped gashes
Cuts that bleed
Feed love instead
Grow peace in your head
and like a Phoenix fly
From death
Take that one new breath
and think like you've had an epiphany
A realisation reborn into rebirth
Utopia on this earth.

#love   #war   #freedom   #heaven   #earth   #free   #minds   #utopia   #snatch   #trumps  

Life wiped from the surface, to become no more.
Eyes gentle and shut.
Shallow breaths have all but stopped.
Eyes still gentle and shut.
Hands still, with no hope of moving.
Eyes gentle and shut.
Legs side by side each other stationary and immobile.
Eyes still gentle and shut.
Wine-coloured liquid pools around him. A toast to the life beyond.
Eyes bolted closed, to never be opened.
His eyes remain gentle and shut.

This is one of the poems taken from my Creative Writing portfolio 'Time is of the essence'
#peace   #life   #death   #hurt   #heaven   #male  

On the threshold
of life and death
comfortably numb
by a thread of love,
passing through
the veil of time,
a peaceful sleep
so divine, it is
no wonder why we
say Rest In Peace.
To you, who I loved in life,
Do you feel
all our love
about your
lifeless limbs?
Does our pain
make it harder
for you to
Is there
a light
in the
last (tears)
of the fabric
which vessels
your soul?
Do our
kind words
bring your
soul solace
in your
as grief
builds in
in ours below?
Though we long to
hold on to you,
pulling hard
on your
strings of life,
your reel is
less the thread
needed to
resist release,
our strife
To my precious loves,
      who I must now depart,
In life,
   in love,
     in mind
        and heart,
the spirit
of life
will remain
behind me
long after
I cease
to exist
in earthly
form and time.
Knowing this,
I pray
will bring
peace to your now
troubled minds
and free my soul
to climb
to my
eternal bed,

"I love you through all space and time."

3-25-17 (C)

It's been a very sad week of loss. A dear poet friend loses her beloved son, and we lost a litter of kittens. As we spent the last moments of life, trying to revive and/or comfort them, I wonder about the space between the two planes: life and death.

The last line is a quote from Prince's song 7.

Thanks for reading! K:)
#dying   #death   #loss   #heaven   #grief   #letter  
Paul Butters
Paul Butters
5 days ago

They’ll be rockin’ in Heaven
Down St. Peter’s Gate Way.
Chuck Berry passed over,
But he still can play.

True King of Rock,
He’ll live for evermore.
And he’ll keep duck walking,
Along that golden shore.

His guitar keeps twanging,
Wah wah tlang tang tang.
Ya want a Showman?
Chuck’s still yer man.

He died at ninety.
It was very sad.
But now he’s up there,
I’m sure that God is glad.

He’ll love that Rock N Roll Music,
Chuck’s sense of humour too.
A touch of Devil also,
When he sings the blues.

So all you Saints and Angels,
You better move and hurry,
For they all want to dance with
That amazing Chuck Berry.

Paul Butters

For my greatest musical Hero. With echoes of "Sweet Little Sixteen"......
#life   #death   #music   #heaven   #sweet   #rock   #sixteen   #berry   #chuck  
7 days ago

when i feel your gaze rest upon me
a weight is lifted from my heart
and another is placed upon my throat.
for when you (who is perfect)
and i (who is damned)
join eyes like the mixing of mud and
you steal my words and tear out my voice
imprison me within your sight
and i comply.
for it is you (who is perfect)
and i (who is damned)

why is it that after all this time it doesn't feel like prison?
#hell   #girl   #eyes   #blue   #water   #heaven   #perfect   #mud   #damned   #brown  
Brian Densham
7 days ago

I lay
In a field
On a hillside … soft
With grass


To the damp
The insects

I feel
A tug of wind
At my shirt
Caress my face

The instant warmth
Of a friendly sun
On exposed flesh

I believe
That somehow
This has all been orchestrated
Just for me

And I’m exactly where
I ought
To be

Copyright 2003 Brian Densham
#peace   #heaven  

She speaks with heaven's accent;
breathing words of life into my ear.

She's so perfect. There's no way God isn't behind her.
#love   #religion   #heaven  

This is how I like
my bruised skin
And how I like my sin

Pretty lights
across heavy flesh
ripe and warm
and wet
with the waters of

Sometimes I wonder if hell
is just a
fever dreamt
from the disorderly mind
of someone with issues
like mine

#love   #hell   #drugs   #balance   #water   #heaven   #sex   #universe   #spiritual   #damnation  
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