Caitlyn Ann Yost
Caitlyn Ann Yost
5 hours ago

I know what both heaven and hell feel like.
Heaven is the thought of you possibly loving me, while hell is the bitter reality that you don't.

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9 hours ago

I'll take my share of gravity
And nothing else
Heaven knows I need some space
But see, there's no gravity there, is there?

22 hours ago

if i believed in the afterlife
it wouldn’t be heaven
living amongst the splendor of a thousand cherubim
it would be the sublime human experience in the body of another
it would be the complete disregard of time and scope of morality
it would be the neglect of every supposed biblical truth
that is, if i believed in the afterlife
and the things is - i don’t
i believe in life after death and life after death and life after death
i believe in the decomposition of bodies through which we loved in
i believe in the rotting of flesh through which we hurt in
i pay no heed to claims of nirvana, to the myths of elysium
i believe in the eternal succession of kings by peasants
i believe in the slow hum of human hearts beating century after century
i believe in life beginning once again
i believe in the simultaneous harmony
of a baby’s cry at a veteran’s passing
i believe in wonder that transcends time
i believe in glory that pursues all human life
i believe in life, this one and the next

I'm out of time
I want to be with you forever
Beyond this world
In a land of peace we'll be together

Ever since I was born
All I know is the world is war torn
I'm lucky to be where I am
Im lucky to look at it like a film

You and You and I
Going to truly arise
And be very much alive
In a world that never dies

In a land of milk and honey
In summer land where it's always sunny
I make you laugh I'm always funny
I love you all so abundantly

Let's all cruise to the higher ground
Let's all pray we are safe and sound
Let's all love one another as a unit of one
You and You and I and we are the sum

You and You and I
Going to truly arise
And be very much alive
In a world that never dies

We can't betray
We can't forsake
We're not that kind
We're not that fake

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Mario Cervantes
Mario Cervantes
3 days ago

Let's build bridges instead of walls
More knowledge to beat the odds
Start teaching them how to crawl
Teach'em not to out run the law
If you need god give him a call
There's no first class to heaven
No coach seats to hell
No such thing as freedom
Don't ask and don't tell
A life that's uncertain
With dreams that turn stale
Sometimes you need to jump
Before they set you up to fail
Find out if you can fly
See what life has to unveil
Pull the curtain down from sky
You and I will soon prevail
If you fall then try again
Life's a ladder we all scale
Cause gold flows in our veins
While tears wash sins in jail
The reward is worth the pain
At the Heart brake hotel

#love   #truth   #freedom   #heaven   #woke  
Mario Cervantes
Mario Cervantes
3 days ago

Heaven is a holy place a land of grace
Now check the base as a smile fills my face
With dreams, hopes, goals of better ways
To slay and mold the world like Clay
I wish I had time to play but until that day
I'll look up to God pray hoping he'll say
"Open your eyes my son and finally see,
The inner workings that I plan will be
The roots to your tree, the key to live free
Iove instead of hate dreams to make you great
Await beyond the Gate".

#love   #heaven  
Leia R
Leia R
4 days ago

the trees glisten with the heaven's tears of joy as the sun peeks shyly over the hills. a new day has dawned in the valley of the fleur as they stretch their water-heavy petals towards warmth


#love   #flowers   #heaven   #morning   #meadow  
4 days ago

You opened me a door
I once thought I never knew
You showed me heaven
And so high I flew with you

But heaven became painful
And slowly I came to knew
That this is not what it seems
But I fear not for I'm with you

Hell masked as heaven
I wished earlier I already knew
The flame opened my eyes
And realized that the devil was you

i just wrote this thinking about a love that's sweet at first but slowly consumes the life out of you.
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Kenny Whiting
Kenny Whiting
7 days ago

There's something bout the day I'm  gone,
   somewhere beyond the sky;
That glorious day I'm finally Home,
   to  spread my wings and fly!

I think about the life in Heavn'
   to feel no bit of pain;
To walk a street that's paved with gold,
   or ride a drop of rain!

To see a friend whose never walked,
   who've lived their life in chairs;
With tears of joy they thank My God,
   for legs that work up there!

To share the joy with all those one's,
   who've gone on just before;
To sit and chat for all of time,
   to walk on Heaven's shore!
To open massive set of gates,
   they say are made of pearl;
To live a life fit for a king,
   no longer this 'ole world!

To ask My Jesus face to face,
    "Just how'd you turn your cheek;
to take away our sin each day;
    to save lost soul's like me?"

Atul Kaushal
Atul Kaushal
7 days ago

They can get it without dying as a Jihadi,
But not from a Mullah they will get it,
They'll get it from science instead!

Terrorists are illiterate idiots.

My HP Poem #1433
©Atul Kaushal
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